Wednesday, September 15, 2010

an online shop for plus-sized women

Yes, my fellow plus-sized pinays!
There is one that caters to our voluptuous shape.
It's none other than Kaiplus!

This is a good online shop that we can count on for our big needs. There are a lot of online shops out there but there aren't a lot that answers our plus-size needs. It makes us feel 'unloved' when it comes to online shopping for we don't have much choice. To think that there is a big market for plus-size clothes.

Hey, not everybody has the Coca-cola type of body that has been set as like the ideal body type! I think there is a big number of overweight people who also wants to look & feel good. I, myself, am included in that. So why don't those business-minded people take advantage of it?

I have been stalking Sis Kai's online shop for quite sometime now. Although i have shopped for a couple of times already, but i mostly buy beauty products. So this is definitely something new to me because i have always been wary of buying clothes for my frame. Like there was a time when i went to buy clothes on a department store. There was a XXXL size of top that i wanted so much but when i tried it, it doesn't fit my bust line.

Imagine my horror!
XXXL and it still doesn't fit me?!
made me feel as big as Barney!

But then when i tried going around, i saw this Large sized top which i think fits my frame, when i tried it on, it's quite big for me! What the heck is wrong with this sizing?! But seriously though, it made me feel somewhat relieved knowing that sizes differ on different brands. That it doesn't mean that I am really THAT big.

The only thing that i really am sure of is using the US size for that is consistent. In that case, I mostly stick to imported brands since im sure that it will fit my frame.

Then in comes Kaiplus, with clothes that sells clothes with US sizing which makes it really so much easier for the buyers to know what are the exact sizes. They even provide the dimensions of the clothes if they fon't have the US size. And they are way cheaper than buying it on the store.

I, for one, don't really care so much for brands. There was a top that i bought at Landmark for only Php399 that has been my ultimate favorite compare to the clothes that i have bought from expensive boutiques.

I have bought 2 tops from her mostly because i was thinking that if it won't really fit me then it's not really much of a big deal since it's cheap & no effort at all because it will be delivered straight to me.

I love this tube top because it fits my frame perfectly. I love tube the only thing that i need is a bolero.

Would you believe that this top could actually fit a size 12 to size 24?!
Yes! It does!

They have a wide selection of apparels..from tops & bottoms to belts, vests, swimming suits, shoes, footsies, etc! You can just let your fingers do the talking & you can be garbed from  head to foot.

I think this shop is really a good shop for all plus-sized women on the go!

You can hop on HERE to read about their shopping guidelines. Feel free to drop Sis Kai a shout out on YM or send her a personal text message. She is really friendly!

If you don't have the time to go shopping & wouldn't want to spend lots of time browsing other stores & paying lots of money but is willing to wait for a day or 2 to get your items, then i highly recommend that you try out Kaiplus.

I'll try & take pics of the stuff that i bought but im not really much into modeling & stuff so i fear that i will just murder the look of it. hehe. But i can see myself buying from her..because her site is the one that i always have on 1 tab of my browser. I don't want to miss anything.

Hope that this would help out my fellow pinays out there who are looking for places to buy plus-size clothes.
Tell her that i said hello if you plan to drop by her site.

Jaa ne~!

I wasn't paid to advertise the website. It's my personal choice to let you, guys, know about this great site. I remember a couple of girls asking me where i buy my clothes & this is such a good news to share to everybody.


Pop Champagne said...

oh cool! the 2 tops you picked out are nice, I like the colors and patterns. lol I wish I can wear tube tops, if I got more boobs! haha

Askmewhats said...

Love the 2 tops and I'm glad you have an online shop you go to for shopping fix :)

maki said...

well good news! there is a big market for plus size clothes after all. just look at my family :D

mitch said...

Gorgeous clothes! Love Kai Plus too! :)

joyskidooper said...

hi there..
just want you to know that i had been a loyal customer of kai...
i even went to their house to haul a lot of stuff. her mom is very very friendly and so is kai!
my friend and i got a lot of tops from her....

Shar [X3MZSHAR] said...

Heyy! Thanks for this, I am also plus size :D. I usually shop at They are a bit pricy but their clearance section is my bestfriend, especially when they have the 50% off the clearance rack sale. You should definitly check it out because they have really trendy styles. I posted up a haul a few days ago from torrid

tintirintin said...

I have actually ordered several times from Miss Kai before. Great clothes, although they ARE quite big. Ah well, they can always be altered.


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