Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Project 10 pan starts now!

I have been telling myself that i have to do the project pan for quite sometime now. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but seeing as my collection is growing, i want to at least tell myself that i have hit pan on something or best really used up at least 5 products.

Im the type of person that hates being under an obligation, especially when it comes to money. When i said that i'll send/pay for something i make it sure that i do it. So when i said that i am putting myself under an obligation to finish all of these, I will do it. It looks like i would have a hard time controlling my urges, but since this is an obligation (yep,not a promise!) i have no choice but to oblige.

This would be my version of Project 10 pan...
  • I won't be buying any cosmetics/perfumes up until i hit pan/finish all of products mentioned below.
  • This doesn't apply to the products that i have already bought online.
  • If i would have to buy something, it would only be toiletries, facial care, accessories (specifically dangling earrings only)& a traincase.
  • It doesn't mean that i can splurge out just because im doing this. I can only spend a maximum of $50 (yes, this also calls for saving up!) since i already have everything that i need.
  • In relation to this, i would try to at least post 5 product reviews & 5 eyelook/make-up look posts while im on the project.

Hence, project 10 pan will start now.

*clears throat*
All the products that are required for this project kindly line up!

Products are as follows (starting from the top left going right, then same with the bottom)
  • Etude House Cleansing Dream Cleansing Water
  • The Face Shop Nail Enamel Remover
  • Bench Pure Mist Facial Mist
  • Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry
  • Nivea Visage Q10 Eye Cream
  • Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control Film
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit
  • Placenta Cream as my moisturizer
  • Stila Jade Blossom Solid Perfume
I choose products that i specifically use every now & then.

I think the only thing that i would have difficulty using all up is the Cleansing Water since i only need 2 pumps to get all of my make-up removed (review HERE). Uh oh..this is going to be quite tricky.

Etude House Cleansing Water has 50% left

The Face Shop Nail Enamel Remover has 95% left

Bench Pure Mist Facial Spray has 50% left

Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry has 40% left

Nivea Visage Q10 EYE Cream has 30% left

Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact has 70% left

Clean & Clear Oil Film has 80% left

ELF Eyebrow Kit has 90% left (though for this, the only thing i'll hit pan on is the cream since i rarely use the powder)

Placenta Cream has 40% left

Stila Jade Blossom Solid Perfume has 60% left

With all these, it's my obligation to stand up to my word & finish everything up before buying anything again. Once project is done, im entitled to get something from my Wishlist.

Well it looks like im all set for this.
Project 10 pan will now commence!

Jaa ne~!


Askmewhats said...

goodluck! i have a feeling you will succeed! :) But it will take a bit of time to finish them! go go go!!!! You can do it!!!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Xoxo~ Thats nice you started project 10 pan!
I have deal with myself as well. I'll be buy only one item after I finish a product I already using. I think it works :)

Good luck to you with that!

By the way, I am already finished The Face Shop polish remover one :P

nikkiz. said...

good luck! you can do it!

Khymm said...

Goodluck sis!=) ako di pa ako naka-hit ng pan! except for my elf glow blushes! hehe

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Whoa, that's going to take some time to finish up all 10 products O_O Hey! I have the nivea chapstick thing but in cherry. lol. It's like really really red. lol. Best of wishes to you! You can finish all products before moving on to the other ones =]

Dina (XYYan) said...

good luck on the project 10 pan! :D

Golden said...

Good luck with the project 10 pan. :)

Lots of love,

Stephanie said...

awesome! I want to do some version of this. The problem is I'm messy and have to gather up some items. I'd probably rather throw some I have away since they are expired to me. That'll be my version.

I liked the clause you have in your project 10 pan where you are allowed to buy "specifically dangling earrings only" lol!

Anonymous said...

you can do it sis...go! go!



Anonymous said...

you can do it sis!..go! go!

Pammy said...

Go girl! You can do it. :P

Anonymous said...

Good luck thia kaya mo yan aja hihi :P

have a great day!!


Sarah said...

Woo hoo for project 10 pan!!! I sooo need to do this!!!! Wow you are so organised, I love it :)
Can't wait to see your updates on this hun!!!

trizh űű said...

goodluck sister !

Catmare said...

i also have the TFS nail polish remover. lol. I bought it because you said it was good. And you're right! I love it =)

Pop Champagne said...

I'm trying to finish my Nivea moisturizer too! frick there's like 100 ml in the thing, so much to go through -_- good luck on your project 10 pan!

Chrissy said...

Go sis!! Kaya yan, mabilis lang yan!!

♥ mia said...

i'm also thinking of doing something like this.. let's see, let's see.. teehee

goodluck thia! :) here's to willpower! :D

fortheloveofbeautybylara said...

Good luck with it! I have a similar project.. I call it Project All Pan (see my blog) lol. But I will never finish it! Most of your products are 50% used which is good! :)

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