Saturday, January 23, 2010

weekend nails: swirly & funky

At last!
After weeks of not doing a nail art post, i'm able to make one. Sorry girls, lately, im digging the simple one-color look or the 'cracked nail-look' so i didn't do nail arts.

I decided to do a funky but easy-to-do nail look.

Im sure for those who got nail pens, will have an easy time doing it. For those who doesn't have pens, it's ok. Just use a brush with a very thin bristles to make the swirls, it might be hard but with patience im sure you can do it!

Things needed:
  • base color of your choice
  • nail art pens
  • rhinestones
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • glitter polish (optional)

This is an easy do. Let's start:

  • Start by applying a base coat & the base color for your nails. You can opt for an opaque one if you want to.

  • Pop the cap of the pen, then test it first prior to application to make sure that nothing is blocking the opening of your pen. You can test it on a paper towel.

  • Once you already got the grip, start making swirls on your nails. Apply it randomly.

  • The more random it is, the more fun it will look. I even made some half-swirls at the sides.

  • Red all done, now it's time for the different colors. I only have 3 nail pens....

  • with white swirls added

  • with black swirls added

  • Since i still have some space left, i just filled it with random swirls.

  • You can stop if you want to. It already look pretty as it is. But since i have some rhinestones that i don't use, so i decided to put some. If you don't have rhinestones, you can just make some random dots on it.

There ya go!
Don't forget to top it with a clear/glitter polish & a top coat to make your art last longer. Tell me if you did a version of this nail so that we can see the contrast of colors.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!


Chrissy said...

SIS! I missed you, I haven't been around forever. Haha.

Wow, you really got better with nail art na... Kainggit! Hehe. How much were the Etude House nail art pens? I might get some, pero I think I just will buy the whole set from Ate Nikki (askmewhats) if it's too expensive.

How are you na?

Denysia said...

Awesome nails! I wish I had some nail pens like those ones! :)

rosey said...

that's is sooo cute dear! =)i'm gonna try that one of these days, nice tutorial. can u make a review for the nail art pens from etude house? hihi. thanks dear =)

donnarence said...

ang kyut sobra.. ang dali nito gawin ah and this is really creative jem.. far from the leopard and zebra designs this is more fun.. :D

Auishtha said...

Those are freakin' cute!! >.<
I'm so envious! I can't do my own nails so I have to get them done at a salon. =(

Bea said...

amaziing! sobrang polished yung gawa mo sis. i want to try it too. :]

Askmewhats said...

very cute and playful :)

The Beautifier said...

Ohhh wow! this is fab! I am loving the swirly design on your beautiful nails xoxo

xoladiihoneyxo said...

hey sweetie! nice nails =]

Imo said...

This looks great and very hard too!

*Nehs* said...

those nail pens are great. this is so cute and very girly.

Y said...

Thats so cute! I should go out and get some mini mini nail pens! Not that I ever have time to do this! LOL

nikkiz. said...

sis, how much is the Nail Art pen at Etude House? If only I knew it would make pretty nail art like yours.

Golden said...

Your nails look so funky!

Lots of love,

GirL With GLasSes... said...

deym! i opened your blog and all i see are cute things haha!

sa kakatingin nails mo baka isang araw maglagay nako polish!

superchuboink said...

i love your nails! :D

Khymm said...

ang cute! it looks so easy to do.. =)

thanks thiamere, medyo ok na ako now.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You always have the most awesome nails, love em :)

Anonymous said...

wow ang cute naman! gusto ko rin hihihi, kaso la namn ako pen,wahhh=(

Izzy Bizzy said...

Sooo cute! I have been using those stick ons for nail art. I really have no idea that those pens really existed. You are so creative! You rock girl =)

ThRiSzHa said...

this is totally cool... Im always glad whenever I found pinay blogger who loves nail art..Im a nail art lover too.. hope u visit my site 1 sometime..

im so glad i found ur blog

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