Monday, November 15, 2010

Fanny Serrano 2 way cake review

I said before that Fanny Serrano 2 way cake is said to rival MAC's Studio Fix Powder + Foundation, on which i quoted my friend's brother who has been a long time MAC user. I have not tried MAC Studio Fix because i remember a time when i broke out when i applied it. I don't want to risk further skin irritations by using products that i have a bad reaction with.

So, since FS 2 way cake was highly recommend i decided to try this. Anyway, it's way cheaper than MAC so i won't have any regrets if ever. I have been using this for 3 months now so i guess it's time to make a review.

Is it good?
Is it really something wonderful?

Let's find out....

Fanny Serrano is a popular make-up artist of local celebrities here in the Philippines. He now has his own cosmetic company. Since he is a well-known artist, im pretty sure that his products would be of good quality. After all, you can't risk your own name if you're not offering quality service/products,right?

They have 7 shades available. I think my shade is cross between Satin & Duchess...Satin belonging in the same shade with Duchess only with a different undertone, which makes Satin look a bit lighter than Duchess. I decided to get this since i don't want to look too pale if i will get the latter. I think Satin have a pink undertone & Duchess with yellow undertone, if my memory serves me right...

Then this is the ingredients list...

Uh oh..paraben alert!
Anyway, traditional cosmetics really do have parabens,right? Hey! Even Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact has parabens on it! I don't know if this has the exact ingredients with MAC... please tell me if it is,girls.

So, this is how it looks like.

It has a clear top with the Fanny Serrano logo in the middle, which you can clearly see the product. The mirror is actually underneath together with the sponge applicator. It's made of sturdy material & it doesn't look cheap,mind you!

I personally find it a nuisance to flip it every time i use this product if i don't have a handy mirror with me. Imagine how troublesome it is to flip it down to get the product then flip it up again just to use the mirror.

On which MAC Studio Fix's packaging is way better. But of course, i understand how Mama Fanny would want to make his products be a bit different from leading cosmetic brands... But still...

On to the product... this is how Duchess looked like.

I actually like the fact that 2 way cakes are adjustable based on your coverage need. Use it dry if you want a light-medium coverage & wet for medium-heavy coverage. Since i don't like heavy coverage, i don't see the need to actually try it on my face using wet sponge.

I hate having that "foundation day" look! I'd rather be caught with bare skin (warts & all) than have that heavy 'powder mask' on my face.

This is the swatch that i put at the back of my hand. Sorry if i didn't put it on my face for my acne is acting up again..

When blended it would look like so...

A close-up look at how it looked like when blended.

The product is really finely milled & goes on really smooth! I have used a couple of pressed powder/foundation, but this is the finest so far (when i say finest, im talking about the texture). There is a scent on it. It has this sweet smell on it, but it goes away once it's already on your skin...or maybe you just get immune to the scent? Anyway, it's not really THAT overwhelming that causes a reaction to my allergic rhinitis, so it's ok with me.

When i apply powder foundations i use face brushes, not sponges or those powder applicators which i find a bit unhygienic if not washed regularly. I get to control how light/heavy i want my coverage is by using either kabuki or flat top brushes.

Since this is finely milled, i find that it clings to the bristles better though every time i swirl my brush on the cake, some left over powder will be sitting on top which i think is a waste. But that is only if you use a brush. If you use sponges, i'm sure you'll be maximizing this. I still prefer using brush though... the drawback in using brush aside from the left over powder is that it looks messy.

No matter how messy this is (anyway, it's my choice for i keep on using brushes), i still like it. It doesn't actually break me out even though i know it got parabens on it. It stays on me really good even though i sweat a lot. I only remove it through constant kerchief wiping but if i just dab on the spot, it actually stays on.

Plus the fact that it doesn't give me this weird finish even if i sweat unlike liquid foundations or other pressed powders that i try that makes splotches once you sweat. This one doesn't! Hurray! Love it!

When i look at their website, the description says that it has UV Protection. It's just not included in the packaging. If so, then all the more reason to love it,right?

As for oil control, it wasn't really able to successfully control the oil, but then it withstood 4 hours (the most) of controlling it so i think it still did a pretty outstanding job knowing that my skin is an oil mine.

If you read my Neutrogena Fine Fairness Compact review, i said that i'm in love with it. It is actually a very good product, but then it's expensive, while Fanny Serrano is more wallet-friendly. With a price of Php 399, this is definitely a keeper! I'm not saying that this is dirt cheap, ok?

I'm speaking as a mass (those whose budget falls in the category of students or "belt-tighteners") that shedding out Php400 for a foundation will make them hesitate. This is really good for the price that you pay for. As what my friend's brother said & i quoted "Hindi na ko bibili ng MAC ever!" (I won't buy MAC ever again!).

Again, i said that i am breaking out because i just finished my monthly so i don't want to apply cosmetics. Actually i have been observing that rule for quite sometime, that when my acne is acting up, i will not use make-up as much as possible. So, gomen, minna-san, i can't post my current pic for now, but then when i did this look, i was wearing this foundation.

If you click it, you'll see some zit marks somewhere on my jaw area, on which this foundation actually did a pretty good job in covering.

I like this product so much that i've hit the pan!

Tsumari, this is a must for me! I freakin' L-O-V-E it!

I guess it's time to do a summary for this..

  • not expensive
  • locally available
  • formulated for filipina skin
  • didn't break me out
  • has a good selection of shades
  • will not get splotchy even if you sweat
  • the sponge applicator is actually nice
  • the sponge is separated to the product so it's hygienic!
  • i don't like the packaging (Mama Fanny, please have the mirror & the product "facing" each other for more convenient use)
  • they don't sell powder refills
  • might not be available internationally
Will i buy it again?
Of course!

I said before that you will know when i'm excited about something that i put in a lot of exclamation points & this post has a lot of 'em which means that i LOVE this product! 2 thumbs  up for Mama Fanny Serrano for coming up with a good product! Oi! 5 more exclamation points! hahaha!

Gomen, Neutrogena, i found a better replacement for you. After all, i am still holding a grudge about my beloved soap. I know this is so unprofessional, but then im not really a pro to start with. Pro ja nai, im just an ordinary blogger who shares what i think & feel.

Have you tried this?
If not, what pressed powder do you use that can rival high end brands without shedding an exorbitant amount?

Hope y'all have a good start for your week!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy said...

Wow! You look great on that FOTD and the coverage seems really nice! I hope the scent isn't like the foundation on the rectangle compact. I agree that the powder is finely milled and texture is amazing when I tried the rectangle one. Great review, dear!

Elsa said...

yey for the review..... I also love this foundation and my sister keep on borrowing this from me!!! I got the same shade as you Duchess!!!! And I did not broke out on this one too!!! Great alternative for that MAC foundation!!!!

nice review sis mwah! :)

Askmewhats said...

I seriously don't get why these companies do not sell refills! It saves the environment from all the darn packaging! I'd rather purchase refills rather than purchasing the whole thing again! Ugh

Anyways, glad you found a nice foundation and it's locally made! Yay for that! I agree with the packaging! Mama Fanny, hear us out! :)

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I'd give this a try soon! ^_^ Very detailed review sis!

Crystal said...

i have these powders too. i use it on my male clients. it's good for the price :)

xxNikkiDooxx said...

I think I saw them selling a refill here. It was P110 if I'm not mistaken. :)

I'm gonna try this out. Thanks for the review sis! :D

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson

Val said...

Thanks for the review! :D I'll check this out at Watson's soon :P Have you tried the Revlon Photo Ready? Ü

Thiamere Brea said...

not yet,hun

i swatched it on the counter & since it has shimmers i'm not interested in trying it because i have large open pores & using shimmers would just accentuate them

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