Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Face Shop Quick & Clean Oil-free BB Cream Review

I've had this for months & it's time to give a review. If you haven't read my post about BB Creams, you can go over HERE to read my introduction about it.

The Face Shop's Quick & Clean Oil-free Blemish Balm...whew!what a mouthful!

This is the product description on the website:

This is how the back looks like:

Sorry if it looks blurry.

This is the 1st BB Cream that i had in full-sized & i just bought this through a blogsale. If you watched my slideshow, this is what i used as a face base.

It's in a tube packaging which is 35ml. It will last you a long time even if it's just 35 ml since you don't really need to use much of it.

I swatched it on my arm & also blended it out. The circled one is the area where i already blended it. As you can see, it's a bit dark when blended out. It has a grayish undertone that's why it seems like a cast. They did said that it will leave a veil-like,right?

Being a BB Cream, it's ok for you to not use a moisturizer underneath. It can act as your base instead of using a foundation.

For reference, my shade is NC20.
I went to MAC just to know my shade, the SA tested it out & it did turn out that im NC20 (doesn't look like im NC20 here,huh?)...& funny thing is, a day after she tested a part of my jaw area, a zit popped out!grrrr!!!.. so im officially declaring that i'm allergic to MAC face powder...*sigh*

Sorry for the blemishes, but i think this is way better so that you can judge for yourself what is the coverage. How it covers blemishes & redness & stuff...

This is the before photo

  • blemishes
  • zits
  • open pores
  • uneven skin tone
This is the after photo

Yeah, the color is different from my neck. So make sure that when you put BB Cream, apply it on your neck too so to make sure that your facial tone jives with your neck. You don't want to look weird,do you?

This product actually provides light coverage. So for those looking for heavier one, you have to use a foundation/powder for an added coverage. What i like most about this is that it gives me a great finish!..same applies to all BB Creams i've tried.

It gives me that flawless-look but again, as what i said before BB Creams broke me out. But since i love the finish, i still used this even if i know the effect on me. It's like this is the cause of my acne, but im willing to overlook it because it gives me a flawless finish. The problems start once i remove it...hahaha! I forgot the term to use about this effect, but i know that there is a name for this kind of effect..care to help me in on this?

I used to use my hands in applying BB Cream because i feel like im wasting a lot of product when i use a brush, but the more i use my hands, the deeper i push it on my pores therefore resulting to zits. I began using a stippling brush & it gave me an even greater finish. Its just that i use more product than i used to with my hands.

I sure wish there's a way that i can make this work for me, but it seems that i can't. *sigh* The next day after the pic 2 zits popped out on my left cheek...oh my! im so tired of this unwanted stuff popping out. (-__-")

Anyway, here is a side by side comparison so that you can see for yourself.

So tell me if it did actually help cover my imperfections....you be the judge!
You can purchase this at The Face Shop for Php 525 i think (approx $13) .

  • cheap
  • available locally
  • scent is not overwhelming
  • gives a great finish
  • oil-free ->according to the product but i don't think so
  • moisturizing
  • only has 1 shade
  • doesn't have sun protection
  • doesn't have any skin whitening properties

For something that claims to be oil-free, this one does have a lot of oil on it!

Sorry if the pic is blurry..but you are still able to see it,right? I put a dollop of it on an oil-film (for those who are wondering...yes, this is a Clean & Clear oil film..albeit a pink one!) & within minutes, the film began to absorb the oil from it. How can this be oil-free? No wonder it broke me out! grrrr!

Have you tried this?
What do you think about the pic? Did it actually cover my blemishes?
Let me know on the comment box.

Hope y'all have a great day,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!


http://salverginasparanoia@blogspot.com said...

hi sis! love ur review.. have'nt try this one yet. i keep on using the skin food bb cream that you sent to me and i am planning to buy one coz it work well on me... my blemishes are really gone when im wearing it, and thanks to you sweetie for sending me samples of it to try on...

LADY JOAN said...

nice review sis..tho i havent tried this brand yet.. im so sad it did broke you out.. :[ im loving bb creams in general.. and it does cover a bit (same on mine..it doesnt really cover much)

i hope ull find one that will suit u!

jehan said...

i got thefaceshop bb cream samples but didn't bother trying to use them since my acne-prone friend here said they broke her out. but a good friend, the owner of the blog www.buhaykorea.com said she likes tfs bb creams. but most koreanas here i know use hanskin...

it did slightly cover your blemishes but in a way, i see bb creams more as a skincare that needs to be removed than a makeup. my VOV bb cream (from sm north edsa) helped me a lot during my diamond peel session days...

have you tried bb creams from INNISFREE? coz they are really good. not heavy and i like using them as a base for my mineral makeup...

Y said...

ugh that sucks! I can't believe something from BB that is marketed as oil free, is well, not oil free! I'm not too convinced by this product especially since it gives this greyish tone... Well, Maybe it'd better for dry skin?

Pammy said...

It was a great idea to put it on an oil control film to test its claim. :P

And I'm sorry that this product broke you out. I had the same experience with Skinfood mushroom bb cream and it was the first one I tried and never again did I fare try another one. :(

Askmewhats said...

I'm glad I listened to my inner hunch, I don't know why I never got interested to purchase this!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Wou! Another great review from you! A lot of information! Actually this works not too bad, coz you got coverage anyways.
I have a couple of BB creams which doesn't have absolutely any cover in it :(

MereMakeupManiac said...

wonderful insights sis! but if it breaks you out, i think it's best to stay away from it. ;P maybe you could identify the ingredients of the BB creams you've used to know why every one of them irritates your skin. i think, TFS BB cream does lighten your complexion (as what BB cream usually does) and covers the slightly noticeable blemishes. have you tried using moisturizer before BB cream? maybe that will help to prevent the breakout since there is another layer before it? just thinking aloud. :D btw, i am a BB cream fan too but of only one hehe - L'egere. i haven't used any other because i love it. maybe you could give it a try as well? like you, i use it as a makeup base too but i use moisturizer before that.

Sarah said...

Oh I love your reviews- they are so in depth and fab with the photos :)
I don't think we have this brand in Australia (or I'm unaware if we do lol) but it looks good! I hate when products only have 1 shade thought, it's so frustrating!!!
But it seems to give you a really great natural coverage :) :)

donnarence said...

this is my first ever bb cream and i finished it til the very last drop.. this smells so good too noh?? sadly it broke you out.. :C

Chrissy said...

Wow they lied when they said it was oil free! Grabe ah...

Sayang naman sis nagbbreak out ka sa BB creams. Honestly I haven't tried BB creams yet but I'm thinking about getting Maybelline's.

Sherry said...

wow.. bb cream so amazing.. here I see many products brand attempt use bb cream name so worry oso if buy wrong one.

GirL With GLasSes... said...

my first bb cream is that and i still have it until now. yeah, the shade is a little weird parang abo na hindi maintindihan. luckily, it did not break me out. havent tried any bb creams kasi hindi ako sanay mag lagay ng liquid sa muka.

Jenny said...

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zorc said...

I think I know why they promote it as oil-free! Hahaha! They've already put the oil in your face so your face won't be producing any more oil. ;D

Thiamere Brea said...

that may be true!

Farraden Alipayo said...

using this caused me to breakout. good coverage but it will eventually give you something that you would really need to cover :(

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