Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mascara Review: Etude House Oh~ m'Eye Lash Double Up Longlash

I love fiber mascaras!

I think everyone who have short lashes should use fiber mascaras because it makes a heck of a difference! My first fiber mascara was NYX Doll Eye Mascara (pardon the unsightly pictures, that was one of the posts that i made on my early blogging years & the quality is not that good) & my fascination with fiber mascaras had grew. My favorite FM (fiber mascara) is Fiberwig, but since it's not available here in my country the search for an alternative had me checking every cosmetic line out there if there is a good substitute.

Luckily, Etude House has one.

It's called the Oh~ m'Eye lash Double Up Longlash. The bottle reminded me of the NYX Doll Eye Mascara, just the bottle.

I love the wand!

my nail design is a full water decal.

It is quite thin which makes it easy to work with on your lower lashes compare to traditional bristle wands.

See the fibers?

Actually when i opened it i noticed that the formulation is quite dry....quite disappointed...

I thought this was a complete waste because i  prefer my mascara to be watery which would make coating each individual lashes easier. But it proved me wrong when i applied it. Even though the formulation is drier than what i'm used to, it was still able to coat my lashes & extending it with the fibers! Another thing is that since the formula is dry, it would avoid clumping of lashes!

Goes to show that you can't judge a mascara based on how it looks like! XD

Look at this picture to see how it made my lashes look fuller & longer!

If you notice the first pic, it is just curled. Sorry if the lighting was a bit off, i was indoors when i took the 1st pic.

Curling your lashes would open up your eyes, as we all know, but since this is a fiber mascara, it would weigh the curl down, which i think is just natural. It managed to maintain my curls, albeit only half though..hahaha! .... not bad for a fiber mascara! i always use a clear mascara or a lash primer to prep up my lashes/maintain my curls whenever i use FM, but i guess since the formulation is already pretty dry so it's highly likely to add any unnecessary weigh.

You can give your curl a boost by using a heated lash curler after mascara application (especially fiber mascaras). As what i said before, combing your lashes upwards will make your eyes look rounder, combing it outwards will give you that cat-eye look.

I'm not sure if this is waterproof. I think it's not because i was able to easily remove it just by washing with soap & water (when used alone). The only thing about this is that i have experienced very minimal flaking... not too obvious though.
Hey, even Fiberwig flakes on me! no big deal!

This is how it looked like compare to my other eye without any mascara. See how mascaras make a big difference in the eyes! sorry for the unkempt brow though..tee hee!

As for the price, this is really pretty cheap! I bought mine for only Php198 (approx $4), i think... dirt cheap if i may say so!

I have found a cheaper alternative to Fiberwig! yay!


  • gives you that falsies-look in just a couple of swipes
  • wand is great!
  • no clumping
  • dirt cheap
  • locally available
  • can be easily removed with water & soap
  • might not be able in other countries
  • i think this is not waterproof
  • minimal flaking
Will i buy it?
Why, Y-E-S!
It makes m'Eye Lashes look really long & full so this is already a must-have item for me.... plus it's pretty cheap! Yay for that!

I found my 2nd Etude House favorite product!
I mean i think most of you know that i buy at Etude not really because im a fan of their products but the store is really cute... hahaha! But now, i have 2 items that i can't live without! This mascara & the proof 10 primer!

Way to go, Etude House!
I hope i'll be able to find more products that would make it on my "favorites" list. I would like to try their Jelly Top Coat next!

Have you tried any fiber mascaras?

Hope you all will have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


AskMeWhats said...

buti ka pa you have lower lashes, ako NONE talaga! I like the brush! It looks easy to 'navigate' naku! mukhang Etude house is making great mascaras ha! I repurchased Proof 10 Henna Mascara, so I won't be buying any other pa for now na from Etude House :)

herroyalbleakness said...

absolutely pretty Jem! I ♥ eeet! nice review... swertr ng etude ah. :)

im heading the store for this and the proof 10 eye primer... you are one bad blogger! grrr... im lemming so much coz of ur reviews.

i loved how this mascara goes natural on the lashes and gets easily washed off. i dont want hard-to-clean mascaras ---- bad for the eyes!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

i wanna try this sis! ang ganda ng effect... your lashes looked fuller nga! how much is it pala?

Janet said...

This is my Favorite Mascara!! it doesn't clump nor smudge and best of it its so damn affordable! Glad u also like it. (^_^)

Unknown said...

awww looks amazing!!!:D sis sugar gave me one of these and yet Im still mascara retarded...I envy your lower lashes...or your lashes in general...I have zero short ones that no heated curler can save :P

great review sis :)

Pammy said...

It made your lashes fuller and more defined. Love how it opened up your cute chinky eyes.:P

Hollie said...

nice one! and it's buildable too.
I love the shape of the applicator, might give that a try... sooon.
I still have a couple of Maybelline mascaras to finish. hehe

I so envy your lower lashes.

Michelle said...

Hmmm.... I don't think I've ever tried fiber mascaras before. I'll give this one a try after I'm done with my current mascaras. :)

Crystal said...

hmm interesting ha? i'll try this one i finish my STASH of mascaras. haha

Unknown said...

thanks for the review! never tried fiber mascaras and for the price I think this is great to start with.

Jenggay said...

Hi there Thia,

Nice review, I'm not a mascara girl because I wear contact lenses, but after seeing your review, it makes me want to go to Etude now..hehe!

New follower here. Love your blog, especially your notds..:)

DeBi said...

weee...ganda major! kaso dalawa pa ung sa akin eh...baka matuyo time...

Kim Axani said...

Very nice indeed! And the price can't be beat!I like the witty name, too =) Looks good on you!

Catmare said...

Kita ko talaga ang difference. I think I should also try Fiber Mascaras. I have short lashes too. =/

jubpas said...

Thank you

jubpas said...

weee...ganda major! kaso dalawa pa ung sa akin eh...baka matuyo time...

Nadine said...

Me too, I wear contact lenses(because I'm blind as a bat without it.) This product is awesome, it doesn't get into your eyes given that you don't poke your eye with the wand.:)

Thiamere Brea said...

it's definitely a keeper,right?

Chen said...

good I juz bought one from gmarket... 2 pieces for 8.90... the best offer...

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