Sunday, April 04, 2010

~im IT!~

It's already Easter here so "Happy Easter to all"!

I've been trying to catch up on all the tags & awards that i got. I feel like this would be a nice way to start it. Mareng Jing tagged me a long time ago. Sorry kung natagalan, mare!

This is more of a personal post...

I really don't want to watermark this pics, but since it's very easy to just take pics in the internet so i don't have a choice.

I asked my mum where my baby pics are & she gave me the whole album & since my blog is already a part of me, i decided to share a few of my pics as well.

I'll start with this

This was taken at my grandparent's house. They surrounded me with dolls saying that i could almost passed as one of the dolls... This is 1 of the pics that i like the most... kawaii de sho?

Me in my pajamas...Maybe i'm a year old here...I don't know...

I think my mum kept this pajamas because i remember seeing this somewhere here in our house...or maybe she used it to dress up 1 of our baby dolls here...

Then this is from my 1st birthday party!

Mum said i got cake all over me because as i was blowing the candles, i leaned too much. Blowing cakes for 1 year olds are not an easy feat...Btw, that's my aunt..not my mum..

Then i saw this 1 too....
Mum loved to dress & fix me up with matching dresses & clips!

She also said that people love making me laugh... saying that whenever i do my eyes always so...I still do this up to now...

This is 1 of the the best pics because i look like the doll at the top... See?

I want to tag everyone to do this. Since you are already sharing a part of your life with us through blogging, why not share your childhood with us.

Hope you'll have a great Easter!

Jaa ne~!

I'm currently going bananas watching japanese dramas...Why are Japanese actors so hot?
Kamenashi Kazuya & Miura Haruma takes me breath away...
I feel like an infatuated teenager <3
Since i am so into these dramas, i figured that i would do a Gyaru-look for my next eyelook post.
\(^_^ )v


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I didn't really noticed you surrounded by the dolls. LOL.

maki said...

you are so cute!

donnarence said...

hi jem.. i miss reading posts... omg you are so damn cute ah.. you have this genuine smile ! and your mom loves dressing you up.. :D

Sarah said...

OMG you are such a cutie pie!!!! The one with the pony tails in the blue and white dress is soooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! x

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

you are such a cute baby! :DD I love the picture where you were laughing :)

DinaXYYan said...

Aww, you look really cute :D

+ S T A R + said...

thiamere thank you for doing the tag.

haha! yung last pic mo ang lakas siguro ng tawa mo that time.
you also had lots of dolls. para ka na ring doll kasama sila sa pic. haha.

Anastacia said...

What an adorable pictures! You had a lot of beautiful dolls!

CHARRY said...

Cute! :)

Golden said...

You were such a beautiful kid. I love dressing up Jamjam too. Hehe. LOL at the comparison you made between the younger you and the doll.

Waa! Where do you watch Japanese drama sis? Pashare naman. :)

Lots of love,

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