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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bobbie's Holoprism Collection

As what i said before when i bought this that i am really happy that Bobbie, our local nail polish brand, has made holographic polishes. When i bought Vodka on Ice, i went back to the mall just to ask the SA if they have other polishes like that & im glad that she whipped out her list of polishes & i saw that this certain polish belongs in the collection that they call "Holoprism". How cute!

So, going back, i have the whole collection with me & since i promised to do a swatch of it so here they are. It's quite hard for me to take pictures of their holographic-ness... i tried to but i just can't get it quite right. Some are already old swatches that's why my nails are shorter in other pics.. Now im sporting a square nails compare to my usual oval shaped nails.

Let's start it first with my 2 favorites among the lot... Purple Passion & Mudslide.

Let's go with Purple Passion first...

It is a gorgeous purple holographic nail polish. I can easily easily achieve a good color payoff with this with just 2 coats. You can go for 3 coats if you want to, but if you buff your nails beforehand you can get away with just 2...just like me!

I said before that this almost looks like Color Club's Fashion Addict... well, it does if i compare it side by side

Looks almost the same,right?

But not exactly...

Fashion Addict is more silvery, while Purple Passion is really purple... but both are gorgeous!

 Then my other favorite is the Mudslide...

It is a bronze holographic polish... It's bronze & it's holographic...enough said! LOL!
Seriously, i think this is a really good combination...very unique by itself. Most holos are only silver, pinks, & darks... but bronze is a really good base color to be combined with holographic effect! Love it sooooo much!

Next is Mojito...

A nice maroon holographic polish. Since this is a dark holo polish, then the effect is quite obvious.

Another is the Vodka on Ice...

A nice white-silvery holo polish. This is the 1st one that i got from this collection so this is already an old swatch from my previous post.

Then Weng Weng...

I will not say that this a black-based holo polish..i think it's more of like dark blue-green shade. Whatever it is, it is a good dark holo! I made a post before with this polish... check it HERE.

Then these are my 2 least "like" among the lot... Margarita & Mint Daiquiri

I have to say that Margarita is a very cute pink polish... but since this is supposed to be a holo polish, you can't really quite get the feeling that it is holographic. This is a good base if you are doing nail arts though.. it can also be a good color on it's own but if you want a pink-"im wearing a holo polish" effect.. then this is not for you..

This is my most hated polish from this collection... Mint Daiquiri

It just doesn't hold any appeal to me... i think it's a gold holo, but it's so sheer that it feels like you will only get the full effect if you apply 5 coats, which i will not do considering that i have trouble with the drying time of this.Just like margarita, this is a pretty base for doing nail arts though..

I really do have an issue when it comes to drying time... it dries so slow!

Ok, i have an OPI Mediterranean Moonlight which i don't use for i don't have the patience to wait. I guess you could say that i am impatient when it comes to nail polish drying time, but i just don't have the luxury of time so i hate polishes that dries a long time! So are Bobbie polishes imo.

But other than that, im still happy with these collection! For Php 33 each bottle, which is less than $1, this is a good buy...

First post this month of love!

Most asian countries will be celebrating the Lunar New Year & up until now i haven't made a lunar new year nail art....ekkkk!!! I hope i'll be able to make one just in time.

Well, gotta go now!

Have a great day/evening,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


Michelle said...

Weng weng is gorgeous! I never knew that they actually had collections! :)

Askmewhats said...

Mudslide looks duper pretty! i am glad Bobbie is upping their game! Go go go on more nice looking polishes!

- - aika - - said...

love all of them :D

donnarence said...

i finally bought weng weng,, hmm... i was not impressed. i thought it would look dark gray or black with hints of different sparkle on my nails.. it looked blue!! i will look for fashion addict.. any recommendation on a taupe or brownish shade??thanks jem for the swatches...

jamie said...

loving mudslide!:D

She Nailed It said...

I love Weng-Weng and Mojito. I would like to have Purple Passion too. It's sad that this wasn't available when I went to a mall.

I've started my own nail blog too and you were one of the people who inspired me. Thank you!

Shie said...

aigooo... I love the nail polish colors especially the margarita. looks girly <33 haha!

pamgotcrazy said...

I have Cutex Indie Glow and I was suprised when I found out that it has the same color and effectt as Weng Weng. i should've go for Weng Wweng coz it's cheaper. Cutex is 109 pesos.

Thiamere Brea said...

awwww...sayang naman

i didn't know that cutex also have holographic polishes!


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