Sunday, February 27, 2011

upcoming nail post:summer scenes + meet up with my nail art group

Yes, it's summer scenes. I can already feel summer coming here in the Philippines!

which means not just 1 but 5 designs!

what was i thinking when i made my nails different from each other?! Well, actually this is my nail art contest entry..hehe

I used acrylic in this because when i did my last post, which is my spring-themed nail post, it just dawned on me how much i missed painting! What i really love about painting is how you are able to produce different colors by mixing 2 or three colors together. I admit that often times i find it hard to get the exact color of what i used in my previous works but i guess that's the challenge of painting.

I'll do a tutorial for all of them. Don't worry for it's easy to actually do it. The only thing that may be hard is blending out colors, you can use nail polish for these as well, it's just that acrylics are fast-dry so i can continue working without waiting for one layer to dry unlike using nail polish.

I did this last thursday but since my brother borrowed my camera because he went on a field trip so i wasn't able to do the step by step tutorial at that time, but it's ok. I know i can remake this.

I met with the members of our group a little while ago.

All of them are certified nail polish addicts! hahaha!
including me of course! I'm in the center of the pic so it means that i am also guilty! LOL

You don't think so?
Well, when Annie put out the nail polishes that she is selling we all squealed with delight!

Look at those stamping plates & fimo canes!

It was a very fun event for me, it's such a shame that i have to go home early because we have further engagement, but i'm sure that there will be a next time!

Well, i got myself the Del Sol Color Changing polish!

Dream come true for me~!
Then Annie also gave me free stencils! how fun!
Thanks, sis Annie!

Sis Thrizsha gave me my glow in the dark polish. I'm so gonna try it out! See the blue & green bottle? I also won her raffle! How fun!

I'll do a separate posts for the glow in the dark & del sol polish also for the things that i received from the event.

I had a great time,girls!
Until next meet up!

I'm really so excited tomorrow to be able to witness myself how Del Sol polish would actually change under the sun. I just hope i'll be able to fall asleep..LOL!

Hope that you are enjoying what's left of your weekend!
Have a great day/evening!

for pinays out there who want to buy OPI, Del Sol, Color Club, LA Girl, China Glaze polishes, Konad nail stamp plates, stencils, fimos, etc, feel free to drop Annie a message. She even have the OPI Shatter!


Hazel said...

your contest entry is soooo cute! goodluck and i hope you win! i'll be checking your friend Annie's collection now :D

-AnGiEpInK- said...

wow..What a great mani design you have there hun..

Awww..You meet all the beautiful sister..^_^..Love seeing all their design in Facebook..

Amanderrific! said...

super love your nails ms thia!

ThRiSzHa said...

thank u moja..

me & annie made another accnt. of our group for the Fab Ur Nails onlineshop

pls help us to spread our link..

thank u so much!! xoxo

till next time sweety..

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