Friday, January 22, 2010

Major haul - my 1st time at MAC

Today, i went to MAC because i have to do some field research for my future posts.

I can't seem to finish my drafts because of it. I don't normally go to MAC, but since i love my readers, i don't mind doing the extra mile (literally because it's very far from where i live!). So basically, i went there to know my exact MAC shade so that when i start doing face products you would have an exact reference.

Anyways, I went to Marks & Spencer first because they are on sale & boy im glad i did! I bought jeans & under garments! How awesome! I won't show it of course, but i just want to share the happy news. By February, they will be releasing new items that's why they are trying to make room. You have to check it out. The items are cheap! I got the jeans that i bought for 70% off! Outrageous!

Next stop is MAC Outlet (at Shangri la Rustans), the SA is so nice. She accommodated me as much as she can, too bad i forgot to ask her name. So very unlike the SAs at one MAC Outlet somewhere in the city.

I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to question her that much, but i think they have the Warm & Cozy collection. Tsk! I forgot to include the Warm me up think that it's a limited edition. I have to go back for that. Siss is a permanent one, so im not in a hurry for that. I so love nude lipsticks! I think im beginning to understand why beauty mavens prefer MAC.

Though i will not be trying their face powders since i heard that some girls broke out because of it & i won't risk my acne-prone skin with it. I'm happy with the others...

I bought Blankety & Brave lipsticks...Sooo pretty~! I think i found the perfect nude lipstick for me! swatches will follow soon. ^_~

Another reason why i decided to go is that i've received a text message from the SA at Elena nail polish about the polish that i've wanted. So i went there to buy some..& i saw that powder brush..will tell you about the brush afterward. I bought it because it looks like MAC 150!..just my impression,of course, since im not that familiar with the brushes.

I bought wooden combs since i read before that it's better because it won't cause any static electricity therefore avoiding split ends, hair loss & fragile/broken hair.

I haven't had a good silver polish so i also bought some & the Blistex lip tone. Im so in love with the scent of this. I can't pinpoint exactly..but its like a creme brulee. I just love it so much! It's also like a nude lipstick. Oh...& it tastes good too! I can lick my lips to death with this balm on!

I did not go into details because i wanted to do that on the next post. Post after this would be my weekend nails series. I've neglected my nails & it's time to glam it up!

Until my next post...have a great day,lovelies!

Jaa ne~!


Bea said...

weee. can't wait for your mac review and for all those you bought. :) laters! :)

lelila said...

i just bought 2 slacks and 1 jeans from marks and spencer today, i bought around 6 (i forgot na) slacks 3 weeks ago LOL. i should have gotten their loyalty card, additional 5% off for this month.

sis yung girl na nag assist sayo sa MAC, short haired? if yes, that's khrisna. she's really nice talaga.

Jasmin said...

Love the haul. Cute new goods!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lovely haul =]

Y said...

nice! i love going to MAC. The ladies and men there are so nice! I love how the first line is like "my excuse for shopping at mac is becuase i need to do some field investigation" LOL Thats what i would have said to justify any spenidng

Lady Butterfly said...

I love your blog layout :)

Anonymous said...

first of i luv your new layout so cutie :)..I'm jealous on your mac haul :C..I haven't purchasing make up lately ..baka 2 months na lOL di ko na mabilang sa tagal!

Chrissy said...

I also love the Blistex! I have it and I'm almost done with the tube, and I've only had it for a month! Haha.

What's Elena nail polish?

Congrats on the MAC haul! I went to MAC a couple of times but never bought anything...sigh. Too expensive for me right now.

Aya said...

oh the mac counter in shang? i agree that the SAs there are really accomodating not like the others. my friends and I once went there too to ask our shade. The SA was a HE at that time. lol.

I can't wait for the mac swatches!
the brush.. i saw something alike at landmark trinoma..
do tell us if it's good!

Soapaholic said...

I like Blistex Lip Tone too.:) I think the scent is vanilla. Yummy.^_^

twinsouls888 said...

I love the haul, I'm so excited on the MAC lippies swatch coz I love nude lippies.

I'm lovin' the new layout as in ;)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

m&s is definitely a good buy when it comes to basic wear! i love m&s!

owwww... maccccc!!!
they are gorgeous, isnt it?

very nice haul thiamere!
i love it!

Anonymous said...

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