Friday, November 19, 2010

What is your go-to eyeshadow?

I'm sure we all have that days when we are running late & much as we want to do our eye make-up we just can't for the worry of rush hour is occupying our mind. In that case, i'm sure most of you would at least swipe an eyeshadow on your lids for that extra oomph in your look! So, tell me, what's your i-don't have-the-time-but-this-will-still-make-me-pretty eyeshadow?

I used to think that neutral eyeshadows are boring & is just for oba-sans (old ladies). But i guess i can already call myself as an oba-san too since i love neutral shadows now. In fact, my go-to shadows are MAC Woodwinked & the Milani Glimmer Stripes in Bronze Glimmer. I know i said just 'eyeshadow', right? But then since they are almost in the same family & i really reach for them most of the time so they are my favorites.

As what i said before, i am an NC20 & i could go from NC20 to NC35 especially when i'm exposed to the sun frequently, especially when i go swimming for i am the type of person who will sleep on the water if it's even possible. I love lounging around in the pool!

Speaking of which, when my best friend had her birthday celebration we went swimming for the whole day & i got a bad case of sunburn. That was last October 3 & up until now my tan marks are still visible. I think i am NC25 as of now, I'm trying to use Papaya soap in lightening my skin for i have freckles on my shoulders...

Chotto Matte....
Why am i talking about that?!

I am really a chatterbox! I can go on & on about something that is totally out of topic... I'm sorry about it. Anyway, the point of that is to say that these shadows still work great even if i swing from 1 tone to another. I love them!

This is a close up of how it looks like.

Actually in only use 3 shadows on the Milani Glimmer Stripes. The top part, which is a gorgeous highlighter (it reminds me of my MAC Sugarshot e/s which i lost *sniff*)... the middle part which is a nice shimmery taupey color... then the bottom shadow is a tan which is a great all over lid color!

MAC Woondwinked on the other hand is like a golden rusty brown which glides on like a butter since it is a Veluxe Pearl formula. It gives that nice pearly look without going overboard. Even my mum can get away with this look even if she has a few lines around her eyes. I think this actually a good color not only for those that got brown eyes but for other eye color as well!

Plus, depending on the color of your base, it can transform from gold to dark gold to taupe...

I did not swatch the highlighter anymore..hehe.. a highlighter is a highlighter. XD

Oh, i actually swiped the Milani Eyeshadow a couple of time to get the color since it's a bit chalky compare to MAC. I still love them!

So, that's my go-to shadow... How about yours?

Hope y'all are doing great,girls!
Jaa mata~!


Askmewhats said...

My go-to eyeshadow is...shucks..NONE! hahahha I haven't been wearing much lately! heheh thanks for sharing this! Natawa ako sa "a highlighter is a highlighter" TRULILI naman! :)

Pammy said...

Ooh, Milani worked better as an eyeshadow! :P

Shopcoholic said...

same tayo ng taste sis, i prefer neutrals din!

MereMakeupManiac said...

same sentiments - i actually am scared that at my age my crazy-color-eyeshadowing days are over! but even if i want to fully embrace neutral e/s, for some reason it really makes my face look dull - well, at least in pics because in person it's fine. not fabulous but ok.

wow i think i also ramble a lot like you lol! for my go-to e/s, anything dark suits me - believe it or not even at broad daylight haha!

sushiflower said...

yay for neutrals!:)

Crystal said...

if i do use eyeshadow for everyday, i use urban decay sin. but i don't use it as often as i want because it's almost empty and it's just part of my ammo palette. i want to get a full size of it but singles pans of urban decay are expensive.

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