Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Nails: Snowman nails

As what i said before, i want to have great nails this holiday season so i am already trying to do some drafts on what kind of nail design i'll be donning. I was thinking of posting this tomorrow but since i decided to join the Etude House Nail Art Contest  for fun so i just might as well do it now so that people would also have the idea how i did this. But i don't know how to upload...

So, i have been preparing for the holidays & i have already thought of a couple of designs already. This is one of them...

It's not stickers... they look messy to be stickers... lol
Wanna know how i do it?

Materials needed:

  • nail polish (i have included the color on the pic above)
  • nail art pens
  • dotting tool
  • detailing brush (optional)

1. Apply the baby blue base color

2. Then add in the pink & white details by painting the top & bottom part of the nail with pink polish, then using the nail art pen (or liner brush dipped in white polish) draw white lines at the bottom & top. Let it dry.

3.  We'll now draw in the detail in the middle. Apply white dots randomly first (as snow), then using the white nail art pen (or detailing brush dipped in white polish) draw the snowman. Number 2 - draw a half circle at the bottom part to serve as the base of the snowman. Number 3 - draw a smaller circle at the top of the half circle for the head of the snowman.

4. Using a red nail art pen (or detailing brush dipped in red polish), we will draw his hat & scarf. Refer to numbers 2 & 3 for instructions...

5. Last part is to give life to our snowman by putting eyes & buttons. This time using the smallest dotting tool dipped in black (or black nail art pen) put dots on the head for his eyes & buttons. This needs a steady hand for you want the eyes of your snowman to be equal.. you don't want your snowman to have a lazy eye,right? LOL

We're done!

Don't forget to put top coat to make your nail art last. Also don't forget to clean the edges of your nails,ok? It's better to use a synthetic flat brush dipped in polish remover in cleaning the edges rather than Q-tips to avoid any cotton particles clinging to your wet design.

Hope you'll give this a try!

There ya go!

My first nail art design for this upcoming christmas. More nail designs will be up for the next couple of days...

Hope you all are having a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

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for all those who love nail art & would want to meet nail art enthusiast, please join our FAB UR NAILS Facebook group. It's really a very nice group to join in. It's fun talking to fellow pinay nail art enthusiasts!


AskMeWhats said...

very cute and detailed! :) More Xmas nail art design!!!

Elsa said...

what a handsome snowman!!!! so cute!

Carlinn said...

Omw that is soooo cute! I dont think i will have the patience to do it though, or the steady hand!

Pammy said...

Thia dear, after seeing your nail art, I've been singing Frosty the Snowman in my head. Haha! Super cute nail art. :P

ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. love this cute snowman.. ur really great sissy.. well done.. love love it.. ;)

-AnGiEpInK- said...

OMG!!..I love it hun..Absolutely gorgeous and creative mani you have there..Can't wait for another mani from you..^_^..

herroyalbleakness said...

i absolutely have no patience (nor the talent, really) to paint my nails with a cute snowman in it.

i envy how you make things look a lot easier than they might actually be. aw, you're so creative, Gel!

i hope to see the same snowman on a red/green theme next time! that's my wish from on beauty stuff and what else's for christmas :D

Anastacia said...

this is such adorable design!
wish u luck in the contest!

Isabel said...

omg!!!! The snowman is so cuuuuuutteee T_T How do you do such small details.... I just realised that your nails are wider than mine so you get to draw more designs (argh!~)

merchamren said...

it was so cute!! and very creative and unique..
i love that design..

Hollie said...

this is soo cute..
Liked it on FB.

Thanks for following my blog..
gud luck on the Etude contest.

Tamera said...

Your nails are sooo adorable! I love them!

Christine said...

now THAT is what you call the super career nails. looks like kinarir mo talaga gawin...super effort ang details sis! tambling ako.

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