Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eyelook:Silver Smokey Eye

Following up on my post yesterday, this is the tutorial on how i made it.

 I just used the 88 palette, if you don't have the 88 palette im sure that you could just use a silver eyeshadow, a dark brown eyeshadow, a red orange color & black.
I've numbered the colors that i used based on how i applied it.

Number 1 is the color for the lids
Number 2 is an all over wash for the upper lid area
Number 3 is to create that warm sheer glow just below the brow
Number 4 is to deepen the color
Number 5 is for highlighting

Well, let's start:
  • I've primed my lids using ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer & put a little lip balm on it so that the eyeshadow would really stick. Then i applied a sticky tape on the side so to create that neat winged look

  • Then using a pencil liner i made a guide so to make sure that i know the exact place where i would start blending. 
This is a good step for those who got monolids but would want to sport dramatic smokey look. For those who are already used to doing smokey look, you can skip this, but if you are a beginner & needs a guide then feel free to do so.

  • Using an angled brush, i smudged it out for again this would only serve as a guide. 
For those who are used to applying eye make-up, you could create a sharp cut in the crease by just blending the colors towards the brows.

  • Then apply a silver-colored (number 1) eyeshadow on the lid area. 
Apply it by doing a patting motion to be able to pack as much color as you can on the area.

  •  Then using a blending brush apply the dark brown (number 2) color in a circular motion on top of the silver shadow.
Doing it in a circular motion will blend the silver shadow with the dark brown therefore removing the harsh line that you created when you applied the silver shadow.

  • For a touch of warmth, add a red-orange shadow (number 3) on the upper-outer area with the same circular motion.

This is how it will look like once you have blended everything all together.

  • Let's add some depth on the look by applying black (number 4) on the outer area only.
Do it in a circular motion. Key to a good smokey eye make-up is blending. You should not see any lines/edges of color when you are rocking a dark smokey eye look.

  • To make sure that you have blended everything together, i highly suggest that you get a clean blending brush to do some more blending.
You can't do enough blending...

  •  Then highlight the look by applying a light,almost-white shadow (number 5) in between the brow & your eye make-up.
 Don't forget to bring down the color by applying silver on the inner half..just like in the pic... and the black shadow on the outer half.

  •  Line your eyes to define the shape. Bring it also to your waterline,ok?
Feel free to use any liner that you want to. In my case, i just used a pencil liner then i set it with a black shadow.

  • Curl your lashes & apply mascara or use falsies.
In order to rock the dark smokey eye make-up you should make sure that your lashes are really curled for this will open up your eyes.

Sorry if this is different for this was the pic that i took last night. I don't feel like applying heavy coat of mascara today so i just used this pic. And this is my real lashes!
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel + Fiberwig Mascara = Va Va Voom Lashes!
isn't it?
I am already fretting because i don't know where to buy Fiberwig & i don't want to order online anymore.

This is not really hard to do, you just need the right tools to be able to do a smokey eye make-up.

Anyone can do it! Take my word!
Just make sure that you go for neutral lips when you do dark smokey look,ok?

Do you like smokey eye make-up?
What's your favorite color combination?

Hope y'all have a great day,ladies!


Jasmin said...

Love the look. Great colors.

Gaby said...

Great look! Thanks for this tutorial!

Sarah said...

OMG You look like a model hun! This is the most stunning and striking look- absolutley gorgeous!!! I am soo following this tutorial :)

MyMakeUpMania said...

u looks awesome! love the make-up!

Askmewhats said...

great to see a tutorial from you! yay for the gorgeous makeup!

mera said...

That eye make up looks good on you..ganda!

The Beautifier said...

wow you look sexy and your eye makeup is HOT! loved the step by step tut xoxo

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