Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweets: Kit Kat minis Custard Pudding

I think most of us had a spot for sweets,right? Of course, im not an exception. I don't really have a sweet tooth but there are some times where i feel like eating something sweet. When i feel like eating sweets then i really go for it! I'll just do some random posts every now & then about something sweet..just for fun..hehe.

 So, Kit Kat Custard Pudding would be my first post... 

I said before that Eileen-san gave me a couple of Japanese sweets together with the Matcha that i asked her to get me while she was in Japan. I have been meaning to blog about it but i keep on forgetting it.

Let's start the first sweet entry!

It already said that it is miniature in size. But it won't matter for when you pop it in your mouth, one pack is already enough!

When i said that this is sweet, it feels like the word SWEET was made to describe this. This is so sweet that it could  really give you a toothache.

Well, considering that Japanese pudding is really sweet...that's why kids (& even adults) loves snacking on it, plus custard...which we all know is really sweet so i guess it's to be expected. But i think this is really too much! It has this white chocolate coating that melts with just your touch... so it would also literally melt in your mouth. It's like butter!

Once you tore the packaging you'll already smell how sweet this is.

Once the coating has melted in your mouth & you bite in the crisp wafer, you'll taste the custard which is like made of pure vanilla itself. Actually i have to say that it tastes pretty good. It's just that it's too sweet for my taste so i wasn't able to really enjoy it.

Well, i'm sure there would be lots of Kit Kats that are not as sweet as this & is just waiting to be tasted..LOL

I'm actually thinking of ordering a couple of Japanese Kit Kats from Ebay. That is if there won't be any at Choto Stop, on which i am planning to drop by at around Monday for i think it's during monday where new stocks from Japan arrives.

Have you tried any Japanese Kit Kats?
What's your favorite sweet food?

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!


Pammy said...

Can I take a bit please? I don't like sweets but it won't hurt to have a lil sugar rush from that cute yummy looking KitKat. :P

Cris said...

They look nice ;)...

My favourite sweet food's probably tiramisu.

Abby said...

omg. i'm totally salivating =p

Askmewhats said...

I love kITKAT! and I'd love to grab this at this very moment!

Ahleessa said...

No I haven't tried these Japanese Kit Kats, but I am very curious to know how they taste like!... lol~

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