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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Weekend Nails:Random line tip

An easy nail design which im sure everyone can do. This is good for those who are just starting out nail arts.

All you need to do is just to put different color of lines to make it look fun!

Bear with me,sweeties, i can't find my tripod the time that i made the tut so the pics look crappy. (-_-")

  • Apply white polish on the upper half of the nails. 
This depends on how long your nails are. The longer it is then the bigger space you'll have.

  • Then choose the colors that you want. 
It's better if you'll go for opaque colors. I decided to use my fimo clays since it's been a while since i get to use it, but feel free to use nail stickers or flower dots on the side.

  • With the thin brush, i applied the lines randomly on the tip of my nails. 
The more random it is, the better! Start with the lighter color first...

Then move on to the darker color as you work along... Make sure that you clean the brush after every color if you are using just 1 brush.

The darkest polishes should be applied last since it's harder to thoroughly remove darker polish on the bristles.

  • Top it off with glitter polish if desired.
 Just to make it fun, apply a design at the side. In my case i use the grapefruit slice fimo clay design.You can put rhinestones, stickers, dots, etc.

Well, see...
Really easy!

 Enjoy your weekend,ladies!


Sarah said...

Soo pretty and summery!! I love it- you have got the most amazing natural nails!!!!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty nails like always =]

Anastacia said...

Looks very cute!

London's-beauty said...

so neat! after checking out ur other post, I thought I might do stripey nails. LOL with a toothpick and it turnt out very .. messy ^^

rainbowninja said...

nice mani!:) love he fimo!:)

Pammy said...

Very cute and creative! :P I salute your patience in doing nail arts.

Askmewhats said...

Love fimo !!!! :)

Jbreezybaby said...

i love your nail tutorial! this one looks really cute for the summer (even tho its almost done,but still :)) i miss you thia!

maki said...

ok this one i can do very easily! haha kaya ko yan & might do it next. thanks for the tut

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

That is an awesome design and color!! :) It's really pretty!! I love the french tips :)

London's-beauty said...

that is so cutee!! especially with the touch of the firmo clay. xx

Madz said...

Nice!Your nails look lovely as always!

How many coating of Face Shop's polish do you do before you get it to be opaque?

sssdawna said...

aww that's really cute! im inspired to do a nail tutorial now = ]

Isabel said...

Oh.. I just checked my Picasa and it's 28.69% now so I need to stop posting so many photos! LOL I wonder what I'm going to do if I reach the limit T_T

And I didn't know there's Daiso in Philippines! It's awesome, isn't it? xD

Btw, I wish I had the patience to do my nails like you. I have those cut out rubber flower thingies too but I only used them once >_<

Isabel said...

Oh I know what you mean.. Each time I wash my hair, at least 2 drops off =_= I resize all photos but I guess I still need to make them smaller. Half of the pictures are from my old blogshop though ><


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