Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my new MLBB lipstick: Avon's Simply Pretty

I have been looking for a good nude lipstick ever since. I have tried a lot but it just doesn't work with my lips. My first nude lipstick is MAC Blankety. It gives me that perfect nude lips without the cadaver-look.

But the search for a "my lips but better" is not yet over. I still want that nude lips but with a touch of color. Blankety, while it is the perfect nude, it is really NUDE. What i want is a subtle hint of color without overly shouting that i have lipstick on.

I have tried a couple of nude lipsticks but it just doesn't seem to work on me...

Boy, was i glad when Sis Thriszha gave me Avon's Simply Pretty Love in Bloom lipstick because it is exactly what i am looking for!

It looks cute with that heart-shaped tip though i still prefer my lipsticks to have that normal pointy tip for easier application. I find that i can get away with using it without a lip liner just by having a very evened-out pointy-tip. The shade that i love is the Pink Rose. I don't even know how to describe the color for i'm not good in describing color details but this is how it looks like.

.. uhhh... mauve pink?!
shiranai! i don't know...

Anyway, i love how it looks on my lips. Here are the pics of my bare lips & also the one with it on..

Doesn't it look nice?
It is able to even out my natural lip color, which is pretty pigmented!

Staying power is pretty decent. I was really surprise when it lasted on me for hours! No heavy eating or drinking of course. I don't need to reapply every now & then.

Just make sure that you use a lip balm underneath to prep your lips prior to application. This is not matte so it won't really dry your lips out but it still helps to put a balm underneath. If im going to compare it to a mac finish it would be like Satin finish.

What's great about this one is that it is really cheap! I bought a back up for this & it's only for Php 130 (approx. $3), though it only has 3.5g, but it's no big deal for you can just buy it again & again at your avon dealer. You can just wait for a certain sale period, because i know that Avon usually give discounts every now & then. If i am able to catch it at a discount price i'll gladly buy 5 more of this! LOL!

So, let's make a summary:
  • pigmented
  • staying power is ok
  • cheap
  • locally available
  • doesn't make my lips chap like crazy unlike other lipsticks.
  • none that i could think of

Will i buy it again?!
Definitely! It's already a must on my make-up case!

Have you tried any Avon lipsticks?
What's your favorite?

Hope that you all will have a good day!

Jaa ne~!


Ida said...

ganda, thiamere. :) MLBB nga talaga.

Unknown said...

I want an Avon dealer next to me...NOW! XD

Aya said...

I have this one too and I'm loving it! I was just actually about to post my review on it when I saw this. Hahaha! What a coincidence :D

Miss Shopcoholic said...

sis, the shade looks so pretty on you! inggit ako sa lips mo, so pouty! btw, i cant help but notice your nail art. Stamp ba yan or yung nail stickers?

Pammy said...

Oooh, it is indeed MLBB! Love it on your lips! And the lipstick is heart-shaped? Cute! :P

Cris said...

It does look very natural & pretty :).

DeBi said...

yes I did try from the same line 2 years back and it was still pointed then...cute ng heart shape niya! hehehe
yeah it looks good on you, MLBB ng bonggang bongga!

Hollie said...

that's such a pretty shade.
the only Avon lippies I have are the ones that I won from Nikki of askmewhats. I'm really loving the Avon ultra rich moisture liptick in sheer buff and Nectar! they're awesome!

Michelle said...

Heart ba talaga yung shape nyan? Ang cuuuute!! :D

Eve said...

The heart is SO CUUTEEE!!

Kim Axani said...

I LOVE that heart tip, it's so cute! I didn't know Avon made lipsticks like that!
And your nails are gorgeus! How did you do that?!

Mira said...

I didn't know Avon made lipsticks like that either.
I want to get some just because of the heart shape.
Looks pretty btw.

Introvert said...

I love the pretty heart shape! :) My MLBB lipstick is Revlon's ginger rose. It's the perfect lipstick that looks like my lips only pinker and fuller. Definitely worth the money.

Crystal said...

oh this is nice! hmm parang i want too :)

Chrissy said...

Wow your nails are so long sis! Anyway, I want to try Avon lipsticks again... I had a bad experience with them before but I really shouldn't let that deter me, right? :)

Catmare said...

i love that it looks natural on your lips. very nice :)

Anna Luisa said...

Me likey! Will probably check this out and compare with my nichido sheer lipstick. if this is better, i'll have to switch to this. i love that it looks so natural on your lips. :)

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