Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Etude House Sun Guard Cooling Body Review

First of all, im sorry if im not able to update my blog every now & then. I also wasn't able to comment that much for i have a lot on my plate for the past couple of weeks... I hope that i'll be able to update my blog regularly. The pictures that i have been saving for my posts have been piling up & is taking up a big save in my HD.

When i dropped by Etude House & i saw the word "cooling" i was sold! As what i said i before i like cooling products plus the fact that this is a sunblock so i automatically added it in my shopping basket. I actually like it! It's like a cool body mist so reapplying is actually a welcome relief when i'm out in the sun!

I know that it's a must to use sunblock. It's just that i sweat a lot & aside from the fact that reapplying it every now & then is a pain in the neck for sweating washes the sunblock off of the skin, it feels like my skin is being suffocated every time i slab lotions on it. So i just go out without sunblock at all...*sigh*

But then now i make sure that i apply sunscreen as much as possible so looking for a sunscreen is a really hard thing for me to do. I'm actually quite happy that i came across with this video which shows how to actually choose the correct sunscreen. I recommend that you watch it too.

Going back to the product, this is the description at the back...

It is in an aerosol can which is better compare to the conventional lotion which could be pretty annoying. This is a mess-free sunblock that you can just spray especially if you are on the go. Being in an aerosol, there's no danger of the product spilling when you are travelling so it is very convenient. The cap also seals tight so i would highly recommend it when you are looking for a mess-free type of sunblock.

It got SPF 30 which i think is already pretty high. I know that there are a lot of sunblocks out there in the market that got higher SPFs though. I suggest you watch this video first before commenting about those high SPF products.

I'm not saying that buying sunblocks with a high SPF is a rip-off but in my case, my standard sunblock (whenever i buy one to go swimming) is at least 25. So i consider SPF 30 already pretty high. In this case, i am quite satisfied with it already. My 'swimming sunblock' is the Blue Sun Guard SPF 50, which is also from Etude House, so SPF 30 is ok for me for everyday use.

I use a different sunblock for my face so this one is just for my body. This is a staple for me so i make sure that i have it with me every time i go out.

This has a feel-good factor because it's cool when you applied it to your skin. Not cool type that lingers on the skin, mind you, but it's better compare to ordinary sunblocks. It's a sunblock mist!

While i may be singing it's praises it doesn't mean it does not have any downside because it have a couple:
First is that since this is in aerosol, you might not be able to get to use ALL of the product since every time you press the top, there would be excess product that would be wasted.
Second, every time i use this i find the scent overwhelming if apply this in a closed room. The scent lingers for a while but not on the skin.... it disappears after a while. It's just that the "excess product" on the air which makes me nauseous every time i smell it. So if you going to use this, better make sure you are in an open area.

Aside from those two, i don't have any complains at all. In fact, those two things that i enumerated doesn't bother me for this is the only sunblock that i reach out every now & then even though i have a whole arsenal of unused sunblock sitting on my dresser.

As for the price, it's Php 498 so i'll leave the price to you.

Let's do a summary...
  • SPF30 PA+++
  • convenient mess-free packaging
  • cap is tight so there's no worry of loosing it
  • it's cool when applied to the skin
  • locally available
  • you will not be able to maximize product usage
  • bottle is bulky
  • should be used only in open area

Will i buy it again?
For now this is a staple product for me i will be buying it again. As what the video said, you have to choose a sunblock that makes you feel good whenever you apply it & this one does! The cooling sensation it provides is a definite feel-good factor so i re-apply whenever i can.

Have you tried this?
Give it a try.
What is your favorite sunblock?

Hope you all have a good day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


AskMeWhats said...

Ooohh been to Etude House local store once lang and i was overwhelmed with the price! Hirap kasi kung alam mo na ang price range nila sa Korea! hahaha

Anyways, I will take a look at this as i love sunblock thats easy to apply! :)

ThRiSzHa said...

thanks for sharing moja.. XD

ChinaDoll said...

I love sunblocks and this is a nice product and its so easy to apply. Thanks for the review! :)


MilknCookiie said...

Great review! I really like the idea, but I am very sensitive to scents so I'd probably have to think twice before I purchase this. Too bad I don't have access to a physical Etude House store so I can't test or smell it out beforehand! Your review was still very detailed and helpful to online buyers like me. :P

♥ Milk

noone said...

the moisturizer i'm using has spf of 25 in it, my spa person says it's not high enough for summer but it's okay for winter, I guess it depends on where you are. but yess I wear sunblock everyday eventhough I don't do outdoor activities!

Unknown said...

sis thia thank you for the review?...could I ask how would you describe the scent? I saw something like this at etude but the scent was urrgggh...but it wasnt a sunblock :P

overwhelming is scary

Cris said...

I dislike spray products, but I'm happy to hear that it works for you :).

(Also, on me, concealer along the hairline & around my lips helps with the sweating issue.)

Cesa said...

wow...etude house :)nice...sana meron na nyang shop na yan sa palawan

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