Monday, February 14, 2011

cumulative haul + false lashes

First of all, i want to greet you all a Happy Hearts Day!
Hope that you all had good memories for this years Valentines celebration. I'm not big on valentines though.

I haven't done a haul post for weeks now. Frankly, i just don't have enough time to blog that much even though i do try to comment regularly, so i don't have the luxury of time anymore to do other posts aside from reviews or tutorials.
Isogashii, isogashii, isogashii~!

Some of the products that i have here have been purchased a few weeks back...

Anyway, last week, i went to the PO, & that is something that i am not really looking forward to because i have read a lot of new "rules" that happens in retrieving packages. i'm just glad that i was spare from the claws of the Customs officer!

Maggie of KKCenterHK contacted me a couple of weeks back asking me if i could do a review for their false lashes. As what you all know, i have short, sparse lashes so i always depend on mascaras & falsies in giving life to my eye. I was so happy that she trusted me enough to do a review. I'll do a separate post for it some other time.

The black box contains 10 pairs of lashes, while the other 4 individual lashes are all lower falsies! Yay! I 'll be able to try wearing lower lashes!

Speaking of Falsies, when i went to meet my friend last Lunar New Year, we went to the Beauty Bar & i grabbed these 2 falsies as well. I never knew that Andrea falsies are a lot cheaper compare to Ardell! Now, i know where i have to buy falsies whenever i need to!

I have been using the MAC Lip Conditioner for quite sometime now... Review will be posted after a couple of weeks for i want to really be able to test it out before i give my final say.

I have stopped using moisturizer as what i said before, but when i tried using Eskinol + Dalacin C to treat my acne, i noticed that my skin went from very oily to combination so to combat the dryness in certain areas, i decided to try Celeteque for i know that it is the only moisturizer that doesn't have any benefits at all aside from the "moisturization". I decided to try the one that got spf though....

Then, when i first saw the new stall in Watson which is the Crayon, i decided to try 2 of their polish since i haven't seen this brand yet.

I have to say that the glittery orange shade is pretty good!

This has been my to-go nail polish ever since i got it!
I never did like orange when i was a kid, but now i am loving it!

 Then last but not the least would be a couple more polishes as well, plus a new hair conditioner!

I said before that my favorite TFS Nail Pleasure Top Coat is about to be discontinued so i am slowly buying back-ups to make sure that i have enough stock with me... As for the white bottle, it is a nail whitener but i haven't really fully tested it though....

The 3 polishes tat i bought from Bobbie are from the HOT Collection & i plan to collect them as well! Nail Polish Solvent is a must for those who has a lot of nail polishes so i bought another bottle as a back up + my favorite body lotion which is the Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion. I'm addicted to the scent of this lotion. It smells so good!!!!!

Lastly, I have tried the Opal Hair Treatment which is in the pink tube, but i decided to give this a shot. I don't know if this would be a good substitute for my favorite Cream Silk Conditioner, but we'll see.

Well, there ya go!
I'm hoping that i'll be able to post some reviews for this week.

Hope you all are enjoying your Valentines day,girls!
Jaa ne~!

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Aya said...

Ooooh me likey that gliterry orange polish! :D

Pammy said...

Cool! Celeteque now has one with SPF15! Will try this when I run of moisturizers! :P

Shane G. said...

daming lashes, i love lashes!!! i didn't know celeteque has a moisturizer w/spf na pala!? sayang i just got spf lotion from myra, i like it though, hindi kasi greasy. let me know what u think of this one pls.. :) para isahang apply ko nalang ang moisturizer and spf. btw, i love love love Opal (the pink tube) because of it's scent!!! :)

Shane G. said...

happy valentine's day pala, Thia! ♥♥♥

sugar sugar said...

sooo many eyelashes! i love! :3 haha! will wait for your reviews on these items. :)

Camille Santos said...

NICE haul thia,andrea lashes looks like ardell din,arent they,well maybe thats just me hehe.cant wait for your reviews happy hearts day

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Awesome eyelashes!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

nice haul. I'm not into lashes anymore. Can't put them on! lol.

Unknown said...

Happy Valentines day Thiamere. That orange nail polish shade is really pretty. It's not too bright or light. It's just the right orange color :)

AskMeWhats said...

Hi Girl, can't wait to see you use the ES lashes and can't wait to see which model you chose.

With re: to Ardell and Andrea, so funny, even the lash glue! Andrea is cheaper than Ardell but when you look at it, its made from the same company! :)

Kel said...

I love your blog!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Lots of good reading here, many thanks! I had been looking on yahoo when I identified your post, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to far more from you.

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