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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

rants & ramblings:on beauty stuff & what else's

Hisashiburi, minna-san!
I felt like it has been way long before i was able to update my blog. I have been quite busy lately so i wasn;t able to blog...I guess i'll be busier still but i would want to get this going for a month. Yep, it's giveaway time!

Just like my past giveaways, i won't be making a big fuss about this since this giveaway is for my readers & followers. Don't fret if you don't have a blog, you can still join my giveaway. This is not limited to those who uses google friend connect or bloggers.

So basically i would just want to know what is beauty for you... How do you define beauty? What makes you beautiful? You can tell me anything about beauty on my facebook page.

At first i thought of just e-mailing, but i figured that it would be better if people will be able to read other people's answer for it could be a good source of inspiration too. I want it to be in public but not to be publicized. Just like my page so you get to post your answer on my wall.

Please include pictures of things you think is beautiful, what makes you feel beautiful, your most beautiful picture, beautiful scenes, etc... Anything that you think is beautiful is accepted. This is a very general question so feel free to say anything!

On to the prize... I know it's not much but this came from the very bottom of my heart. XD

I might only have 1 winner, but it will depend on how many entries i have. I still haven't decided yet though... I'll most probably be adding more prizes though.

Now that you know what i want, let's get to the rule...
  • open to anybody 
  • post your answer on my facebook wall
  • giveaway will be for 1 month - ends on March 9,2011
  • if you don't have a facebook page, then you can email your answer together with the picture then i'll be adding it on the album on my page
  • be creative - there's no right or wrong answer... this is your own opinion!
  • don't advertise this giveaway, please, this giveaway is for you, not for people who only live for contests
  • this contest is NOT about "LIKING" the entries - i personally detest facebook contests like that.
 As of now i can't think of any other rule though so i'll be sticking with this one.

I'll most probably be updating it but i'll just let you know about it. So, for now, let's hear about your definition of beauty!

Good luck~!


Askmewhats said...

awwww this is a wonderful contest! I am not joining but i would love to share my two cents! For me, beauty is accepting who you are, your talents, your weaknesses and strengths! Beauty is making other people feel beautiful and not putting other people down for you to feel beautiful yourself :)

Goodluck to all joiners

Shopcoholic said...

nice contest sis! =)

DeBi said...

nice contest... :)

louise said...

I'm happy you have a fanbook page now thia! :D I'm definitely following!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

boo =[ facebook. I'm trying to avoid facebook as much as necessary. lol. Oh well, good luck to those who enter! I'm not entering but I do believe beautiful comes from the inside. If you're not beautiful (not an evil girl, two face, wish people will die, etc) on the inside, it won't show on the outside. Even if you're born with some sort of disease or your skin went through a third degree burn, the beauty inside will shine through. HOWEVER, if you are the biggest bitch with the best facial feature and a hot body and what not, who always look down on people and such, you are one of the ugliest girls in the world.

She Nailed It said...

This is an awesome contest! I won't also be able to join because I don't have any Facebook account. But I'd absolutely share my input. Each one of us has its own unique idea of what beauty is. In my opinion, our imperfections make us unique, thus making us beautiful.

♥Nehs♥ said...

nice contest, thia!

i love what Nikki said. i prefer being beautiful on the inside.

may i know where did u get those nail stuffs?

Cris said...

This got me thinking...

It's really hard for me to define beauty, actually. Like love, you 'just know'. And though you may have guidelines, certain situations transcend them.

(I hope that makes sense XD...)

Pop Champagne said...

awww awesome contest! I can't access fb at work so it's hard for me to post on there (since I only go on the computer at work lol), but good luck with it dear and I will LIKE your page soon if I havent already!

ThRiSzHa said...

oh my moja.. i love the rules of ur contest its very unique some people want their giveaway to repost for them to gather new or more followers.. but urs is different ur giveaway is really for ur readers.. & i really admire u for that..xoxo moja!!


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