Friday, February 04, 2011

The Face Shop's Nail Pleasure Special Care Top Coat Review

I plan to post more pictures & write ups about this product but since The Face Shop Philippines said that they are discontinuing this line, so i decided to post this NOW. Ladies, grab this top coat if you can because it is worth every penny & i am already panicking over the thought that the stocks for this line is already being depleted..

*panic mode ON*

I fear that i have lost my original train of thoughts on my plan about this post when a couple of minutes ago i read TFS's reply about my inquiry on the nail pleasure this is an impromptu blog post...

I have used a couple of top coats already but this is the only top coat that had really wow-ed me! Why?!

Remember my Water Nail Decal Review?
I said that this is my favorite top coat & this is so far the best that i have tried. Now, i didn't say that i have tried a lot of top coat but this the best one that i have tried so far. This is way better than the regular top coat that they have that got the black cap.

Can someone please translate this to me in English? 

This is from the Nail Pleasure Line which has that cute soft purple pointy cap. This is the best top coat that i have tried for i experience very minimal chipping even if i had the nail polish for days already!

I usually remove my nail polish after a day or two...3 days at most because i hate nail stains & leaving a polish on for long stains the nail big time. But when i road tested this, i tried leaving the polish on my nails for a week & i was surprised because it withstood the regular everyday wear & tear.

I wasn't able to take a pic of how my polish looks like after a week, but just believe me when i say that the only chipping that happened was very minimal & only on the tips... actually only my right pointer & middle finger had the chipped, but everything is as good as new!

So, right i am typing this post, this is how my nails look like after days of having this design on. See the arrow that points a very small chip? That's the only chip that i have, but my nails are otherwise perfect!

This is my left hand, which i don't use regularly, but my right hand/nails are still as good as new.. Oh! Have i said that i put this water decal last Monday?... to think that it's already Friday now! What can you say? I'm impressed!

By the way, this is my favorite water decal design. I love it! I don't ever want to remove it!LOL
My toe nails also has this design on! yawr!

So, let's summarize it!

  • cheap
  • locally available
  • dries fast
  • minimal to no chipping up to 3 days
  • about to be discontinued! OMG! *faints*
  • might not be available in other countries as well
This is priced at Php 185 (approx $4) each...

I seriously can't think of any cons for this product except i guess for availability in different countries. I freakin love this top coat! I'm glad that i am able to try this out before i go spending more money for an expensive top coat.

BUT!!!!!! The Face Shop is about to discontinue this so i have to stock up on this as much as i can!

*panic mode still ON*

Will i buy it again?
Definitely, i have to buy it NOW! In fact, i highly recommend this product! So,ladies, grab one while you can,ok? I have to visit The Face Shop again as soon as possible to make sure that i will be able to buy back ups....i guess 5 bottles would be enough to last me for life?! will it?! OMG!

Why is it that products that i like keep on being discontinued?!
First is the Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint...
then the Neutrogena Acne-Prone Facial Bar...
then this!
Have Mercy on this girl! LOL

The Face Shop Philippines' new line of nail polish are the Lovely Me:ex Nail Colors (with white tall cap) and the Face It Nail Colors (with black tall cap). This information came straight from them. The colors look lovely, but i wasn't able to check everything out yesterday though. I also noticed that they has a "hologram" polish which is in a box...hmm... holographic polish,eh?

It's already Friday!
Hope that you will have a lovely weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!


AskMeWhats said...

I seriously DO NOT GET IT why they have to discontinue wonderful products like this! I've seen them I think once and I think i won't be seeing them again na? hayzzzz

ThRiSzHa said...

great post and thanks for sharing... yes tfs has a new line it was anastacia who told me about it.. i havent try my tfs top coat yet (new line) and yes those holo polish are nice.. and I have it.. but, im not impress with their holo coz the "holo" effect of it is too far to compare from the china glaze OMG! collex or the Nfu oh holo polish.. the purple pink holo is close enough with bobbie purple glaze..

Pammy said...

It's annoying when companies discontinue their good products. I guess it's time for Thiamere to buy lotsa back ups. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous with you guys.. you have TFS there.. here has none..

Isabel said...

yup.. It's a really pretty design. Can't keep my eyes off it xD

Jbreezybaby said...

how on earth do you get your nails done like that?! omg its sooo pretty i swear!!! that sucks that wet n wild is the same price as revlon :( i wish you can get your hands on the wet n wild palettes, its sooo nice!!! very worth it, mac comparable talaga sya! hope you have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

OMG ang ganda ng nails mo!!

Sara said...

Love you nail design :D Thanks for the great review :)

blogger said...

hello dear! thanks for stopping by and commenting on my current post :) wow~ interesting! i want to try this top coat too.i hope they have a stock of this at the nearest TFS branch.oh,they have a new nail polish line? i have to check them out too~ thanks for the review dear :D

ayieh said...

You've been raving about this prod on your other post ayt?
I have to get one ASAP!!! Just hope I'm not too late!!!

summer13 said...

yehey.. i got one.. :D
thanks for the review sis..

Cominica said...

gotta try this product :D
thanks for the review dear

♥ mia said...

luv d nail design! wish i could pull off nail art

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