Thursday, September 30, 2010

just a little update~

I was finally able to watch Resident Evil 4!
Finally! Though i wasn't able to watch it in 3d since there are no tickets left & i don't want to wait for hours just to be able to watch it for i still have classes during the weekend.

I said before that i  am a great fan of Resident Evil... I have played the game, watched the CGs, & of course i will never miss the movie. I hate movies that have part 2 or 3 & so on, but i make an exception for Resident Evil.

I won't spoil the story for those who haven't watched it yet... I may be a fan but im not the type that is influenced over my likeness for something. I think the effects are good... but the story is just mediocre. I'll be looking forward for the next Resident Evil...

*otaku mode on*
I'm more of a Jill Valentine fan, but Claire Redfield is still a pretty good character. Sienna Guillory Well, considering that there are just 2 female characters... But i wonder if they would be including Leon Kennedy somehow.

I hope if ever they would decide to include Leon that they would choose a hot & rugged actor like Jensen Ackles (who i think is actually very suitable to be Leon for Jensen got that 'cold' look when he is annoyed or crossed). Leon Kennedy is my most favorite RE character. I have watched RE:Degeneration over & over again just to go 'Kyah, Kyah!' over him.

*clears throat*
Anyway, let's go back to random things...

I was with Walter, of course, & we decided to try eating at Kangaroo Jack's. The place was crowded & bustling, which i think is a good sign for it means that the food might be good.

Walter ordered Steak Ala Pobre & we were surprised with how big the serving of the rice is. Compare to the usual restaurant where most serving are just a cup (or make that half-cup most often) each serving, this one isn't. This is good for hearty eaters!

Then we also ordered Beef & Mushroom as an appetizer...i think..
It taste good but nothing special..i feel that this is something that a person can easily whip up at home if you have Worcestershire & Oyster a few spices. I think i need to try it..

Mine is just Spaghetti Meatballs. I think it actually tasted pretty good!
It's spicy with a hint of sweetness & sourness too. I think most filipino would love it since we prefer sweet pasta sauces. I'm not really into sweet sauces, but i don't mind this because it's spicy & the savory flavor are there.

We also ordered Cream of Mushroom soup but i forgot to take a pic for we have been busy talking & eating too. It was a bit salty though... We paid for Php 572 all in all together with 2 regular iced tea & a service charge... can't exactly remember how much the service charge is though.. But i think the price is not that bad...

Then the other day i went to Etude House to check if they have the Eye Primer already & was i glad that they already have it!

Yokatta na! Thank goodness!
I was seriously thinking of buying UDPP which is a lot more expensive. So i bought 2 since i have reviews about this primer saying that this is actually a good alternative to UDPP too... sugoi,ne?

Will do a review once i've really fully tested it. I just have to grab Pocky for it's been a while since i have not eaten it for quite sometime.

Never realized that Pocky with Almonds are way more expensive than the regular ones. I mean, i know it should be but it's almost 3x the price of the regular ones...

Then when i went shopping at the SM Hypermarket the other day, i saw this... Simba Natural  Mosquito Repellent Sticker... see that kawaii lion peeking at the hole below? I think it looks adorable. I was sold with that cute sticker.

Naturally, i was curious too...
I have been using it for a couple of days now & i think it does work..but only for a couple of hours. Doesn't really work for 72 hours.

I had a very relaxing days the past week for it was holiday in Korea & my students were on vacation so i was able to spend time for myself. Whoopee!

I'm slowly saving up for Christmas. I don't think i'll be buying as much gifts as i used to before because i always ends up buying stuff for me when im in the mall. So i'll probably just be giving money away for my godchildren... but i;m still not sure. I have to think of my birthday first before Christmas! I'll really be turning a year older again.. (-__-')

I'll be going on a swimming spree this weekend for it's my bff's birthday! How fun! I'm so looking forward to it!

Anyway, that's just a little update so that you know i haven't really abandoned my blog.hehe. I'm just a silent reader & i do try to leave love messages in the posts that i read. This is my 2nd post for this week.. hope i'll be able to do a 3rd post.

Hope y'all have a great day!

I'll try to post a weekend nail maybe tomorrow~


mera said...

sis how much is the eye primer from etude house?? I'm thinking of getting one too :P

*Anita* said...

i'm a fan of Resident Evil as well and i've also heard not-so-good reviews for the latest movie :( but i think i will still watch it just to see for myself!

i love eating those same Pocky stick too. they're so good!! :D

Askmewhats said...

I haven't watch Resident Evil up until this very moment! hahahhaa

wow on your haul! I love Pocky!!!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Can't waitnto hear abt ur ├ętude house primer review too!

coffretgorge said...

havent seen resident evil yet. hehe boo!

ooh the lion peeking out of the hole is so kawaii! good thing it works, even just for a couple of hours :)

*sigh* thats the first time i got taxed for a package babe, its from sasa, im sure you know how they pack their stuff, BIG box with curly Styrofoam haha. lesson learned: just go to hongkong! hahaha :P

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