Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweets: Ice Cream Sandwich + a cute polish!

There was a time when ice cream sandwich is available here when i was a kid. I don't know the name though... i remember loving the Coney Island ice cream when i was a kid but it just disappeared after a sad.

Anyway, i immediately bought this since i love ice cream sandwiches!

Sorry, i can't translate it since i can't read korean characters...

This is how it looks like. It's actually a sponge cake!

This greeted me when i opened it.
It's cookies & cream ice cream sandwiched between 2 soft sponge cake.


This is delicious!
The sponge cake is actually really soft & compliments the ice cream perfectly.
It's not too sweet & it doesn't break off very easily unlike others that i have eaten. The ice cream is also not too sweet so you can gooble it down without any 'it-might-give-me-cavities' type of worry.

You might not believe it, but as i keep on eating it, i keep on saying "delicious!" every now & then. It's that good!

I try to do small bites trying to fool myself but i keep on eating & eating that i realize that there's no more.

Oh well, I'll definitely be buying this again. This is the perfect reward for me if ever i do something hard & accomplished it. It's just Php 39!

I bought it here at Homesaver...

Where they sell Korean housewares & etc...

They even sell some beauty tools & what nots.. I bought a really good nail polish that has a hint of holographic on it. It's really pretty! It's Ottie Nail Polish #45 in Tender Polish. I bought it for Php100 (approx $2).

I never realized that taking a good pic of holographic polish is hard to do. I wasn't able to take a good one since as what i said it's just a hint of holographic, not really a full holo look. But i'm already happy with it!

Can you see it?
It's hard to,huh?

Anyway, there are also a lot of nail art stickers on it which is only for Php 33 which is way cheaper compare to buying it at the mall! Yay for that!

Well, I always drop by Homesaver as much as i can. I also love the korean snacks that they carry. I'll make a post about the best ones that i've tasted so far.

I just had a pretty relaxing weekend.
How about yours?

Hope you will all have a good start for your week, ladies!
Jaa ne~!


herroyalbleakness said...

that's a yummy sponge cake-in-ice cream treat!

and yes, LOL, it's a bit difficult to see the holographic effect via the photos. they must look fab in person!

thanks for sharing good finds $ homesaver!

Pammy said...

That ice cream cake looks yummy! The nail polish looks pretty too, looking forward to a nail art using that one. :P

aisyah De Cullen said...

That look delicious! they don't sell korean ice cream here..only random biscuits here and there...U__U Maybe I need to go and find em at korean store.
Pretty nails ^^

Dee said...

Homesaver seems like an interesting store! Which mall is it in? haha sensya na XD

the solar flare said...

Beautifull post! I’m new on blogger and your blog is awesome!! If you want to follow me I’ll follow you back :D xoxo

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ dee
the store is located in araneta square in monumento or in the tutuban mall

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