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Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's help~

I was devastated upon hearing that a tsunami just engulfed the northern most part of Japan. Once a place that's prosperous, now it's filled with grief from all the lives that was taken away from a single sweep of water.

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 I just can't imagine the loss of the victims. If i put myself in their shoes, thinking of how dreams, properties, happy memories that i had with our houses, things that have sentimental values for me, etc.. being swept away in just a single flash just reduce me to a teary-state how much more for these people.

My heart goes out to Japan. Japan is one country that is really very dear to me, same with South Korea. If you can donate, please do so for im sure a small amount can go a long way! You can click HERE to get to know how.

If you can't provide any financial help, uttering a simple prayer would also help. I'm sure that this is something that we all can do. I hope that as you read this post, you utter a simple prayer to all the people who died, is still missing, experiencing grief, etc. that they may be able to find peace/recover from this. 

As what we always say, God only gives us something that we can overcome. I'm sure that this is something that will leave a big mark in Japan's history. Let's try to help as much as we can.


Michelle said...

I hope they find the missing people already. :(

DeBi said...

thats so sweet of breaks my heart to see such disaster happen to other people. I can still remember ondoy two years back...oh goodness!


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