Thursday, November 04, 2010

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

I said that i stopped using moisturizer & toners on my face. I only depend on facial wash/soaps to 'tame' my wild skin. Since i loved Neutrogena Acne Prone facial bar, yes, loved, because it has been phased out here in the Philippines. Yes, people, up until now i can't get over the fact that it's not available anymore... bitterness is my middle name when products i love are phased out.

J&J please bring it back!

Well, since i have been hunting for a good alternative to it, the most probable product for me to try would be this. I don't have a lot to say about this though. so before, i completely forget about this i'll post this now...

I have already used this & sad to say it didn't work for me. Yes, it did clean my face... but i didn't notice anything in the "improves your complexion" department.

I guess that this would only work for those who got the normal-oily skin who already has perfect skin.. but not with acne-flaring, sensitive skin like mine.

Anyway, im not really dissing this product,ok? I'm just saying that i didn't notice any difference at all. Let's take a look at the product description...

Ok, after all that, it just promised that it penetrates deep into the pores, dissolving dirt & make-up & removes dead skin cells so that softer, fresher skin will emerge.

Maybe it did, maybe it didn't...

I just didn't notice anything at all i guess that's why this didn't made a big impact on me. In fact, this has been sitting on my draft for months now because im not excited to blog about it. Most of the time, if i', excited about something i will blog about it immediately. But this is just one of the many products that i don't feel like blogging.

With that said, i won't be going in to details anymore since i don't have any blow by blow descriptions.

Oh, i remember, i agree when it says that does clean thoroughly because i remember a time when i wore a heavy make-up. removed my make-up with cold cream...then washed my face with this...when i used witch hazel toner i didn't see any remaining make-up which just means that it really does remove make-up. Unlike other soaps/facial wash that doesn't remove deep seated impurities, this one does plus the fact that it's gentle enough... no stinging & skin feels really soft...

That's it.

I can't remember the exact price of this but i think it's more or less Php 250

So, let's do a bit of summary
  • cleanses thoroughly
  • doesn't sting
  • no dry feeling after use
  • skin feels soft after use
  • you can reuse the bottle afterward
  • I find it expensive for something that doesn't even remove the dirt from zits

Will i buy it again?
Nah...i won't.. 
In fact, i think i'm done with Neutrogena facial washes. I'll go back to Neutrogena once it brings back the acne-prone bar but for now, i don't think i can take anymore 'failures' from that brand because i respect the brand.

Any recommendation for facial washes that works for acne?

Hope y'all have a good day!

There's only 3 exclamation point in this post. one for the pleading, one for the ending & one for the wow...
I guess you'll know when i'm excited about things,huh?


herroyalbleakness said...

too bad, thiamere. im on the lookout too for an affordable and good oil cleanser. im striking out neutrogena on my list (so-so reviews from most people).

i didn't know st ives sold oil cleansers so i might try this instead.

Askmewhats said...

I have a whole lot of exclamation points din in ALL of my posts! we are very reactive siguro! hahahha

Anyways my bro loves using this wash and so far so good. For Acne? Hmm..there's a soap that hubby's derma recommend na nabibili sa Mercury, it's hmm.I have to remember it! LOL I can't! But he uses Benzyl on areas na may spots or acne marks!

donnarence said...

this is nice.. I remember using this way back in college.. :D

Pammy said...

I remember using just Neutrogena before I started getting curious on other products. I find this nice. But yes, the acne-prone cleansing bar is better. :)

I'm your Random lady said...

I've been looking for the neutrogena bar too, didn't know its phased out already. Update us if you find anything that works for your skin, haay I have the same problem din. :(

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

sis, did you try the pond's pure white facial wash? it is seriously great!!!!

London's-beauty said...

aesh they gave me breakouts =((( my skins sucks when it comes to facial washes

Cris said...

Hopefully the soap bar's only gone because they plan to launch a newer version of it (and if they do, it better be as effective as the discontinued one) - completely phasing out what seems like a popular product doesn't seem sensible to me.

So good luck with that :).

khryz said...

i used to love this facial wash but im loving Olay now

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