Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purederm Nourishing Repair Hair Mask

I have received some products from Purederm a couple of weeks ago & this is the first one that i have opened up. I colored my hair yesterday on which my main goal is just to cover my white hairs. Yes, i do have some white hairs which is maybe not that obvious on pics, but is pretty much obvious when i style my hair.

So, after rinsing it out, i could smell a faint ammonia scent which i find nauseous. As what i keep on saying, i have a very sensitive sense of smell on which faint scents would already seem like an overwhelming scent for me especially since it is on my hair. It was hard for me to sleep for i find it very disturbing.

Anyway, i said to myself that i would try the hair mask for it might help cover the scent. So, i popped open the package & applied it.....

Well, do i like it?
I'm actually having a mixed feeling about this product for it's ok but not also ok.

Wanna know why?
Let's dissect the product little by little. Let's start with the product description which i took from their website.

* Purederm Botanical Choice Nourishing Repair Hair Mask “Chamomile”, enriched with Chamomile Extract,
Rosemary Extract and other nutritive ingredients, is an intensive, rich treatment for frizzy, damaged and unruly hair.
* With its creamy texture and delicate scent, the mask penetrates at the heart of the hair to nourish and repair frizzy & curly hair. Purederm will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and reveal its full beauty. 

It's good to see something that is addressed to those that got curly hair like mine, because it feels like majority of the ladies have been brainwashed from commercials & advertisements that straight hair is the best.

Let's take a look at the description on the back...

Sounds like they are describing my hair... frizzy, damaged, unruly & curly. LOL

Here are the ingredients:

Chamomile when used on hair can restore dull-looking hair plus it can soothe scalp irritations. For those that suffer from dandruff you can even use Chamomile to treat it!

Going back to the product itself, the hair mask is made from Chamomile on which im not really a fan of it's scent for i find it disturbing. I grew up with my mum slathering Chamomile Oil on my tummy every time i suffer from gas pains. I never really like it, but i have already associated gas pains to chamomile scent. Hey, that's just my personal opinion,ok?

I like herbs. In fact, whenever i cook pasta dishes i make it a point to put in a whole of herbs to make it taste really good. Herbal stuff is good, but there are just certain herbs that i stay away from because the scent is too overwhelming & again, Chamomile is one of them.

But that didn't stop me... since i have already opened i & it's for my hair so i decided, what the heck!...i will not die from the Chamomile scent. I applied it but the scent is so strong that it filled our bathroom with chamomile scent for just mere seconds. so, for those who adores Chamomile scent, then this product is for you!

It looks whitish in this pic, but when you actually pour it in your palms, it has this mild greenish tint. The texture is just like your usual everyday conditioner.

I applied it on my hair, actually i started from my scalp although i normally don't apply hair products on my scalp except for shampoo for some products give me dandruff.

I waited for 5 minutes before rinsing the product & it made my hair a lot softer & smoother while i was rinsing, on which my everyday conditioner can actually do. The thing that matter is when it dries.

So i waited until it dries.....

I think it's just the same. I didn't really feel anything different. Actually i have the type of hair that looks shiny & soft but not when you touch it. It looks bouncy & wavy but it's not really smooth. So i am looking for a product that can actually make it soft to the touch too. Sadly, it didn't make it soft. The thing that works for me is applying Vitamin E topically. So i applied Vitamin E at around evening time as a part of my evening hair routine.

I know that this has Tocopheryl Acetate on it, but i think it's not enough for my hair. It made my hair soft when i was rinsing it, but not when it dried up. Now, im not saying that this didn't do anything for my hair at all. Actually when i woke up, it gave me the bounciest, shiniest & soft natural curls that i didn't even bother combing my hair anymore for i find it pretty enough as it is.

Applying Vitamin E on my hair also gives me that smooth, shiny & soft hair, but not bounciness. Im already happy with smooth, shiny & soft hair... but who wouldn't want bounciness too,right?

I know that Purederm also has Jojoba Oil hair Mask & i would have preferred to try it compare to Chamomile for i have already tried Jojoba conditioner & it worked wonders on my hair before.

Now, when it comes to price im actually torn between saying that this is either cheap or expensive. It's cheap in a way that unlike other hair masks that you buy in a big container which costs at around Php250 (more or less than $7), you can just buy this for less than Php 80 (more or less than $2). On which, depending on the length of your hair, can either yield you 2x or 3x usage.

For individuals who have short hair & this works wonder, i think it could actually be a pretty cheap product. For me, who has long hair & didn't really worked as much as i would want it to be, i find it expensive. But of course, it would just depend on each person's preference,right? That's just mine. I'll just leave the price decision to you.

So, let's do a little summarization...
  • good for those who love Chamomile scent
  • gives hair that added bounciness
  • locally available
  • has different variants
  • i personally don't like the scent
  • didn't work on me as i expected it to

Well, i lost my waves at around mid morning....  By the way, i said that i colored my hair right? And there is a faint scent of ammonia, this hair mask was able to get rid of the scent... which is good! I'd rather smell Chamomile compare to ammonia...

I believe that this is my first hair product post. I use a lot for my hair but i was never able to do a write up about it. I guess i better start taking the time to blog about hair as well. I use a lot of hair masks & every hair products that i could get my hands on.

What's your favorite hair mask?
Care to share?

Hope y'all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

product was sent for review purposes. this post is my 100% honest opinion.


Adz Garcia said...

You know what's nice sa hair? Extra virgin olive oil! I use it like a regular hair mask whenever I feel like my hair is super dry- then wash it out thoroughly with shampoo to rinse out the scent of the oil. L'Oreal elseve hair mask smells so good- it's my favorite as of the moment.

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

i wish it came in a tube though...

Rachaelah said...

I'm interested with topical vitamin E, where do you get that? :) and by the way, very nice natural curls! :)

Pammy said...

Awww. Too bad it didn't meet your expectations but I'm glad it got rid of the ammonia scent. :)

Pop Champagne said...

too bad about you not being a fan of the scent! I've tried face masks before and it works for me... I guess it depends on what brand too. Hopefully the next one you try will be better!

London's-beauty said...

BEAUTIFUL. I once tried on this concealer which says that it softens the ends of my hair, but I didn't spot any difference after I've used it.

Askmewhats said...

Hay girl! I've used soooo many hair products and I seriously can't keep track! I think I can create another blog specifically for hair! hahahha

I know what you mean about shiny looking hair, I sometimes have that too but when you touch it, its dry! :)

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow! I didn't know hair masks even exists... hehe~ This looks really good and healthy for the hair!

I think all dogs prefer the bed over anything else. :/ I tried sleeping with Tobey on the bed, but he sleeps dead middle of the bed, and leaves the ends for me. :/ What gift you remember?

Justine (Simply Miss Effortless) said...

I also tried a lot of hair products and seems like L'oreal TR5 and Olive Oil are the most "hiyang" to my hair! Have you tried those?

Btw, you made me smile here "Sounds like they are describing my hair... frizzy, damaged, unruly & curly. LOL"


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