Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ran out of udpp but no time to depot?

yup..the title says it all...
Get udpp in a matter of minutes, this comes in handy for those who are on the go & don't have the time to depot.
For those who uses udpp we know that there's more into the bottle that we just can't reach because of the shape.

Let me tell you...depotting UDPP takes time.

with the cutting that you need to do (& cutting the bottle takes effort too because it's hard!-literally) and the the fact that you have to work a bit fast (the more time the product is exposed to air, the more dries up) not to mention that it's messy...

Say you are in a hurry but you don't have the time to go through all that for the time being, but badly needed to prime your lids, what are you gonna do?
a.) throw udpp on the wall hoping that it would miraculously break in half
b.) talk to it hoping that the product would somehow stick to the wand like a good girl
c.) try to cut it in 2 just to get some then leave the bottle open until you get home to transfer it on a jar

What will it be ladies?
Of course, none of them!
especially not letter C!
that's the worst choice ever..that is unless you really are planning to throw it out & you are about to buy one.

You can do something about it for the time being until you find the time to do the depotting.
So, how can you get some product without cutting it in half?

Most products that uses an applicator have a plastic scraper a right to scrape the excess product. You see this in lip gloss...that little plastic that sits at the edge of the rim is the culprit...

I marked the scraper here...although i know that it's pretty obvious where it
What you need to do is remove it so that you can swirl the wand around the tube to scrape the product...

I just found this out when one day i said to myself that im gonna depot my udpp asap but haven't found the time to do so & it irks me that every time i need to use it, i have to tap it on a hard surface hoping that some product would be somehow stuck in the wand so that i can scoop some out...

Then i just decided to pop the scraper open one day & see if i can scoop some out. So i did...

Just run a knife..or any flat metal on the scraper to loosen it a bit then pull it out..
The scraper scrapes the extra product off the wand but it limits the movement of the wand & it just stays in one direction. If you take it off, you can move the wand to scrape the product.

This also applies to glosses.
If you want to maximize your favorite gloss, you can do so by removing the scraper.

There you go...
Hope you find this tip handy..

Jaa ne~!

Does any of you know a complete make-up palette that fits on a small purse?
something like the Chanel Travel Makeup Palette but won't break my bank. Im looking a good one for im tired of bringing my cosmetic kit because it's too heavy & bulky. I want an all-in-one palette.


gracie said...

nice tuts sis!! mwuapz!

♥ mia said...

thanks for d tip! haven't tried depotting my uddp but might need to in d near future

as for travel palettes, i bought the color bar from fashion21:
it's got eyeshadows and blushes
not that pigmented though (didn't have a tester at d counter but still decided to buy it coz it was dirtcheap haha), but it does fine with a good primer

Katy Wilko said...

I did this on my old udpp and it really did help get all the last bits out!! x

Tish said...

Helpful indeed!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

maybe coastal scents? lancome? mary kay? costco? I want to try out that primer but i never bought one. lol. have you tried the sally hansen face primer (i don't remember the exact name)??

Kay said...

oh dear.. this is soo timely.. for ME!

i get frustrated everytime I do my eyemakeup for the past few days.. im unable to get the amount i want.. arrgghh.. and i dont have time yet to depot my UDPP..

will definitely try this! thanks thia:)

Y said...

Hm, maybe for the makeup palette, you could make one yourself. maybe you could take empty eyeshadow tins, put some magnets on the back, and press some face powder or whatnot into them. maybe use the eyeshadow tins from GWP eyeshadows? Just depot them and stuff. You couold put them in a small box like an Altoid tin? Just a suggestion.

purplesilke said...

i think too faced has that complete make up palette. saw one on eBay before and ELF studio also has that. hth! :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I take off all the stoppers :P
It is really makes products using longer!

Crystal said...

thanks for this tip!

Aicha Amano said...

Totally helpful! +FAVE!

Blovet Beauty said...

good tip!! previously, I would never remove the stopper. If it finished I just threw it away.. now I know :))

Fifi said...

oh coolio!
I think my UDPP is going to run out soon, this could be handyyy
thanks for sharing sweetheart!! :D

The NeuroChiq said...

Very useful tip, babe =) Thanks for sharing!
I think CS has travel size palletes now =)

Sush said...

yay! thanks for the tips. I barely get anything of mine and have even bought a paint pot for replacement but I love using udpp on my brows hehehe

Angela said...

hey girl
thanks a lot for your tip
but i already depot my UDPP
for now i'll just take that

and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

Ahleessa said...

I remove the stopper too... wheee~ Great minds think alike!... hehe~ Then I cut the UDPP in half and put it in a glass container. Never remove it to a plastic or else it will dry out.

Thank you for the sweet comfort! Tobey is doing a lot better. :)

Sarah said...

Ohhh I am soooo doing this!!! Thanks so much for the tip!!! You always have the good tips ;)
Aww and thankyou for your comment xo

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ gracie

@ mia
hmmm..i guess its time to drop by the mall again to have a look at it

@ katy
i think the udpp bottle is unique..though the shape is somewhat a

@ tish

@ linda
hmmm..i have heard of the sally hansen primer too, but since i haven't seen it yet so not yet..but i heard that it's not a good one..
but then again..who am i to say its bad..maybe it does work for some!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ kay
glad to be of help,girl!

@ Y
yeah..that would work too!
thanks for the suggestion,hun!

@ purplesilke
toofaced..i know that they have a good selection, but i fear that they're still too big...but i'll take a look too
thanks for the suggestion,hun

@ anastacia
you are able to maximize the product if we take the blasted stuff off

@ crystal & aicha

@ blovetbeauty
goes to show that the packaging can sometimes fool us,huh?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ fifi
no problem,sweetie!

@ the neaurochiq
the hotpots?
it would be nice if i can be able to buy it but since it would take at leats a month before i'll receive it, ill for other alternatives..for now..but if not, maybe i'll even try that!

@ sush
im not sure if i should buy it or not since i have a really oily lid..
but i'll be able to try it one day

@ angela
if you put it on a jar just make sure that it's airtight..because if not, it will just dry out
thanks for following,hun!

@ ahleesa
glad to know that tobey is feeling better now..i know that you are happy & relieved at the same time

@ sarah
that's so sweet of you
glad you like this post,hun!

tiff said...

That's a great tip! I hate when my favorites are running low but I know there's still a lot of product stuck in there.

♥ mia said...

i did it this week. u saved my life gurl! ;) haha OA e noh.. but u know what i mean :D thanks a bunch!!!

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