Monday, October 11, 2010

~fun weekend for me~


My dear friend, Eileen-san, just returned from her year stay in Japan & we decided to meet up last Saturday & did a girl bonding. When she asked me what i wanted as a souvenir from Japan, i immediately said green tea & Kit Kat! Waaahhhhh!!!! She's so nice because she got me the Custard Pudding Kit Kat, a bag of chocolate & Maxim lattes!

I remember reading the Maxim Lattes in Eki's blog & i never expected that Eileen would actually get me the Maxim lattes. I have the Matcha Latte & the Strawberry Latte!

Arigato, Eileen-san! Totemo Ureshii! ~^_^~

I waited for her at Starbucks & decided to order Cinnamon roll together with my Mocha Lite Frappuccino. I don't frequent Starbucks because im not a coffee-lover but i guess it doesn't to have some once in a while.

I'm not really a fan of Cinnamon Rolls because i hate dates that's why i can't figure why i decided to get it. I guess it's because of how yummy it looks... but i like their cinnamon roll for it doesn't have any dates & it's not dry unlike some cinnamon rolls that i have eaten.

Afterward we decided to do some strolling & ended up in the department store. They are on sale but since i don't see any needs to buy more cosmetics so i wasn't really interested but i just decided to get a couple of things especially the compressed face mask since i am planning to do the tomato mask again since my acne is flaring up again.

Oh & by the way, Eileen can also attest that tomato mask really works. I remember her telling me before that she suffered from acne when she was in Japan because of the weather so i recommended it. When i saw her last Saturday i was 'vexed' with her because she looks so flawless! Gyahhh!!!!! LOL

Then i saw that there is a new brand of cosmetics called Ianti. I'm not sure if it's an asian brand though because i wasn't able to ask info from the SA's at that time but i remember asking for their lipsticks which are only priced for Php 399 (i think). I decided to just buy 1 polish from them... this certain shade of blue.

We spent some time talking about lots of things that we didn't even notice the time. Time sure flies when you're having fun,ne?

I have been lagging again in my posts.. product pictures are already accumulating but it seems like i am suffering from 'blogger's block' once more because i can't seem to put my thoughts into words.
I hate it when this happens....

I cut my nails short last week when i went swimming for i don't want to risk it breaking if ever so it's better to just cut it.... so there won't be any weekend nails for quite sometime. I have to wait until it grows a bit so in a way im also letting my nails take a break from polishes for i hate it when my nails turn yellow from too much polishing.

I might make some post about the goodies that i got from Eileen if i still can't do a post for the products that i wanted to make.

Well, there goes my weekend..
How about yours?



Sarah said...

Aw such a cute photo of you and your friend! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend together!!!

I love Kit Kats too- don't you get them in the Phillipines?? I can send you a big bag full if you like sometime if they are hard to get for you :) x

MyMakeUpMania said...

yay! for nice meet-up! Japanese kit kats is so yummy :)

Pammy said...

Looking gorgeous, dear. :P

anamika said...

will wait for your nails to grow back :)

Blovet Beauty said...

ur curly hair looks cute!!

DeBi said...

Can I have some of your kitkat? hehehe. I dont like cinnamon rolls that much because the smell sometimes make me sick, but hubby does...he loves the smell so much.
did you say you're breaking out? where?

Madz said...

I could imagine just what a grand time you had with your friend! :)

I also am not fond of any food with cinnamon, just because the scent of it makes me almost or really sneeze at times. :D

✿Mitchelli said...

Looks like you and your friend had some fun bonding time together! ;) Nice curls by the way!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

My weekend was pretty boring, just the usual. No girls bonding time =[ Sweetie, I sent you an email! Yummy candiesssss! I'm not a coffee person either but I do enjoy drinking it once in awhile... just not everyday like my friends and family. lol. yummy! Cinnamon rolls.. I love those, depends how it's made though.

Askmewhats said...

such wonderful weekend and you have this super nice smile! Obviously very happy!

Jess said...

Oh, your friend got you such nice sweets! You both must have spent a really lovely time together!

I agree with Nikki (Askmewhats), your smile is super cute! Also love the lippie on you! It brightens up your complexion so prettily!

Stephanie said...

yay, you finally got the kit kat goodies! :) you both look so cute!

Pop Champagne said...

oh the meet up seems very fun! and kit kat goodies are always fab. sounds like a great weekend for you :) I on teh other hand ate chinese food straight for 6 days because of my bf's cousin's wedding, I don't want chinese food for a longgg time now!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Seems like you had a very nice time :) I love that picture of the two of you! <3

The Beautifier said...

Nice stuff, looks like you had a great time! Both of you look lovely! xoxo

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