Monday, November 01, 2010

~Weekend affair~

I really enjoyed my weekend for the past 2 days was soooooo nice!

Let me start first with what greeted me in the morning. 2 nicely wrapped packages! Both are actually press release kits of certain brands...

They look so cute with the ribbon on it looking all pretty & inviting. Well, who could resist pretty packages? Certainly not me! So i opened it up... let me start with the Gold Box...

It's from L'oreal....

Hmmm....a day cream. Y'all know that i'm not using moisturizer for that's what works for me. But then, let's see... I'll let you know once i've decided to open this. I have a lot of dark spots & blemishes & this might help, but i'm still undecided up until now.

Then the black box with the pink ribbon is from Purederm..

 A whole lot of goodies!

Some facial masks, hair mask, foot mask, hand mask & also BB Cream...

Uh oh, y'all know that i don't plan to use BB Cream anymore. I know i got this for free but it doesn't mean that i'll risk my skin again.

I'm sorry, Purederm.
Hontoni Gomen nasai~

I have heard a lot of good reviews of this product, but i have tried a lot of BB Creams & nothing works on me. As what i said, i have decided to not use BB Cream anymore because the risk of my acne flaring up again is so high that often times it makes me feel like my skin is like a pimple land mine, that if i 'stepped' on one, it would go ka-booming & leave half of my face like a war zone.

So i'll just be including this on my current giveaway and let the lucky winner decide for herself if this is a keeper. But i'll gladly try the masks. I'm sooooooooo looking forward to trying out the hair mask. I have tried a foot mask from Etude House & im not that impressed with it.

So with that, the start of my Saturday went from an ordinary-to-good. I was actually about to meet with bf late morning then with my gf somewhere in the afternoon. I had a luncheon date with bf then went straight to the mall to meet with my gf.  Told here that i want to take a look at the Forever 21 sale.

I just bought a skinny jeans since i can't find anything at the sale section that caught my attention. Well, i still got a 10% off so i'm already happy with it. I'll not show you my purchase since i'm not really that comfy in showing my attire. hehehe

Said to gf that i'm hungry & passed by Secret Recipe which actually looks so nice & welcoming that we decided to just dine there...

The menu looks cute because it really looks like a book..

kawaii de sho?

I just decided to order a glass of warm milk..hehehe

As if milk can suffice my big appetite

First is their Minestrone Soup, on which is not pronounced as mine-strone,ok?
She said it as mee-nes-tro-ne soup. It is a tomato soup with lots of vegetables like celery, potatoes, etc.

I ordered their Pasta Carbonara (rigatoni) that is really creamy & got that mild flavor.

GF decided to order Spaghetti meatballs... which i find really delicious because you can really taste all the herbs. I had to taste it too...hehe....I so love pasta that got this strong taste... soooo yummy! Next time i dropped by, i'll be ordering this.

 Then for dessert a slice of cheesecake... i like cheesecake & it says on the menu that their marble cheesecake is one of their best seller so we decided to taste it.

This may not be the best cheesecake that i've tasted but i have to say that it tastes nice. plus the crust is made of oats, which makes it more 'filling' compare to the cheesecakes that i've tasted.

Strolling in the mall with gf means shopping too...
So i got myself a couple of products that i think is a must...

It's almost time for my Fiberwig mascara to say goodbye & since i love fiber mascara (also the fact that i am really trying to avoid int'l online shopping) i have to find a good alternative to it. I know that In2it got a fiber mascara so i decided to buy it. I have used it 2x already & i think it's ok. I'm still road testing it though... i'll let you know about this later on....

The Close Up White Now promises instant whiter  teeth & i know that i just have to give it a try! Not that im really expecting it... but it doesn't hurt.. plus the price is just like those ordinary toothpaste. What's there to lose?

When we went to the SM Megamall Department Store, there are a lot of brands out there that i haven't seen in the other SM branches. Wet n Wild is already locally available in the department store.. so for those who are looking for Wet n Wild Products outside Ebay, head on straight to SM Megamall. They have the cream liner & also nail polishes too!

They also have the Fudge hair products... i think next to Jonathan. I was eye-ing the dry shampoo but since it smelled like coconut (on which i don't like the smell), i decided to not buy... but all through out the whole time that i have been strolling along, i have wanted to add it on my shopping basket for i really want to try dry shampoo. I think this is the 1st dry shampoo that is available locally.

Then we dropped by Healthy Options too for i ran out of Vitamin E for my nails & Vitamin E at Healthy Options is way cheaper than the Vitamin E oil from Sally Hansen. I'll make a post about nails & vitamin E sometime in the future.

I notice that my hair are falling maybe due to stress or most probably because of the local shampoo that i used for it gave me a BAD CASE OF DANDRUFF that i had to buy the Nature's gate Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner. I hope that this would actually help my hair... T_T

Then Sunday.. halloween day, my family decide to go to SM Mall of Asia. There were a lot of trick or treaters!

I already did my shopping Saturday so i don't really have anything that i have to buy but then i don't let the chance to go to the mall pass by. I went to Marionnaud to just browse around & saw the Fudge hairline. It seems like something is pushing me to give in & buy it since the SA said that the scent will disappear after a while.

With that, i was sold. I just have to try it. It will just make me think about dry shampoos forever & will end up regretting it when i go home since the mall is far from where i live. So, review for this product will be on after a month or so....

A lot of products to review~

Did you had a good halloween celebration? or if not, tell me what you did last weekend.

MAC's MAC Red is L-O-V-E!
It can give you that 'made up look' even if i didn't really applied heavy make-up. Red lipstick is love & mac red is my favorite red lipstick!

Hope y'all have a good day!
Jaa ne~!

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Beverly/bibay said...

Hi! can i buy the bb cream instead? I have no access to purederm products here in the province :( thanks

DeBi said...

wooot!!! you look so sexy with red lips hun!

yes, I did have a great weekend. :)

Pammy said...

3 of my fave dishes! Rigatoni, spaghetti meatballs, and cheesecake! You made me so hungry just now! :P

So sad that you won't get to try Purederm since it is the only bb cream that does not give my skin any pimples. Maybelline too but it's not really a bb cream. L'egere, Missha, and Skinfood all gave me allergies. :(

By the way, loving those cute chubby cheeks too!

London's-beauty said...

aww so pretty!! sorry i havent been able to comment recently, I've so much work to do. :(
my hair started to fall off loads too, but I ate more fruits and my hair has gotten healthier since ^^ try nt to be that stressed xx

Cris said...

The blogger kits look lovely :).

Glad to hear you've now got access to Wet & Wild, I love their stuff ;).

Thanks for the lovely comment *hugs back* ^_^.

Madz said...

Oh! I pass by Secret Recipe all the time and haven't tried dining there, their food looks good and mukhang yummy ang spaghetti with meatballs!

Thanks for the awesome find! :)

PS, love your skin, your soo maputi :)

Askmewhats said...

Blooming ka sis ha! I love your final shot!!!! Yay for products to giveaway and products to try! I can't wait to read your Close Up White Now Experience, I am still using it at the very moment ! Loving it!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

LOL to you trying to pronounce the soup!! hahah, I did that my first time at work. My dad was like "No, you're pronouncing it wrong" Lol!

& girl, I'm loving all of those food pictures, your pasta just looks so delicious! XD I'm hungry~! hahaha, as always!!

I can't wait for your reviews & that red lipstick looks great on you! ;D

walking in 6" heels wasn't too bad. It was only bad when she initially jumped on my back and I nearly lost my balance. HAHAHAHA.

Meedge said...

i love, love the free goodies!:)


YOUR FOOD MAKES ME SO HUNGRYYY!! and i love the lipstick you're wearing :)

CHARRY said...

the pasta carbonara looks yummy!

glaiza said...

can i ask how much is the nature's gate biotin shampoo and conditioner and can you also do a review about it.. ive been searching for a natural shampoo and conditioner for my fine hair kasi and im also experiencing hair fall lately.. tnx!

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