Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Nails:Ichigo Daisuki!

We have to admit that strawberry is 1 of the cutest fruit out there, which makes it almost a 'symbol' for anything cute..hehe. Nail design is no exception for i decided to use strawberry as my main star for my weekend nails.

Sorry if it looked uneven because my nails are uneven ... my ring & little fingernails are square, while my pointer & middle fingernails are a bit rounded. I experimented on what shape this design fits the most.

Materials used:
  • Base & Top Coat
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Green Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish
  • brush with thin long bristles
  • Dotting tool
  • White Nail Polish (optional)
  • Rhinestones (optional)
The pics on the strawberry tutorial is dark because i did this design in the evening... i did the flowers in the morning so it looks a lot better.

Don't worry, this is not really very hard to do. I'll take you every step of the way.

  • Apply Red polish

  • Using a brush with thin bristles (in this case, i actually used an old liquid liner brush-Fashion 21 liquid liner) to apply the green polish at the base of your nail to draw the hull. You don't really need to do a uniform look when drawing the hull.

  •  Then outline the hull with black polish so to really outline its shape.

  • Add some small lines at the hull like so.. so that it would look better.

  • Then using a dotting tool (or hairpin) add random dots on the berry.

I think it looks cute enough as it is...

But for additional cute factor, I decided to add some flowers. I add 4 white dots for the petals...

    Then to have that cute petals, using your smallest dotting tool (or just a pen that doesn't have an ink) put the tip on the center of the dot, then drag it towards the center to create that so.

    If you do that, it would look like this... way better than an ordinary dot flowers, ne?

    I added rhinestones on the center of the flowers... it's been a while since i used my rhinestones. But then using dots is good too!

    Well, there ya go!
    I sported this today & i got a lot of compliments with this design.

    Hope you try it!
    have a great weekend,ladies!

    Jaa ne~!


    Anonymous said...

    Super Pretty nail art! :D

    -AnGiEpInK- said...

    Very creative design..^_^..

    DICTASHION. said...

    i am definitely going to try this! thanks! it looks great.

    Morbidfrank said...

    wow... now this is a nail ART. Ang galing. ^__^

    Askmewhats said...

    so cute!:)

    Isabel said...

    Cute strawberries! Must try this one day ^^ But I'm too lazy hahah

    To be honest though, I think it looked better without the flowers. Kinda blocking the strawberry =(

    Gaby said...

    Super cute! You are very talented and patient!

    ThRiSzHa said...

    this is totally cute...

    Sarah said...

    Soooo adorable!!!
    I wish I had your nails and talent-you are amazing!!!! x

    donnarence said...

    cute!!this is so detailed pero very clean... nice...

    Maria said...

    I envy you so much! You have a great talent. Really really lovely nails. :)

    Blovet Beauty said...

    reminds me of watermelon!

    sssdawna said...

    wowzahs...that's so freakin cute!! look at that detail!! i'd probably try to eat my fingers lol j/k

    tomorrow you'll be tagged so please stop by my blog tomorrow to see your questions! ; )


    Dana Yoshimizu said...

    My goodness, these are just the CUTEST nails ever!
    I wish I could do my nails like this!! XD

    coffretgorge said...

    agh! this is so cute! i envy your artsy hands! hehehe me want stawberry nails too huhuhu ;)

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