Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Move over UDPP! Etude House Proof 10 primer rocks my socks!

Seriously! I freakin' love this product!

I'm sure you are all familiar with Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Paint Pots, Bare Escentuals Prime Time, Guerlain Ombre Eclat Eye Shadow Primer, etc... they are good primers...will really make your eyeshadow vivid & crease-proof.. but one thing that they share is that they are quite expensive.

These products ranges from $16 to $35, on which i think is not that budget-friendly. But hey, considering the quality & the purpose of these products, they will still be well worth your money. But don't we all want a primer that is at least budget-friendly? Something on which you won't need to allot a certain part of your allowance/salary just to be able to purchase it. I know a big number of my followers are students & are budget-conscious... well, so am i!hehehe

I've already said before that UDPP, when sold here in the Philippines, is priced at $23. Based on my experience, if you use it everyday you expose the product to air therefore cutting the life span of it shorter. I remember watching a video before saying that UDPP can last up to a year provided that you keep the cap tight, making sure that it's not exposed to air as often you can. In my case UDPP lasted for 6-8 months...6 months on the original, cute-but-useless packaging & a month or so as soon as i depot it because once it is exposed to air it really dries up.

Hence if you are going to depot UDPP make sure that you put it in a glass container. Plastic pots/pens are not tightly sealed so it's not good in storing products that dries easily.

Now, going back to the main star... Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is the bomb! It is an awesome alternative to expensive primers for just a fraction of the price.

This is the description on the back of the carton if you want to take a look...

Then the ingredients...

Oops! Did you notice the life span?
It's only for 6 months?!
Well, no problem.. it's not that expensive to begin with & most often than not some products still have a bit of an allowance for the life span.

This is how the packaging looks like... It is in a plastic bottle with a wand applicator... But you don't need to worry about this drying because the cap seals tight for it has another layer that really locks it air-tight.

This goes on really invisible... I know you can still see the trace of it in the 2nd pic but if you actually spread it it will go on without any color at all so this is good for any skin tone.

I'll not swatch any eyeshadow color anymore with & without the primer for we know that we use primers to make the colors more vibrant aside from the fact that it will make it crease-proof. So let's jump in straight to the crease test...

I used Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Plum Passion. I wanted to go for a darker color so to be able to really see the difference but i can't find any single dark shadow on my kit at that time so i just decided to use this shade.

So, i applied it at around 9am... I just did 1 eye & i never went out but it was extremely hot that i had to wash my face 2x... I just made sure that i did not wet the area where i applied the shadow.

As what i said.. this is after 2 face washing, so imagine how oily my skin gets that i have to wash it twice.. i'm like an oil mine! How much more my lids! But still the shadow looks great! It's almost the same with how i applied.

Then time to work...

Skin getting oily again.. but since i am already in my classes so i just use Witch Hazel toner to get rid of the oiliness for the meantime.

I completely forgot that i had an eyeshadow on, if not for my little brother saying that i look like a freak did i realize that i still have the shadow so i immediately took a pic before i smear my shadow all over...

So at around 10 pm, this is how it looked like.. The flash may have washed the color out, but there was a creasing but it's not really bad considering that as what i said, i have a very, ultra oily skin.If you can see my crease, that's just it. It didn't clump the shadows together but it just made a line.

But i'm already happy with it because as what i said before even UDPP crease on me on extremely hot weather. There was even a time when my shadows look like a mess for just a mere 3 hours with UDPP on. That's how oily my lids are!

I guess this also has it's drawback. Since this is in a curvy bottle with a wand applicator, getting to the last 'drop' of it is impossible too. You may need to depot it too to get the most of it. If that time comes then just take the scraper out so that you would still be able to get the product out without having to depot it.

Now what makes this a keeper for me is that it doesn't make your lids feel rubbery, unlike UDPP. I remember when i used UDPP it has this heavy, rubber-like feeling (on which i gather makes the shadow more vibrant & makes them stick to the skin) which is a bit 'uncomfy-in-a-small-way-but-doesn't-mind'. Too Faced Shadow Insurance's packaging is good, i have tried it but it still has that rubber-like feeling, thought not as bad as UDPP.

This goes on smooth. Actually this dries a bit slow so you would really have the time to spread it evenly on your skin unlike other primers that dries fast as soon as air hits them.

I'm so happy that this is such a great product & will definitely be a staple in my kit. This is pretty cheap for it's only Php 298, if im not mistaken... but what i'm sure of is that it is less than Php300 (less than $7).

w00t w00t!

So, let's summarize it:
  • cheap
  • locally available
  • dries invisible
  • works great
  • doesn't give you that rubbery feeling
  • doesn't dry fast so you will have plenty of time to work this on your lids evenly
  • same packaging with UDPP... depot, depot, depot
  • product span is only for 6 months upon opening
Will i repurchase?
I don't give a dang about the 6 months span... it's the quality that counts. I don't have to buy internationally just to be able to get a good primer.. this is locally available. Yatta!
This is the only Etude House product that wow-ed me! Others are just ok with.. i like them, but this is the only one that totally blew me away!

Give this a try!
You might like it too... After all, it's less than $7... how's that compare to $23 that you pay for UDPP (pricing is based on Philippine standard).

Hope you all are having a great day!


Askmewhats said...

hahahaha I am so happy it works for you! I am happy because I purchased 2 of these in Korea!!!! You made me excited to try this out!

Pammy said...

Wow, it it lasted for hours and hours and you have oily skin, then this product must be really good! :P

herroyalbleakness said...

That's a cheap thrill for cheapo me! :)

Lately, I've cut down on spending for makeups. Materials for my review are unbelievable and my kikay stuff are suffering. it's just fab to find great products that are affordable like this!

thanks for sharing!

DeBi said...

yey! for you...I just wish i do have time to go out to get my hands n this baby to try as I dont go out pretty much that;s why I rely on online buying. grrr...

- - aika - - said...

sold out to nung nag punta ako ng etude house :(

jehan said...

thanks for this review thiamere. I'm actually having second thoughts about this one since i bought myself a pricey banilla co. eye primer ($19)not too long ago but it didn't work as it should (di man lang nalalayo gaano sa UDPP price, haaay).
now i really have to get myself a bottle of this product...

Elsa said...

When you told me about this thing! I am so excited to go to Etude right after but so unlucky me! It is OUT OF STOCK, Megamall! grrrrrr!!!!!

I might visit their other stores though!

Thanks sis!

Shopcoholic said...

nice review sis! will definitely purchase this as soon as my UDPP runs out! mas cheaper pa to hehe

Angel said...

Nice Review! Im Going To Buy One Of These Babies Next Time I Go Back To Manila~!

Pop Champagne said...

niec to hear that it works for you. haha I hate that rubber feeling!!

Ahleessa said...

This primer sounds really great! Thanks for reviewing it! Hopefully, I can find this somewhere... lol~

Miu-chan said...

Hi! thanks for visit both-Styles blog! But Both-styles has moved to miu-chan:
I hope to see you there!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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-AnGiEpInK- said...

Oh my!!..Glad to hear that.. I wish I had that kind of eyeshadow primer.. I have oily skin and eyelid too..It's very hard to maintain our eyeshadow..It keep on creasing so fast!!..

Catmare said...

thanks for posting this. i sure am going to try this when i run out of my TFSI. :)

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