Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolor Review

Lipstick is an important part of our make-up kit,ne? I think that lipstick can make you look from drab to fab.

I bought Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme lipcolor months ago. I guess it's about time to post a review.

I can't understand why Maybelline has to change the name of their products once they market it here in the Philippines. I know that in US they just call it as Moisture Extreme which is in the exact packaging to this one. I also know that Maybelline US also has a different Color Sensational Lipstick in the silver packaging. Did they combine those 2 lipstick formula hence it's Color Sensational Moisture Extreme?

I remember that the mascara in teh big yellow tube in the US is known as the Colossal, hereit's the Magnum Mascara. It's just all so confusing! At least they didn't change the Pulse Perfection Mascara...

Anyway, it's only name that i get confused of, but the quality of this product is not confusing for it only leans to GOOD.

I actually like this product! They have 4 color collection that caters to what you need.. The Reds, Pinks, Corals & Nudes

So, i got 2 shades... one is the Summer Sunset which is a gorgeous deep red & also Pink Peach which is a cute pink lipstick.

What i like most about this is that it glides on really smooth. It is also pretty pigmented so you only need a couple or two swipes to have that color on your lips.

See this swatch?
I only swiped that once!

Kirei da ne?
Pretty,isn't it?

I applied it on my lips so that you'll be able to see it better when it's on. This is the Pink Peach...

On which is better when i apply lip concealer. My lips are pretty pigmented so the color doesn't show that much. I applied this without lip concealer.

Then this one is the Summer Sunset. My favorite between the 2..

I really like how pigmented it is! Since it is "moisture extreme" it's not as drying compare to the other lipsticks that i've tried but i still prefer to moisturize my lips beforehand. It doesn't feel drying even if it has been sitting on your lips for quite some time already. It also doesn't make my lips chap like crazy.

Naturally this is not matte so it's not really long wearing, i have to reapply it every now & then but it's ok with me since i have this weird habit of reapplying lipstick even though it still looks ok.

See what i said a little while ago about going from drab to fab?
Would you believe that i didn't have anything on.. not even powder. I just swiped on the lipstick & it managed to make me look presentable even though you can see my un-groomed brows & dark undereye.

Did i say that this has SPF 15?
Well, it has!

For Php 299, you can't go wrong with these lipsticks. They are totally a keeper!

With the price that you pay for, expect that the packaging is not that good of a quality though. It's so light that it feels like it could slip on hands anytime & just end up smashed on the floor because of my clumsiness. Well, luckily i haven't dropped it & i hope i never will.

You know the feeling of lipsticks that got cheap packaging on which if you open it every now & then, it would crack up? Then because of the crack, it makes the lid a bit loose so it would end up with the lid falling off because it doesn't fit anymore? Well, it's the same with this one. I'm really uber careful in putting the cap back on for fear of cracking it up & not being able to fit the cap once more.

Well, you get what you pay for,right? The important thing is the product,anyway.
But then, the caps of my lipsticks hasn't cracked up yet so i'm hoping that my fear would be pointless.hehehe

  • pigmented
  • cheap
  • locally available
  • has a good selection of shades
  • glides smoothly
  • has spf 15
  • im not sure if this specific lipstick is available in other country as well (in Asia, it's available)
  • lipstick tube feels very light
Will i buy it again?
I definitely will! As what i said a while ago, this is a keeper! I'll most probably be buying something from the Coral & Nude collection...

I wanted to try at least 1 Revlon Colorburst though... I have been reading a lot of good write up for that one.
What's your favorite cheap-but-great lipstick?

Hope y'all have a good day,minna-san!
Jaa ne~!

This is Maybelline Philippines answer to my query:

"Hi thiamere :) first of all, thanks for the very honest review and it's great to hear that you really like the product. 

On your concern on the difference in names and packaging, we sometimes have to change either the formula or the pack for... different reasons. 

We change the formula when the one in the US does not suit asian needs (ex. Magnum vs Colossal - Colossal gives volume to unruly lashes vs magnum gives volume to downward pointing lashes).
We change the pack naman when the formula is the same, but the pack is so expensive that we would be forced to price it here at a very high amount. In these cases, we would rather put the product at an affordable price because we want every Filipina to use a good quality product with a reasonable pack. 

We know of course that there are also many makeup lovers who really collect the amazing packaging so we are trying to bring in both types of products.
 Our local formulas are developed by our laboratories specifically for Asian skin tones and climate. It's much hotter and more humid here than in the US, so if we use their formulas, our products won't be long-wearing and won't fit our local needs. :)"

Thanks for answering, Maybelline!


herroyalbleakness said...

Gel, those are nice shades! Summer Sunset is a pretty color that pops out nicely --- nothing over the top.

Pink Peach is also a nice color for an au naturale look.

It's a headache to get the product names changed from one region to another. I don't get why they'd do that. If it's a marketing tactic or whatnots, I hope someone can enlighten me on its purpose.

meipinggg said...

hello! :) if i'm correct the mascara in the yellow tube, there's two types. one is the colossal and the other is the magnum. :) and you can read it here: (
not mine :P

and the cons of it feeling light, i dont really find that i con xP it's cause if your handbag is heavy, and you put your lipstick in, there's not much weigh differences! :D my opinion la that is x)

anyws, now you make me want to buy these lippies but i got some NYX alr T___T

Blovet Beauty said...

I like the pinky shade- very pretty !

Pammy said...

Summer Sunset looks great on you. It's like a color that can easily brighten one's face. Looking fab! :P

Sara.H said...

Both the shades are very pretty :) Just found your blog and following you now.

Hope you drop by my blog too


Justine (Simply Miss Effortless) said...

Summer Sunset brightens your face dear and it looks good on you. Cheap and works well, making it a good buy!

Fifi said...

Wow Summer Sunset really brightens your complexion!! I can't wear deep shades because I have such big, unshapely lips. LOL. But that Pink Peach looks so pretty, I might buy that one!

Liasbubblebath said...

All these colours are so cool!

Jasmin said...

Cute color choices!!! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

Ira said...

you have to try bonbon pink. it's a nice barbie pink shade for pinays :)

MyMakeUpMania said...

too bad those are not avalable in my place :( but both shades looks very pretty on ur lips :)

Shopcoholic said...

i have Bonbon pink & coral pink! both shades look so pretty... type ko pink peach!

DaMnViXeN said...

Summer Sunset is my current HG red!

The ViXeN's LaiR

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Lipsticks with SPF are always great! ;D

& I lately I've been loving brighter lipsticks. I think the same thing as you, it totally livens up a person. I just wish I had more colors! XD hahah I need to buy more, but can't until I get more money! LOL

Pop Champagne said...

nice shades, I don't think I only any lippies with SPF in it lol. but that is really cool that Maybelline wrote back to you!!

snow0016 said...

a very informative post! love the pink peach shade! i was looking for good maybelline products as i want to take advantage of their big sale.. thanks for this! :)

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