Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekend haul:going ga-ga over nail polish & mac dazzleglass~

I went to SM North Edsa because my mum asked me to buy her a printer... aside from that, i also heard from my nail art group that Elianto's polishes are on sale. Being a true blue girl at heart, i have a weakness for the word "sale" so i happily asked Walter to accompany me even though he already had a very tiring Saturday. hehehe

Walter delivered his usual line every time i try to buy nail polish... he said in tagalog, "diba meron ka ng ganyang kulay?" (you already have that color,right?) & i would automatically reply "wala pa, light/dark kasi yung sakin e" (none yet, mine is light/dark) hehehe. I especially love looking at the array of nail polishes in the store for it's so colorful!

Anyway, the Elianto Spakling Diva nail polish collection which was regularly priced at Php 199 is on sale for only Php 69 at SM department store area, while it's Php 59 only at the free standing store in SM Annex. When you buy 5 pcs at the department store you will get 1 polish for only Php 1, so basically, it's just the same price.

The other day i was in Homesavers & the Ottie nail polishes have caught my attention so i bought 2, a base coat & the Diana nail polish as well. They are all korean nail polishes.

from left to right: elianto-glittery nickel, shining ebony, burnt amber. base coat, olive, bronzy
ottie-metal silver, tender apricot, pure base (base coat)

My nail polish collection is steadily growing! It makes me so happy just looking at them~

Since i was in the mall, i did not pass up the opportunity to  drop by Etude House to check if they have the Proof 10 primer & they do~! They only have 4 & i grabbed 2 already... har har har~!

I don't have any plan in buying mascara but when i saw that the Oh m'Eye Lash Double up Longlash is a fiber mascara so i added it on my basket. I hurriedly paid for my purchases because i feel like if i am going to linger in the store longer my wallet would be in danger. I saw that they have a cherry blossom cleansing oil (reminds me of Shu Uemura~!), water based sunblock & also the jelly top coat. Good thing that the claw of temptation wasn't able to fully grasp me.!

*wipes forehead*
Yokatta ne!
My wallet was able to come out in one piece! LOL

Last but definitely not the least would be my new babies~! I never did like glosses but i am glad that i was able to try Dazzleglass for it is L-O-V-E! I have been using them ever since i get them. They are perfect in creating that pout-y lips!

I can't stop looking at them for seeing those tiny glitters makes my heart go tokidoki~!
I'm sorry i wasn't able to get a better picture of it's awesomeness but it is to die for! By the way, this is my nail art for this weekend, credits to tartofraises for the idea.

Now i understand why a lot of girls go crazy for Dazzleglass! Will do a review sometime.

I hate it when the weather is crazy. It was so humid early in the afternoon so it rained later on in the afternoon & i felt all sticky & sweaty because of the humidity. But i am really happy with my nail polishes. yipee!!!!

I have to get back & get some more~! Anyway, i will really have to go back to the mall because i wasn't able to buy my mum a printer. hehehehe

Weekend is almost over...back to work again....

Hope that you'll have a happy start for your week,honeys!
Jaa ne~!

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Camille Santos said...

the middle dazzleglass looks really into pinks and peaches the nails...wala ako masabi sainyo

AskMeWhats said...

Pssst! HOARDER ka ng Proof 10 Primer! hahahhaa I actually think about you when I use my primer on random mornings! la lang! :)

Anyways, I love the deal on the Elianto polish, I love sales and I love good prices! That's where you'll see me spend my hard earned money!

Eve said...

Mmmmm they're okayy.. I'm not a huge fan of them :)

*crissy* said...

I wish we had stores like that here in the US like Etude house so I can try the primers, etc. The MAC dazzleglass tends to dry my lips thats why I only have one bottle and thats it. I do have the benefit lip glass and it works well.

Hollie said...

Nice to know about the Elianto mark down. But I think Elianto here in SM City Cebu closed. I'm sure if they really close or just transferred to a new location somewhere in SM... Hmmm, I'll look for it. Sales are my thing..hehe

ThRiSzHa said...

wow ganda ng polish mo waaahhhh. sparkling khol; pala name nun..wa un ang nakalimutan kong sabihin sau.. thank u so much moja.. I awe u a lot.. xoxo

ThRiSzHa said...

ayy mali glittery nikel pala unh name..LOL!! ano ba yan nagkahalo halo na nasa utak ko..LOL

noone said...

Dazzleglass is pretty amazing, with make up I never buy more than 2 of the same brand same thing but yeah I def have like 5 Dazzleglasses hahaha

for the love of beauty by lara said...

great haul!

iv bn loving nail polish as of late

the lipglosses look soooo prety
n ur nail art? awesome!

Kim Axani said...

Those nails are just gorgeous!

Michelle said...

I love your nails!!! Beautiful! :)

Aya said...

I just bought the Etude House eye primer! Thanks to your review :D Hihihi I'm loving it so far :D Hope you can check out my blog. Will do a post about it soon :D Thanks!!!

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