Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guerlain Les Meteorites Miniature Collection review

During the time that i was on hiatus, this package came.

And i have to say that i was really looking forward to this the most! When i found out that Guerlain decided to have the meteorites mini collection i was in high cotton! I decided to buy it as soon as i can & i found Dee of theTraincase. And let me just tell you...she is one of the nicest sellers out there! She is a member of MUA (makeupalley) & has a good record. You can also get some authentic mac pressed pigments from her site. Make sure you check her out,ok?

Take a look at her business card..isn't it cute? i love it! (sorry if the pic is blurry though -__-")

Anyways,back to the Meteorites...
This is the number one item on my wishlist & i have never been so happy to be able to try all 3 of them. I said to myself that once i receive this, i'll not open it until it's my birthday so it would seem like a birthday gift for me from me...hahaha..silly me!

But upon getting the package, i couldn't contain myself & open it as soon as i can. The temptation is so great! To think that i am in a restaurant because i decided to meet with bf & he said we ought to eat first. Im about to burst with happiness that i tore open the plastic just to take a peek!

The box is cute because it's so girly...pastel colors!

& comes with a free brush
yipee!all 3 of 'em safely tucked inside the box

It says that the brush is made in china...swell... (-__-")
anyways, im not counting on the brush because most products that comes with a brush doesn't work half as good you expect it to be.

Then these are the ingredients:

& finally!
these are what's inside the box..

a cute pink brush!~
but then the bristles are too stiff & it smells awful! yech!!!!
Oh! & they're not made of cardboard. The package is made of plastic...though i think i'd rather have it in cardboard because cardboard (i think) lessen the impact if the balls hit the surface compare to plastic, therefore the risk of the pearls being broken is lower compare to hard surfaces. Well, you don't need to fret about the pearls breaking because they are tough cookies!
& it's wrapped with a sticker design, so it looks cheaply made.

Wondering how cute the containers are?
If you have seen The Face Shop's Pearl Blossom Powder Pearls Mini, that's how cute it is!

They're perfect to tote along on your cosmetic kit.
I'd rather have these instead of the full size one where it's too im really so happy about this!

Ok, now on with how they look like...

& boy was i glad to see that they're not broken...yay!
The thing that im dreading the most is that they would be broken because of the transportation..but no! These little babies are quite resilient & mama is so happy to see that they are in good condition!

Now these are when you compare it with TFS pure blossom...
pic taken with flash
The TFS looks brighter because it's more shimmery compare to Guerlain

pic taken without flash

The thing about the meteorites is that it's a finishing all-over powder. So you can dust it over your face right after your make-up is done to set it on place. It got different color to target specific areas that needed covering. You can even just use it for highlighting if you want to.
  • Green one is to neutralize the redness
  • Pink one is to give a healthy glow
  • Gold & pearl is to create highlight & add radiance
  • White is to brighten the complexion
  • Mauve is to catch the light
This is mostly applicable to Mythic, since it has a combination of all the colors. Mythic is also the original Meteorites.

As for the other 2, Pink Fresh has the pink, pearl, gold & peach balls while Beige Chic has the brown, pearl, gold, brown & peach balls. You can see for yourself (on the pictures) what is the most dominant color for these.

Mythic will make your face brighter since it's the most shimmery of them all, but not that shimmery unlike the TFS Pure Blossom.

Pink Fresh can be use a a subtle blush, that is if you are pale. The color is so subtle that it won't show up on tanned complexion. This would be a perfect finish for the cheek area!

Beige Chic can give you a natural looking complexion since the color is neutral/nude. The perfect finishing touch after a foundation. For girls with pale complexion, it can be used as a bronzer!

How do you actually use this?

Just swirl the brush on the balls...although this has such a small container, my face brushes doesn't fit quite right. But it's ok since i can just rotate the handle of the brush so that i'll be able to get the powders to stick on my brush with the right amount of everything!

Some girls consider this as a HG. Saying that it makes them look poreless, radiant, etc. I have been lemming for this ever since i saw my friend use this. I've been fascinated how this little balls can actually be used as a face powder.

The smells takes a while in getting used to. It's sweet but it has that distinct smell. Some says it reminds them of old ladies. I prefer my stuff to be unscented but in this case, i didn't mind the smell as it doesn't linger. When you apply it on your face, the scent will be gone in a matter of seconds.

I have a very oily skin. That oftentimes i don't have to use a highlighter because after 2-4 hours, my skin will just shine on their own! LOL

So, i dust meteorites on my face after im done with my make-up & is expecting that i will have to retouch or worse reapply my makeup, but NO! i did not look THAT oily. It feels like as i get oilier, i just gave me that nice subtle glow without the oily look & feel. But it doesn't mean that the oil is not there, i just have to blot my face with an oil film & i look & feel as if i just did my whole make-up!

& im not kidding!

Since i have all 3 to try with, i can alternate what i would use. I can use the Mythic when i want to brighten up my face, Pink Fresh to give me that flushed look & Beige Chic for a natural-looking glow. Mostly, i use Pink Fresh to top my blush & it does make my blush last forever!hah! love it!

Now i understand what the hype is all about this mysterious balls & i understand that it actually live up to its name. It gives me an ethereal glow that even bf said "you look different. you look so....serene.have you been using something?" (ehhh?!serene?!hahaha!) then i showed him the meteorites & he said "these balls can do something that awesome?haha"

he had never said anything like that before because he said that i should not wear too much make-up (he doesn't like cosmetics that much). i take it it's a compliment (because he said it's awesome?...or not?what do you think?)

I knew that the wait for this is worth while! I will definitely buy a full size, but i don't see myself buying it anytime soon since i feel like this will last me for a year.

AS for the brush, the moment i washed it, the bristles became stiffer but fuller.

Though it didn't have that funky smell unlike ELF brushes. But still, it's ok since it's pink! It stands out among my cosmetic brushes.

  • perfect finishing powder
  • small enough to fit in your purse
  • will last you a long time
  • won't make your skin look & feel oily
  • a perfect set to try the meteorites before you spend big bucks on the full size ones
  • it's cheap
  • it's scented
  • container looks cheap
  • the brush is useless
  • not available locally
Where to buy?
You can buy this at or hop on over to Dee's site.

By the way, Guerlain also released the Meteorites Mythic Travelling Kit. This would be a perfect trial pack before you decided to buy the full size Meteorites Voyage Powder.

Well, that would be it!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!


xxNikkiDooxx said...

congrats sis, at last. :D

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

wooohoo.congrats thia!i know youve been lemming for this!..they look soo cute!!same talaga sila ng tfs yung mythic..same yung color ng balls eh..saka ang cute ng packaging!!.anyway most naman talaga is made in china ang nakalagay kahit maybelline nagulat ako made in china.=D.ganda niya promise..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ nikki
uu nga!
natupad na ang isa sa mga pangarap ko

@ shobe
yeah..although TFS is shimmery nga lang

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol at your boyfriend! hahahaha. "these balls can do that?" or something like that. hahahaha. oh man... funny part! LOL!!! I can't stop laughing.... seriously! That's good that you're loving the product so far... and for the brush, that was no surprise... and pastel colors! I love LOVE pastel colors!!! lol.

Askmewhats said...

that is a very cute set, I enjoy smaller sized product as its easier to finish up :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ linda
i guess he was flabbergasted that such things exist in the

@ nikki
i it's easy to bring along with,right?

Vanilla said...

wowww so tempting !
i saw this on thetraincase vefore,but i thought it was just some sort of blusher n highlighter.didnt know this is some sort of finishing powder !hehhehe
u shud keep this since ur bf compliment ur makeup

Khymm said...

soo lovely! *drools*

Tamara said...

Oh they look so cute! Too bad I have an awful lot of blushers and bronzers... or I'd buy them in a second xD!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ vanilla
yeah,i definitely will!
it's not everyday that bf compliments me

@ khymm
but they are cute!

@ tamara
i would love to be able to see your blushes & bronzers

Fifi said...

ooh I've never tried this kind of product but it looks so cute <3
I'm glad it works wonderful on you. That really is a good thing when the boy notices. hehe :D

I'd love to try it but I've been spending too much money for makeup lately *sigh* T_T

oOchaOo said...

very cute powder balls sis!
i would love to have a guerlain product too <3
too bad that the brush is useless LOL :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Congratulations yay! I know you wanted it for a long time. Glad you got it!
Looks absolutely beautiful!

*Nehs* said...

oh.. how cute!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ fifi im definitely gonna be keeping this one!
it's rare for bf to say that..

@ cha
yup...really cute!
i could die a happy lady

@ anastacia so happy that im able to fulfill one of my wishlist

@ nehs
^_^ is!
i love it!

DeBi said...

I love it!
I am so inggit right now....
I'm on a beauty stuff diet eh...
need to save up...for my angel.

Sush said...

that looks yummy! and great review, i think i want them now too hahaha

Blovet Beauty said...

these are absolutely gorgeous and the colors are pastel love!!! there are so many people who swear by this stuff to give their skin a glow

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ debi
but then im pretty sure that your baby will definitely be prettier than this..haha

@ sush
if you can grab this set, get it. so that you would be able to decide first if it works for you or not

@ blovet beauty
if you are able to get this, tell us how you like it,girl

Jasmin said...

Too cute! Love this. They look like awesome colors.

Parisky said...

It looks so cute! I've seen the packages before and they all look really yummy :D
Would you make any swatches for us to see? :)

twinsouls888 said...

Hi girl, you got the HOTTEST FEMALE BLOGGER award, please check it out on my blog ^_^

Crystal said...

wah! you know i've been drooling on this na! i want to get one too this month!

Anonymous said...

@0@ my gosh those are cute and looks yummy ..*envy mode*

Soapaholic said...

I'm dying, I want this!!! So cute!!:)


I've been wanting to try this meteorites line but the price is somehow prohibitive. :/ i've read so many great reviews on the meteorites powder.

but since i'm a lipstick whore, i'm more inclined to trying the rouge de guerlain now. but I hate that it's even MORE prohibitive. :/

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

girl this is too cute. too bad the brush doesnt work that well. I hate it when they always include cheaply made brushes in makeup kits.

Anonymous said...

bkit wla kang pic using your new make up? looking forward pa namn ako sa latest pic mo... oo nga pala belated hehehe...i would totally admit ... i forgot...

// krissy ♥ said...

very pretty colors! i like! :)

Anonymous said...

They look like candy to me...


~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ jasmin
yeah, the colors are so cute!
i can't stop staring at them...especially the mythic because i love pastel colors!

@ parisky
i'll try do a swatch although im not sure if it will actually show. i'll do it when i review the TFS pure blossom

@ ems
i'll check it

@ crystal
if you bought it tell us how you like it ha

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ louie
they are so adorable!

@ soapaholic
if you got it tell us what you think about it ha

@ martha
yeah..but then i heard that the full size can even last for like 10 years..
how awesome!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ becky
that's the only thing that i hate about cosmetics with free brushes..doesn't really do justice with the product

@ krissy
it's an eye candy,right?

@ lea
thanks for the first comment kahit alam kong frequent reader ka ng blog ko
i appreciate it

Toothfairynotes said...

hi thiamere,

What I love the most of this, is the pink brush! haha!

Thanks for entering the giveaway!
I'll be drawing the first winner this sunday! Fingers crossed!


Lisa Kate said...

So cute!! I want this so bad now, but will never afford it. It's always nice when your man notices your makeup!! I gauge things like that too :D If even HE notices, its a winner!!

Love the brush too! At least it looks cute?

Christy said...

Aww! I want one too! I ordered a Sephora sampler kit that includes Beige Chic. You're making more excited for it. ;)

shaynaJo said...

hi hi, i found ur blog while searching for guerlain meteorites and I've just ordered this exact set for myself! hahah
So exicited to try them out.. cant wait, cant wait..
oh, u have a new follower now =)

dora said...

Hi, I've tried to reach the link to make my order. But I don't know why the link is not right. Can you please resend me the link again? Reply me via whatsapp 0176040834(dora) . Your help is a need :)

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