Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish Review

please read the excess note below for i will be on a blog hiatus for a while.

I was so excited to get these babies for they are something that i'm sure is not available here in the Philippines. As a nail polish lover, to own something as fun as this is something that made my heart go crazy just thinking about it.

The thing about these polishes is that they change the color when they are in the sun! Take a look at the pic at the top. See how the shade is different with the one below, especially the first one?! Cute,eh?

The shades that i got are Ruby Slippers, Island Fever & Heartbreaker.

I'm not really a fan of glitter polishes for starters but i'm beginning to love them! I love how fast this polish changes color when it's hit with the UV rays. Take a look at the picture...

This is only taken in just manner of seconds. The more you stay in the sun the better the color change is!

Now, these are the shades that i have. If you take a look at the right side you'll see that i have put the word "outdoor" whereas the left would be "indoor". I took this pic when i was out in the sun & i just turned the bottle exactly before i press the shutter so you'll get to see how's the color in just 1 bottle.

Again, Ruby Slipper has the most dramatic color change. From a silvery glitter polish to a dark ruby red (if you're on the sun for long, but not in this picture for the ray is not as intense).

It's fun to see the change happening right before your eyes! I'm so looking forward to using this when summer is at it's full swing especially since it would be way hotter! This is perfect for the beach!!!!

Island Fever is not as dramatic Ruby Slipper but it's still fun to use. The change will only be really obvious if the sun is very intense. This is the only reason why it took me this long to do a post about these polishes because i can't quite get the look.

This is something that i'm not really fond of because it's sheer, i used 3 coats for this (i mostly only use 2 coats in every polish application).. it would be better to be used underneath an opaque color or for layering. Anyway, im not a fan of green to start with... plus the fact that i have a bad nail stains so it's so hard for me to work with sheer green polishes. I was finally able to take a better pic... just excuse the messy application, ok?

I love how Heartbreaker looks on my nails. It makes my hands look pale which makes the color stand out all the more!

Not much color changing happening right there but since i love red nail polishes so this easily made it into my favorite red polish!

I thought that it would turn to purple but it didn't...
awwww... but i still like it!

I have no top coat issues. The top coat won't affect the polishes... anyway these polishes changes when exposed to UV rays & i dont think there's a top coat that has a UV protection..is there?

A good thing about this is that it's free from the big 3 toxic chemicals in nail polishes plus the fact that they did not do any animal testing so it's definitely a keeper for me!

Another plus point about this is that it dries fast! I love polishes that dries fast because i don't have the patience to wait it out. I find it a pain in the neck not being able to move because you're scared that it would ruin your nails. I might be lazy but i like being productive...LOL!

I have not experienced any major chipping for 2 days that i have this on without any top coat.. just very minimal chipping at the edge, but nothing that's too obvious. Only a maximum of 2 days though because i got so impatient to wait it out so i removed it to wear another polish..hehe.. But those 2 days are still good because i cooked, typed, scratched Charlie (our dog) a thousand times, etc & it withstood my everyday wear & tear.

I am planning to get more shades if i can but for now what i want to add to my collection would be the mood changing polish!

Let's summarize it....
  • it's very fun to use! perfect for summer!
  • dries fast
  • DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde free
  • no animal testing
  • was able to withstand minor wear & tear, no major chipping for 2 days \
  • bottle is big so it could go a long way!
  • color change will only be seen when you are exposed to UV rays so only during daytime
  • not locally available
There ya go.
This might be wishful thinking in wanting this to be locally available but i sure hope that it would be...hehe

I got mine from Sis Annie!

Have you tried any color changing polish?
If you can, try it! You won't regret it! The fun factor is really heaven-high!

Have a great week!

Jaa ne~

I feel guilty posting this one while the Japan disaster is still fresh but i decided to get this out of the way since i have promised a couple of my readers that i had this originally planned posting last weekend. I won't be blogging for a week just as a way to somehow share the grief of Japanese people.

Feel free to drop me an email or messages if you want to, i'll still reply. I just don't feel like sharing "kikay"/girly things while a good number of people are still suffering. You can go over my last post if you want to.

Until then,hunnies.
May God help us all!


Kai said...

>_< Great Share!! I was looking for these 3 years ago and forgot about it until now...

Michelle said...

WOAH!! I've never heard of these!! I want!!

ThRiSzHa said...

great review.. love my del sol too.. we're lucky for we had try this changing polish.. what about the mood polish?/ natry mona ba??

btw, i'll be missing u.. xoxo

Kim Axani said...


AskMeWhats said...

wow, I'd be excited waiting for the shades to change din! your nails look really nice!

noone said...

nice shades you got, I understand what you mean about Japan, it's really quite tragic and those ppl had no warning that it would happen.

Aya said...

Waaa I want some toooooo :D

Hazel said...

aww too bad it's not available here!! :( they are cost-saving din ha! it looks like you bought a lot of nail polish for a price of one bottle hahaha ;D

Madz said...

Gusto ko rin! It's like cheating, it will look like I have a different nail polish when outdoors!

I love the red on you too :)

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