Sunday, April 04, 2010

~Weekend haul:looking for a primer~

How's your Easter?
Hope you had a great one.

When i checked my weekend haul post, the last i made was still last January. I did not even get to haul as much this year compare to last year. Hisashiburi...

Anyway, bf & i went to the mall because i told him that i want to get myself a face primer. I really wanted to try the Ellana Make it last Primer but since i only know of 2 spots where it's being sold on weekends & trains wasn't available so i wasn't able to. Instead we just went to the mall to eat, watched Clash of the Titans & go shopping.

Had lunch at Healthy Shabu-Shabu... seafood hot pot & beef loins too. Yum! We always eat there. It's 1 of our all-time favorites! What's there not to love about hot pots?

Watched Clash of the Titans...'s ok...

Then before we go home we ate at Sakae Sushi restaurant to try the "Eat all you can Sushi"... It's actually interesting because just like those other sushi restaurants in japan where the sushi are placed on like a machine that is being passed around where you sat & get to choose your own sushi. The sushis are not exactly of excellent quality, but hey! it's the experience! It's fun to be able to choose you own sushi & just wait until something fancy caught your eye & wait for it to come to you.

Going back...

Went to The Face Shop & was thinking of buying their primer, but when i tried the tester it feels somewhat 'sticky' for something that is oil-free. I have been looking for a good primer. I have tried the Philosophy the present clear make-up & i think it's nice. But since Beauty Bar is far from where i live so im trying to look for a substitute & i have 'swatched' Ellana's primer & it has that velvety-finish.

I just bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation & the Colorstay eyeliner to be used for waterlining.

Then i noticed that when i switched to Neutrogena, my acne stopped so i bought the cleanser too & i get to have a free umbrella. yay for freebies! Likas papaya because i didn't get to use sunscreen regularly & i see some of my freckles starting to appear again... ekkkk! That's the bad thing about my skin..i develop freckles easily especially when im exposed to the sun. *sigh*

Love Pocky too so i just have to buy some.... but then all that's left is the Strawberry flavor. Demo Daijoubo! Ichigo-flavored Pocky is Oishi!

Help me out,girls...
What's the primer that you are using?

I want a primer that has skin-benefits. I don't want to use a moisturizer underneath the primer therefore i want a primer that can act as a moisturizer too. As of the moment, the Philosophy The Present Clear Make-up is on my top list... but i can't get one myself for the meantime.

Any recommendations?

Hope y'all have a great start for the week!

Jaa ne~!


CherryColors said...

Ohhh you could try the Etude House Proof 10 primer. I love it! :D
I have UDPP and this one is even better than UDPP!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I'm currently using no primers but I should when I apply foundation on.

ohhhh! I love the strawberry pocky pretzel sticks! So good. hehe.

shaynaJo said...

hi, u're a pocky's fan? hahah.. i'm one and I can get crazy with buying pocky from different flavours :P
btw, since u're looking for a face primer, i might suggest u with MAC prep + Prime, or smashbox photofinish face primer :)

Jamie said...

I've been told that the NARS primer has some benefits to skin :) you can maybe check that out! As to whether you can use it as a moisturizer i guess you have to try it out in person to see if it is for you!
i'm using smashbox primer right now and to be honest, there is nothing really amazing (other than keep my foundation well in place!). I've tried DHC Skin Velvet Coat and it was very silicon-rich and not very comfortable on skin.
Hope this helps!

donnarence said...

i am looking for an e/s primer.. hmm.. i am not into face primers though but i use the face shop green makeup base..

Jillsabs said...

My UDPP is about to run out and I'm also on the lookout for an eyeshadow primer.

I'm also interested in a face primer because at the end of the day, my whole face is oily but my "primered" lids remain matte and shine free! I would love to have that same effect for my face :)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

For some reason I never really got into primers. The only thing I apply that acts (supposedly) as a primer is my Biore Oil-Free moisturizer. It found that it helps keep my Angelfit Foundation or BB Cream stay all day.

+ S T A R + said...

i only have one primer - faceshop
it sucks.

i dont use primer now but i want to try ellana primer since i am an ellana user.

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

hi sis! how are you?? i'm looking for a good primer too. for now i'm using l'egere as my foundie base. it prevents my foundie to cake but it's a bit oily. :(

korak! vacation is the best! hihi..

Miss Shopcoholic said...

i have TFS too, so-so lang. Still looking for other face and eye primer. I find UDPP expensive..

Sarah said...

OOh a good primer is so hard to find huh!! I struggle!!
However the best one I have used I would have to say is Clarins Perfect touch which I've blogged about before!!
I hope you find your HG Primer soon my dear :)

Golden said...

Nice haul. What's Pocky? Hehe. Is it like Yanyan. Haha!

That sushi restaurant is interesting. I'm so sorry though as I can't recommend good primers as of the moment. :(

Lots of love,

PS, I hope you get to have your own domain too. :)

Golden said...

Aww, pareho tayo. Biglang naglitawan mga pimples sa t-zone ko because of apple cider vinegar. Hubby told me to stop using it na kasi nga daw lumalala na pimples ko pero tigas ng ulo ko at tinuloy-tuloy ko pa rin ng 1 week. Buti na lang at natauhan din ako. I already stopped using it and my pimples are all dried out. Thanks to my eskinol dalacin-c solution. Problem ko na lang ngayon yung mga ugly marks left by the pimples.

The pink J&J wipes is actually much better. Sobrang bango and ang lambot sa skin, parang may lotion. Yun nga lang twice the price of the blue J&J wipes.

Lots of love,

Golden said...

Ahh, now I know. I think they even have pepero festival. I've read it from Jehan's blog She's a pinay living in Korea. Thanks for the link sis. Will watch one pag tulog na si Jam. LOL.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Go for Ellana Makeitlast Gel-based Primer. It's oil free though it somehow feels oily when you're spreading it on the face. But amazingly, it really gives a matte finish. :)

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