Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend haul + a new discovery!

Just a short post.

I went out yesterday with my gfs & i had a heck of a time! I forgot how wonderful it is to be able to go shopping together with friends. I usually shop alone or with bf.

We went to Trinoma & had a blast. Maybe i'll tell you all about that on a later post. Now i'll be focusing on the hauling part.

On the department store, i found a new nail lacquer line called "Elena" & i was amazed when the SA told me that they have a nail polish that "cracks". I have never heard of anything like that! I got so excited that i tried it & it works! You wanna take a look at how it looks like?

Looks real pretty,huh? Sorry if the edges are messy since i applied it for swatch purpose only. If you notice, it also has different colors. I did so to know what colors work best as a base. I did this at home already, but i did tested it out before i bought it.

For reference on the base color that i used here:
  • thumb - Sally Hansen - hot pink
  • pointer - Milani - golden brown
  • middle - Etude House - light blue
  • ring - The Face Shop - yellow
  • pinkie - OPI Nail Lacquer - dark coral
Based on the brochure that i have, they have 5 colors for the 'crack' nail polish. This is the brochure, i've circled the part of their 'crack' nail polish..i don't even know how to call it.


So, me being nosy, drilled her with a lot of questions (thank God that this SA knows her stuff unlike the other SAs that i met. im sure you all know where i found SA that is clueless about their products) & she accommodated me as much as she could. Kudos to her!

This is what i bought:

  • Life & Companion's blending brush
  • 3 plastic 'pipet'
  • Cinema Secret's Spirit Gum Adhesive
  • Elena Environmental Nail Colour
Im also curious on the "environmental" part. I promise that i'll let you know more about the Elena nail polish. I'm still gathering information about it. I'm so in love with how easy & fast i did my nails!

Then i also got myself a bottle of Witch Hazel toner because i'm running out of my homemade brush cleaner. Yes, i use Witch Hazel as a part of my cleaner. I'll make a post about it sometime.

& also Aquazorb towels. have heard so much about this. I want to see for myself what the hype is all about.

Aside from these, i also bought a lot more undergarments & yoga pants but i don't want to post it. Again, it made a big dent on my savings, but its ok.hehehe

How about you,girls?
Have you bought anything recently?


nikkiz. said...

Hi sis! How much is the Elena crackling polish? Do you just apply it on top of any polish or can you use it on it's own?

GirL With GLasSes... said...

the bf took me to trinoma (jan2) thiamere. it is my first time to visit that place, i was so excited!

i was just too shy to go crazy over buying more stuff because he'll get mad at me again kasi puro na lang daw ako pampaganda... haaayyy hindi niya naiintindihannnnn!!! kailangan nateng gumandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! kaasar na talaga siya!

you know i dont put nail polishes pero this time you sold me on this cracking something nail polish! unique! i want a red one. meron kaya?

haha! you do yoga? i do belly dancing (dvd)! i always look stupid dancing in front of the tv, sometimes the bf cant stand it he would go laughing for the entire day!

Bea said...

yay! i like that crackling nail polish. lol anyway, do they have in other colors? would like to try one . :)

lipton|TEE said...

I love that Elena cracking nail polish!! I have got to get my hands on this.

tintirintin said...

I recall watching something like this featured on that Marie Osmond's talk show waaaaay back early 2000's. Am glad to hear that a polish like this is finally available locally.

How much does it cost? I'm curious. ^_^

gracie said...

why sis why!!! You found the blending brush bat ako walang nakita!?! Swerete mo tlga.. Love the nails! I'll try to visit trinoma sometime

Crissy said...

I'll love to have that nailpolish lol.

Jenn said...

The crackling nail polish is so cool!

I like the hot pink and golden brown swatch you did =)

Sarah said...

That nail polish is awesome!!! How much fun you will have with that :)

Askmewhats said...

the cracked polish looks great and i have been hauling a bit too, not makeup but more on clothes and shoes :)

Kax24 said...

hey where did you get those aquazorb towels?? have been looking for them for AGES! i use them at homew, very absorbent and dries real fast compared to the cotton towels we're used to, but i've only gotten them off gh..

rosey said...

that nailpolish is L-O-V-E! LOL. i wanna have one! =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. wow, companies just keep coming up with more and more nail polish style. It looks cool! I like the changing mood colors though (been like this since I was probably 10... lol! I'm such a child). Let me know about those towels =] I like the colors you picked out ;] Great haul like always! It's okay if you spend a little bit more than you intended to, it's rare to be hanging out with your gfs =]

*Nehs* said...

nice purchases thia! ayos yung nail stuff na yan ah.. :D

Anonymous said...

I like the cracking nail polish! Looks so cool and funky, hehe...

No, I was a really good girl for about 3 weeks, and haven't hauled anything. But I've just ordered some few goodies two days ago, haha... :p

rae630 said...

i love the nail polish!!

Toothfairy said...

ok, what's up with the aquazorb towels then? never heard of it? not regular towels?


Anonymous said...

gosh ang tagal kong di nabasa blogs mo! well regarding aquazorb ok lang it stays soft and smooth for a long time. one year ko na ginagamit ung face towel ko pero aside from being soft and smooth wla namang difference kung mas absorbent sya sa ibang towels!

coffretgorge said...

that crack nail polish is intriguing! :)

ThRiSzHa said...

I also have a kracked polish but it was bought In US..
heres the link:

where do u buy ur crack polish and how much?? may nabili akong crack polish locally in Multi but i dont the formula.. habang natutuyo ung polish natatanggal din ung polish...

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