Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekend Haul: another Etude House trip

I did the weekend series earlier than it's supposed to be like my Sunflower Nails!

I went grocery shopping today because i have to get ready for Saturday. I overspent again...goodness!

Here i was telling myself over & over that it's Christmas & i would need to save more & spend less.... *sigh*
Oh well, I needed the things that i bought anyway... *trying very hard to convince myself*

I made a quick stop at Etude House because i wanted to buy another Proof 10 primer as a backup but it's out of stock...too bad... but i didn't go empty-handed of course. One thing though, i was surprised when they just wrapped what i bought in a simple plastic like this. It doesn't have any label on it & i have a total of Php 1000+... but i'm not really bothered by it, just wondering.

On to the haul...

I remember reading Lane's post about the Dr. Mascara Fixer Perfect Lash & i wanted to see if it will also work with me. I tried it on my one eye today & it looks great!!!! Plus, they have a promo where if you buy any mascara (i think) you'll get a free lip & eye make-up remover for those who have the pink card. I have been meaning to make a post about their 2 removers... i'll try to post it before the end of this month though..hehe

Then i saw that they have a new polish remover which is in a cute glass bottle. I asked the SA what's the difference between the old one & he said that this one is like a treatment or something like that so i wanted to see for myself.

Then also the Cleansing Water, which i made a post before. You can click HERE to read it. My acne is going bananas again & i don't want to use any oil-based removers on my face as much as possible so this is the safest option for me.

When i went shopping for some dresses & other needs, i stopped by the toiletries section & i remember Pammy's post about the Lip Ice balm so i looked for it & included it in my purchases.

I like it!
I'll do a review on it sometime after i've really tested it out but i can say now that im really liking this product a lot!

There ya go!
Just a quick post for today.

Hope you are having a great evening/day,sweeties!

Jaa ne~!


Crystal said...

what a coincidence. hauled from etude house today too!

Jennifer said...

great haul! i'd love to check out some stuff by them soon too ^.^ gonna hunt for them in the drugstores!

gingerSnap said...

eyecatching lip ice. I like that. But i cannot find here in my place.
Kisses from Germany.

Pammy said...

Thia dear, I'm glad you liked the Candy Apple lip balm too! I think you might like the Sheer Color variant too. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhhhh. the lip balm looks kinda pretty and girly which I likeyyy ;]

Nice haul! You do need them.... convince yourself... it's just 'cause of Christmas!

ThRiSzHa said...

lovely hauls..

London's-beauty said...

Ahh I need to try etude house products!

Pop Champagne said...

nice stuff, haha everytime I visit your site you have a new haul. so lucky! :)

Yen said...

Nice haul! I wanna try din Etude House. :))

Askmewhats said...

Like your haul, oo nga ! Bakit hindi yung paperbag?

I have the Cleansing dream cleansing oil too but I am testing on the Nature Republic one first :) Can't wait to read your thoughts on these hauls!

MyMakeUpMania said...

yay for new stuffies!

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