Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Etude House Cleansing Dream Fresh Cleansing Water Review

This is the part of my first purchase in Etude House.

I've always wanted to try Cleansing Oils, but didn't purchase it because I don't want to make a mistake in buying if either of the 2 (Light & Moist) is not good for acne-prone skin. I just settled for the Cleansing Water instead.

This is the description according to Etude House site:

This is also the description at the back carton.

I love love products that leaves a cool & refreshing feeling & this one does! I don't even need to put this in the fridge for that cool feeling. w00t w00t~!

This saved me money since before i used to use Eye make-up remover in removing my entire make-up. I think i already used 8 bottles since i started using the L'oreal Dermo Expertise Lip & Eye make-up remover. I began to hate the icky feeling of cold cream when i use it.

I'm clumsy & there are some times when i tend to knock the make-up remover bottle over when i use it therefore spilling the contents...tsk tsk tsk...i know that the opening is not that big, but if you spill it most of the time, then it only proves how clumsy i am!hahaha...that's not the real sentence, but it's right. But you get my drift,right? ^_~

It comes in a pump bottle which makes it spill-proof, great for clumsy people like me (XD). Just make sure that you replace the stopper back every time you use it so that if you accidentally pump it, it won't drip.

I like the shape of the container because it's not actually cylindrical, more like a half-circle or parabolic. The back is flat, so its perfect to be put at the back of your storage, which will save you space.
See that? I like how it saves space & doesn't bump with my other bottles.

I've been using this ever since i got this. And i have to say that so far so good. Seeing as this is just a special water, it's not greasy & feels so light & fresh. When you use this, it would actually leave that clean & refreshing feeling, somewhat cool too.

It has a smell, but it smells ok for me. Again, im a person who won't tolerate products that has strong smell. I like the mild, clean & fresh scent of this. So, another plus point.

It also makes cleaning/removing my make-up such a breeze. I just pump twice to dispense the product on the cotton pad & i can use it on my whole face already, provided that i don't wear heavy make-up. If i do have heavy make-up on, i only need to use another cotton pad & pump 2x again.

It can also remove mascaras! Though i have only tried it in non-waterproof mascaras. But then, it's way better then the St. Ives Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser. It won't leave any oily residue so it won't cloud your vision. Yay for that!

  • refreshing feeling after every use
  • smells nice
  • spill-proof packaging
  • lasts a long time
  • cheap
  • can also be use to remove mascara (i only tried non-waterproof though)
  • available only at Etude House or maybe online resellers
  • available only in 1 variant
Will i buy it? Yes, i will!
It sells for Php448 (approx $10).

I'm not sure if i would try the cleansing oil, but im happy with the cleansing water!

Have you tried any cleansing waters yet?
Do let us know!

Hope y'all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

I have decided to change my layout. I'll be changing it after a couple of days. Just want to let you guys know so that you won't be confused or something.


Kay said...

nice review Thia!

it's good that i saw this review since my Mandom Cleansing Water is almost out..

Dang! my Etude House lem list is getting long.. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

That bottle is so pretty! lol. I want to try it out now after reading the review from you so far =[ boo! haha. How is the new layout different from this? I can't wait to see it =D I hope it fix everything that's wrong with this one.

// krissy ♥ said...

I will try this when I run out of my Ellana Makeup Remove, thanks for sharing!

Have a fabulous week Thiamere! ÜÜ

Askmewhats said...

ohhh another cleansing water available locally, thanks for the review, the bottle is awesome idea!

nikkiz. said...

Hi! This sounds like the Mandom Express Cleansing Sebum I have. It's also like water but I still use my facial soap after. Regarding the Etude cleansing oil, I think the Light one would be for Oily skin (according to my research) as the Moist one is for dry skin. Sana makabalik na ko sa Etude so I can get the Light Oil.

Golden said...

I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in removing my eye makeup. As for the face, I just wash them with soap/facial wash. I've tried cold creams before but I hate how they make my vision cloudy.

Lots of love,

Ida said...

Shempre ang cute nanaman ng packaging :) So it feels like water talaga when you use it? That sounds great to me cause I don't like using cleansing oils much these days. Parang nacclog pores ko :(

Crystal Gale said...

I don't like cleansing oils too! so icky and I get blackheads pa...

Thanks for letting me (us) know that this one is good..at least I won't have a problem if I used up my Mandom Express Cleansing Sebum..I can just buy this...I'm on my last bottle na kasi...hehe (I've used up 4 already!)

Another great cleansing water is from Loccitane..I used that before..it's just so expensive that's why I looked for an alternative ^_^

GirL With GLasSes... said...

my only makeup remover ever since is just the plain old cold cream and what dya know? i have 1 pound of cold cream diko alam kelan mauubos.

so cleansing water is different from cleansing oils? wala ako experience sa mga cleansing products and this review is nice.

gusto ko mag try ng laneige mare!
have you tried any from that brand?

Khymm said...

waah! this is nice! Im using st. Ives din and it leaves a sticky residue afterwards.. kailangan ko pa i wash ulit!

Lipstickaddict said...

hi thiamare, I love this one too! I have it unfortunately haven't made a review yet but it cleans well and my skin feels so fresh afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

i thought this is 548php?

Anonymous said...

Hey i was wondering if this will remove bb cream well... & is the substance really watery or slightly thick? Thanks I really like your review and I'm looking forward to buying it since I have acne prone skin too :'D Would be great if you answer my questions. ^^

~tHiAmErE~ said...


i would suggest that you try cleansing oils instead if you plan to use it to remove bb crams.

bb creams are thick & they tend to have oils too. it's better to use an oil-based remover when you remove such products.

i think celeteque have cleansing oils too, though i haven't tried it yet.

theblushingeisha said...

I love the Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Mineral Water... It gives me a fresh feeling... Yes, you only need to pump twice on a cotton pad... Since I don't wear makeup lately, I have no problems with my first step cleansing... But, tHiAmErE is right, for heavy makeups which includes foundations and BB Creams, don't be afraid to use the cleansing oil of the Cleansing Dream series, I just read a very good review about it... Hope this helps! オダイジニ! ;)

Thiamere Brea said...

i am actually loving the baking powder cleansing water now compare to this!
i have to make a review about it but i keep on forgetting...tsk tsk tsk!
thanks for the heads up,sweetie!

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