Saturday, January 16, 2010

love package + layout problem

First of all, i want to thank my new followers. You will now be joining the wagon of my crazy adventures in beauty blogging. XD
Thank you! ^_^

I was doing my class yesterday morning when mom popped inside my room & gave me a package. At first i thought it was the Neutral palette that i bought, but was greatly surprised when i found out that it is from Nikki.

What a great surprise!

It is a big package..My mum is even more excited than I do. She keeps on yapping that i open it. I told her that i can't yet since the battery of my cam is dead...i told her that i'll need her phone to take pics. She hates it when i use her phone for taking pics, but she gladly gave it to me so that we can open the package.haha! This is the disadvantage of having a phone that doesn't have a camera... (-__-")

I have the nokia e61 & it's been with me for like years! I bought it when it was newly released & since i'm satisfied with it, i don't see a need to change it even though there are a lot better out there. I prefer phones that doesn't have camera because i think the battery life is longer & can withstand wear & tear better. I have dropped my phone endless times but it's still working like new. No problems at all!

tsk tsk tsk....forgive my bad habit...
You know that i have a habit of straying away from the bad!
i need to work on that...

Going back, she sent a cute bag full of goodies!

What a nice color!
I love how bright & vivid this is. It's perfect because i mostly just wear black tops & statement bags like these sure brighten up my whole do. The stuff inside made my day even brighter.

Candies & choco biscuits to satisfy my sweet tooth (though i don't even have one..hehe...but lil bro does & he ate the candies in just a matter of minutes!good thing i kept the biscuits), Estee Lauder samples, a nail polish & the best of all - a sweet note. Yay for that!

Love everything,girl. You sure do know how to spoil me!
Thank you so much!

Now, as for my layout problem, i have decided that i would be making a change. I'm trying to find out the cause of the little annoying things that i notice. I guess it's because i added a widget. I removed the widget & will continue to observe how my blog is acting up. For anyone who have some problems, feel free to leave some comments/messages (on Cbox too if you want) so that i'll be able to know what's up.

Much as i love this layout, i would just have to change it if things won't improve. The reason why i don't like changing layout is because i'm selfish..hehe. I mean, using a layout that people will remember & when they see it again somewhere they will 'see' THIAMERE on it & not just a regular template. I wanted to make a.....uhhhh...what's the term...(-__-")....i can't remember...let's just use the word 'different'.

I forgot what's the term that is used in business, i even forgot most of the bstuff that i studied in college! XD... But i know you know what i'm saying,right? I have found a good black layout. Next week will be the deciding week for me if im going to retain this or not. I'm keeping my fingers cross.

It's already the weekend,ladies.
I have to slave at the kitchen tomorrow because it's my brother's birthday & he will have some friends over.

What are your plans?
Whatever it is, i hope you enjoy it & stay safe.

Jaa ne~!


Denysia said...

Cute stuff! I really love those hello panda candy snacks! They are very yuuuummmyyyy! :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Happy Birthday to your little brother! =D Tell him to eat cake! lol.

awwww, what lovely gifts you got from Nikki!!! =D

twinsouls888 said...

lovely stuffs,love package are yummy ^_^. I like the black layout girl, hope it will work just fine ^_^

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Sooooo cute bag you got! Nice stuffies!
Hope to see more nail tutorails from you!

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Woot woot! You're welcome. :)

Khymm said...

wow lucky you! =)the bag looks like a TOP so cute..

Pammy said...

That's sweet of her. :) The bag is really cute, sorta looks bohemian for my impaired judgment. :P

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