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Friday, October 01, 2010

Weekend Nails:Funky Black & White Nails

It's already Friday...weekend again!
How fast time flies!

It's already October. I'll be turning a year older again. It seems like a couple of years ago, i just graduated high school. Now i'll be 26... Next thing i know im already 45! hehehe

I don this look weeks ago but just wasn't able to post it & it seems like it's high time that i post it before this lie unforgotten in my draft.Sorry if it looks messy, for i took this pic while this is wet & haven't cleaned the edges yet. Plus my hands were getting a bit shaky lately... but let's just focus on the design & not the mess, ok?

I want to spice things out by making a very funky nail art. I haven't shopped for nail polishes so i have a very few choices of nail polish colors. But since i want it funky so i'll just go for my favorite black & white combination.

What's fun in doing this nail design is that it doesn't have a rule at all. This is pure wildness & randomness. The only thing you'll be needing would be a dotting tool, brush with thin bristle, & your inner funky-ness.

Armed with that, let's get to the pictures... Yes, it's just pictures because i don't really want to call it tutorial because this look doesn't have a "rule". Actually, as i was doing this, i forgot to take pictures because i just go along as i designed it.

It's more of a random free-style type of nail art. This is the first time that i did a rather outrageous but funky nail design & i receive a lot of compliments when i did this. I was at the bus when the bus conductor actually held my hand (thankfully the conductor is a lady) & asked me if it was stickers. I told her that i made it using nail polish & she said that it looked nice.

Although it is actually pretty messy for i did this is the evening & i did not notice that i fell asleep before it completely dries.

Whenever i do nail arts, i try to use a lighter color as my base (aside from the base coat,of course) because using dark colors makes the nails yellow-er. I personally hate it when my nails turn yellow that's why i remove my nail polish by monday or tuesday at the most for i want my nails to at least have a break before i do another nail design.

So, here, the base color of this design is white...

Then i drew all the details using a pointed artist's brush... plus a dotting tool in making the design. As you see here, i dip the tip of the brush on a black nail polish so that i could make a pattern for my nails...

like so... I left the pointer & little finger bare because i plan to put black stripes on them while the other 3 fingers would have different designs...

See the stripes? it's not a uniform stripe since this nail art is funky so i put more on the little finger compare to the pointer finger.

I'm sorry girls, if i wasn't able to take a pic of how i did the other fingers as i just did it as i go along. Pressing the shutter was far from my mind as i was busy designing my nails but with the pattern that i did at the top, it will just guide you on how i did this.

Like i filled the others with black while putting black dots too. The main point of this design is to be random but at the same time to show the contrast between the 2 strong colors.

A little note, once you drew the pattern on your nails that's the time that you decide what nails you should fill with black polish. Fill the part where you think you did a messy line. Like in my case take a closer look at the thumb.. you'll see that i didn't really do a good job in lining it but i manage to 'fix' it by filling it out with black polish to cover up the poor job that i did.

You only need to let your imaginations work & think out of the box.
Hope y'all like this!



donnarence said...

so retro!!

MyMakeUpMania said...

this looks very nice!! guess this is for weekly challange?

MyMakeUpMania said...

hey hunn! it's me again!
awe! you still can enter in the week challange, it's totally ok if you posted it on your blog...

Isabel said...

haha.. so random and cute

Pammy said...

I agree with Donna. It's so retro! And so cute too. :P

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You always come up with the most creative ideas! :)

Jasmin said...

Cute nails!!!

Pop Champagne said...

those nails are so retro and funky!

// krissy ♥ said...

Very nice! I haven't done my nails for a long while now as I feel too lazy XD

Shie said...

effin' cuteeee <3
but when you check it clearly haha... its not well done. but i must say its cute.


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