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Sunday, October 18, 2009

love package, birthday haul & giveaway winner

Last friday, i received a notification card from the PO & i immediately took a shower to go get it. When i finally got it, i was surprised to see that it's from Linda...


I was really surprised! I never expected anything...& to think that it came on my birthday too! that's double wow!

Look at that little pink butterfly!

These are what's inside...

a love letter!yay!
& a pink cosmetic bag...its pink!love pink...

what could be inside?
ta daa!
how nice...hand sanitizer is a staple on my bag. Yipee!
Like the cute brush,girl.

& she also gave me a wet n wild kohl liner.
This is the swatch...
Thank so much,hun!
You're so sweet

Today, i went to the mall to meet a gf & of course, we went shopping. I said to myself im not gonna buy any cosmetic & im quite proud of myself because i did not give in to temptation. & man, it's so hard because everything is ON SALE!

Why is it that when you try to make a promise, its all the more harder to keep it because it seems like fate & time connives together to keep you from doing it?! But i was able to say NO!

I deserve an

But it doesn't mean i didn't buy anything. So this is my birthday haul

When we stopped by The Face Shop, i just decided to buy the "The Rice Sebum Control Emulsion" because i'm so curious about it, actually i bought 2 because i'll be giving the other away. Im just curious about any rice skincare line.

I want to see for myself if it's good. Up until now, i use Celeteque as my main moisturizer. I guess it's high time to try other moisturizers since i've stick with it for 3 months (or more?). I know that changing skincare quite fast will just make your skin suffer all the more. Well, i'll let you know what i think about it as soon as possible.

Then just polishes & a polish remover. I always loved their polish remover even though it has acetone. hehehe...
It just smells so sweet! I like the strawberry one compare to the bubble gum.

For the last part of my post...
I personally typed all the entries on a document...
THIS is the list.

Now THIS is the winning number....

Congrats to the winner!
You have 48 hours to contact me..if not, i'll be giving it away to another lovely lady.
Thanks for participating!

I'll be having another giveaway sometime soon...& if you just read this post you'll have an idea what it's gonna be,right?

That would be it.
Hope y'all have a lovely week ahead,girls!

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

congratz to the winner!

Chrissy said...

Wow, you got nice stuff for your bday :D I'm glad you had a good one, sis!

Maybe one of these days we should arrange like a blogger hangout, no? Para we can all play with makeup/swap etc. :)

* Jen * said...

Congratulations to the winner! I'm curious about the rice sebum control emulsion. Do let us know what you think. =)

Oh, and I tried finding Celeteque moisturizer a few weeks ago as a replacement for the one I lost, but I couldn't find it anywhere! Now I see it in the stores again and apparently they've repackaged it. I'm not sure if they changed the formulation though.

Vanilla said...

wow surprise love package !heheh
congratz for the winner!:)

Louie said...

OMG faceshop! wow the best bday gift lol . you are totally deserve those.. you are sweetheart!

I'm expecting your rant sa PO buti wala lol..birthday gift nila yun sayo! xoxo

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. wow. hehe! Perfect timing! That seriously took like a month to be sent out O_O Enjoy the candies! haha. No cakes but candies will work won't it? lol. I thought the butterfly would of fall off by then. haha. Hmmmmz. it really does stick to it! =D

and congrat to the lucky winner! =]

trizh űű said...

hi sis. ako po ba yung winner??

Askmewhats said...

so true about sales everywhere when you're trying to save up! :) Well love the look of the polishes you bought :) Congratulations to the winner :)

Anonymous said...

I have the rice sebum control emulsion. I use it at night and on top of it i use my regular moisturizer. It somehow controls my oily face and i wake up the next day not looking like an oil mine. It gets easily absorbed by the skin too.

RHiiAN said...

congratz trizh..!

Jasmin said...

Cute haul! Congras!

eki said...

ohh you deserve the haulage for your bday!! happy belated b-day!! Im sorry its late to tell you I havent been around much,,, >_< its already been a past month since I sent out your package I hope you get it soon,, Im just really hoping its not lost I had a bad run in with package getting lost in the past and it was not cool so :(

please keep me posted Hun <3

Toothfairynotes said...

I love receiving packages! feels like your birthday or christmas huh!


Lisa Kate said...


You do deserve it!! What a sweet gift package XD

I really want that yellow polish too! How pretty and summery is that?!

KRYSTAL said...

wow love the gift package. & love the face shop haul too! i haven't bought any makeup items as well. yay me! haha anyways take care

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice haul!!!
A lot of goodies!
I like your The Face Shop haul! Let us know what do you think about that rice moisturizer. I am searching for new skin care line, my skin food actually go to finish :P
What did you get free on TFS store?
Congrats to the winner!

Sush said...

I know im a tad bit late, but happy birthday dear! :)

Elsa said...

hey sis thanks for visiting my blog again! belated happy birthday too! great birthday gift for yourself too! Love you sis!

Aralka said...

Thank you for your sweet comment ^^
Of course I will take care! And you too, please :)

great package ^-^


DeBi said...

love love faceshop!
i miss the mall...
i miss hauls...
but im looking forward to be a real mom!

Catmare said...

Happy birthday thiamere! I love TFS, hope the rice emulsion works well on you =)


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