Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 Review

I am not a lip balm user. I hate lip products that are in a pot. So why did i purchase this? No real reason actually. I'm just curious because it seems like almost all MAC products are given very high ratings in Makeup Alley.

I know that there are some girls who go ga-ga for the brand itself. It's like anything that has the M-A-C letters on is a must-have. I don't have anything about the brand,ok? In fact, i have a couple of MAC items as well, i'm just curious how different MAC's lipbalm is to any ordinary lipbalm.

I'll tell you about my opinions later on but let's start first by dissecting the packaging one by one. It comes in a very stylish box, on which if i am a box collector would make me keep it because it is cute! LOL

This is the description on the website:
A lightweight conditioning balm for the lip formulated with SPF 15. Protects the lips from everyday aggressions, holds in moisture, provides gentle repair to dry lips. Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, vitamins A and E. Petroleum based to seal in moisture yet smooth to apply, non-sticky on. Slightly vanilla-flavoured. Colour-free.
 Active Ingredients would be Octinoxate & Octisalate

 You'll be getting 15 ml or .5 fl oz of product...

I have a couple of lip balms/lip butter which has...

  • Lauress Lip Ease - 5 g/.18oz
  • Yes to Carrots Lip Butter - 4.25 g/.15oz
  • Maybelline Lip Balm - 4.5 g
  • The Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Lip Balm - 15 ml/.45oz
The measurement conversion is so confusing! Anyway, i just copied what i saw on the packaging. I think lip balms on pots have bigger product quantity compare to tube balms though.

One thing that i hate about lip pots is that i find it unhygienic!

I hate dipping fingers/brushes on it every now & then for i feel that everytime i open the pot, i am exposing it to all the germs on the air, then dipping my brush/fingers to be able to get the product, then putting the lid back on with all the germs for air exposure - trapping them there as a breeding ground.
*shudders at the though*

OC Alert!

But seriously, that is 1 issue that i have when it comes to lip pots. I feel that disinfecting it is harder & messy compare to lip tubes. I can't just continue wiping the top layer off every time i want to disinfect it.

Anyway, if you don't have any problem with the hygienic issue of lip pots, then you will find this packaging for this product really cute for even if it is housed in a plastic pot, it is sturdy as hell for i have dropped it a lot of times but it's still good as new!

Kudos to packaging that won't ever be deformed even if your clumsy side takes over you!

It's also sleek enough to be slipped unnoticed on your bag/jeans compare to the usual lip pots that are too bulky. I know that this pot is bigger compare to the usual pots out there, but since this a bit wider, it tends to be thinner too so it's not as bulky compare to others.

Now when it comes to the product, it has this sweet scent & taste that makes it a treat every time you apply it. I can't identify the exact scent it has but suffice to say that it has this sweet dessert-like scent. It also tastes sweet unlike the usual lip balms that are tasteless so you might find yourself licking your lips every now & then if you like those sweet lip products!

I agree that this is lightweight. It is waxy, but it doesn't have that heavy "I AM WEARING A LIP BALM" feeling. It glides on satin-like when you apply it & you might find yourself rubbing your lips together to savor that satin-like feeling that it gives.

As for the conditioning factor, sorry, but it didn't meet my need to condition the lips. I agree that it is better than your average lip balms, but to say that this will transform your dry-looking lips to a va-va voom, juicy-looking lips is too much, as what some people claims. It will lock the moisture on your lips, preventing it to dry, but it won't magically turn to water or something that can moisturize your lips. It might provide a little moisture, but again, not enough.

Anyway, on the description it says "provides gentle repair to dry lips" so it is true to what it says though. Kudos again for not misleading people into thinking that this is THE ULTIMATE LIP BALM!

This product just sits on your lips that when you apply this before sleeping, you'll still wake up with that waxy-feeling on your lips. On which i think is not a good idea when you mostly welcome the day with a kiss from your hubby/boyfriend. I personally find it a nuisance to wake up with the greasy-like feeling on my lips.

I think this is just like a better version of petroleum jelly, albeit, housed in a cute packaging, sweet scent & taste as well.

Oh well, it has SPF 15 though. i have tried a couple of lip balms that has high SPF & it feels awful on the lips. It's just like applying candle drippings on your lips! Not a good feeling! This one is a pleasure to use.

Whenever i have that emergency lip situation that requires immediate attention my miracle saver is the Nivea Creme. I know that sounds weird, but believe me, it does work! Minutes after you slather Nivea Creme on your lips, of course, make sure that you don't eat or lick it!, your lips will be moisturize! My instant lip fix! So that is staple product for me.

Again, don't eat it,ok? Remove it after your lips has been moisturized already. Then apply a regular lip balm to seal in the moisture. Works like a charm!

Anyway, time to do a summary..
  • packaging is cute & sleek (for those who loves lip pots)
  • has spf 15 
  • glides smoothly
  • will last you for a while
  • has that sweet taste/scent (for those who loves scented/sweet lip products)
  • expiration date is embedded on the bottom of the pot so you'll know when to ditch it!
  • it's MAC - this a big factor for some girls. Personally, i don't care
  • i personally find lip pots unhygienic
  • has that waxy-feeling (but not too much)
  • not for people that hates scented/sweet lip products
  • expensive

With that said, will i still buy this?
Nah, once is enough for me... plus the fact that i don't plan to shell out $14.50 anytime soon for a pot of lip balm. I don't plan to try out the tinted lip conditioner either. One is enough for me.

Have you tried MAC's lip conditioner?
What's your feedback?

Hope you are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

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Miss Shopcoholic said...

I have the tinted version of this lipbalm, it really smells yummy! true, di talaga hygenic yung Pot kaya lipbrush nalang gamit ko.
talaga pwede palang gamiting lipbalm ang Nivea creme? yung nasa blue tin right?

Anonymous said...

hope to try mac products din...
for me hindi issue ung mga lip balm in pots kazi it depends naman if your going to clean/disinfect your hand before dipping your finders...

Catmare said...

thanks for the review!

I hate lip pots too. Just like you, I think it's not very hygenic. But I do have the body shop lip pot just like yours, I haven't used it yet. lol. It was given to me.

Hazel said...

nice review! i also don't like lip balm in a pot but this MAC looks too cute. but gah, as usual the price tag is just soo much ;(

AskMeWhats said...

I haven't tried any MAC lip conditioner, I've tried the Hello Kitty pot and I find that my lips are still try kaya I never looked back! Siguro I should no?

Michelle said...

I find MAC overrated but some of their products deliver.

I don't like the packaging of this as well! :-/

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