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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweets: Bungeoppang Ice Cream

I was just browsing around a korean store in a small mall the other day, named Homesavers. I like going there because they have a lot of nice stuff, but not as cheap as Saizen though. I was surprised because the last time i was there they don't sell any foods but now they do!

Ureshii wa!
I'm happy!

I happily bought a couple of korean foods & of course i didn't pass up the opportunity to try the bungeoppang ice cream that i found on their freezer. In Japan, they call it as Taiyaki... shape is the same.

Sorry if the pic looks crappy because i only used my cell phone. I didn't expect to do a food taking session at that time.

I was surprised when i saw this in the chest freezer. I would have bought more at that time but i know that it would be bad for the weather was so hot that time & buying ice cream then traveling home might just make it end up in a mess.

I was walking but stopping some time just to take these pics...hehe

Looks delicious?

Let's take a bite then!
*taking a big bite*

See how much the vanilla ice cream is inside?
I love it!

The "bread" (i'm not even sure what to call it!) is chewy. It's almost a wafer minus the crunch factor... it's like if you make the wafer chewy then you'll have this. I like it. It actually compliments everything.

You'll see how much the red bean is once you get to the middle part of it. I know that beans is not good for my knees, but what the heck?! I like it! It doesn't have that strong bean taste, in fact the taste is subtle & you might not even realize that what you are eating are actually beans!


If i'm not mistaken, Binggrae is the company that made these. On which they are known for their snack items.. i have tasted their Melona popsicle & it's good too!

For those who wanted to try this too, you can buy it at Homesavers, that got 2 branches in Metro Manila. 1 in Araneta Square Monumento & the other is at Tutuban Mall (based on what the SA said to me). I bought mine at Araneta Square in Monumento. I'm planning to do a little post about it since i'll be blogging about sweets,right?

I'm not actually sure if i should just do stolen shots or ask the permission of the management in taking pics. I personally don't like using my blog to be given free reign over something. Speaking of that, i remember 1 time when i attended an event, there were people asking me if i had a business card... that got me confused... do i need a business card?

I'm a blogger & i don't really plan on making blogging as business or something. I know some people actually do it, but not in my case. Should i?For some reason the thought of doing that & giving my card away seems embarrasing...

Well, there goes my 2nd sweets post!

Hope y'all will have a relaxing day!


Elsa said...

it sure looks so yummy, yeah I saw their freezer full of this stuff when I went there (tutuban)... buti na lang isang sakay lang kami dun hahaha!

matikman nga!!!! thanks for posting!

Madz said...

I wanna try that! How much is it Thia? :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ madz
i bought it for P40 lang

Madz said...

Thanks! For P40 that looks so sulit. :)

Justine (Simply Miss Effortless) said...

I knew it was at Araneta right from the start of your post! Hahaha. Are you from Monumento too? I never visit that store as I thought it is just like Saizen. Might check it soon, just a walking distance. :)

Pop Champagne said...

that looks good, I've never seen anything like it! I'm always a fan of ice cream sandwiches

Askmewhats said...

I've seen this when I visited a tiny Korean Store! I will definitely give this a try! yuppppeee my hubby will be happy too!

Ahleessa said...

OMG I love this ice cream! I had it last week... hehe~

Dana Yoshimizu said...

That looks good &
sounds like it tastes good too!

I want to try one!!

Nel said...

mahaha i love this ice cream too! i began searching about this taiyaki ice cream because i think this is way better than the Magnum. :D

Thiamere Brea said...

magnum is the belgian choco ice cream,right?
if so then this is way different than that. hehe


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