Friday, February 05, 2010

im a proud owner of the most expensive cream on the world + loving JULU

I am a very proud mama of this tiny baby... The courier arrived today & i ripped it open immediately!

The La Prairie Creme Cellulaire Platinum Rare Anti-aging cream...that sure is a handful name...LOL

No, i did not buy it. There's no way i can afford this, but i won it when i joined Frances' OK! magazine contest. w00t w00t!

Ain't the spatula grand?!
Looks so cute!
it's a spatula..isn't it?
im not so sure..LOL!
i think it is...

Wondering how small this it?

it's that small...
Im in a dilemma...I really don't know if im going to use this or not since there's no way in hell i can buy this again if it works for me. hahaha!

Anyway, im really so happy!
Thanks a lot, Frances. More power to you & OK! mag.

I so love my new accessories that i can't resist posting a pic....

Sorry if the background looks messy because i took this at our backyard...hehe
I was taking advantage of the natural light & i forgot that we still had some clothes on the clothesline. XD

So i had to put some decos just to cover it up..

I had to style my hair up so that my earrings won't tangle with it...

I did not tease my hair. I just did a poof, it's easy for me to make it like that because my hair does have volume & thanks to Changpo Magic Hair Shampoo & Conditioner from The Face Shop that im able to keep my hair in shape, shiny & bouncy! I feel like a hair model..LOL

Yep, i sure do feel like a princess!

The only thing that i'm wishing for right now is that i do know how to use photoshop so that i can get to change the background of my pics. i like how the left earring swings up yet didn't blur at all!

Sorry about the blemishes...i took this the moment i opened my package & haven't had the time to do some touch ups... Love the buttahflys!

She is such a darling that she included some freebies...

Revlon Color Stay Lip Color in Satin Rosewood
Victoria's Secret in Plum Passion

I forgot to say, but i used Satin Rosewood on my pics... Such a nice color,right?

I love everything,Steph!
Thank you again!

I'll definitely be buying some more. Maybe even ask you to do a personal custom-made earrings for me in the near future..hehe

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

woah,yeah i saw the winners post..and congrats!!!..use it sis then if youd run out display the container hahaha,label it the worlds most expensive Moisturizer...=p.the packaging looks sosyal...nice earrings bagay sau yung naka pony up

The NeuroChiq said...

Congrats, Thia! Naexcite din tuloy ako sa cream ko, kaso wala pa. Waiting for our messenger! =P

And just want to say you have such beautiful, smiling eyes!! =)

gracie said...

congrats sis! woot woot! most expensive beauty product in the entire universe are in your hands girl! hahaha! Lam ko yung feeling parang nung first time ko mag ka mac iniisip ko bka di n ako makabili wahahahaha!! Your julus are pretty!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Packaging of this product looks so expensive too! That is such great prize for contest! Congrats for won it!
Yay! Pretty pictures!

Ida said...

the cream does look expensive...i wonder how much it is? anyway, congrats on winning girl! :D the earrings look lovely, lalo na yung gold butterflies.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww. you're wearing Julu's Butterfly Chandelier earrings! They're gorgeous and you're gorgeous! So classy, I love the picture!!

The product is in such a cute container. haha. Congrats on winning love!

Khymm said...

wow! that's an expensive cream sis! lucky you.. congrats!

Blovet Beauty said...

BAbes! Thks for ur sweeet words! I was busy checking out the baby blog u recommended! I'm loving the packaging of ur super exp cream, looks divine! U look great with ur hair up too!

Askmewhats said...

Congrats for winning! You deserve it :) Enjoy and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the cream!

oOchaOo said...

wow that's expensive nga sis!! congrats on winning :)
btw, your pics are really fab!!

Anonymous said...

wow!congrats sis! sa packaging palang sosyal na hihihi,,ang cutecute, you're so lucky girl:)I love your julu's accessories too, bagay sayo sis.

herroyalbleakness said...


You're so pretty! Luv your eyes!

And you know how happy I am for for winning, right? LOL, i went ecstatic the moment I saw your name kaya i dropped you a note sa chatbox ;)

Steph's earrings looks greaaaat on you! I wanna see you wear that gold pair with solid colored tops... the pretty printed top kinda gets half of the attention that is due the earrings :) so i wanna see how it looks when you wear it with basic tees/tops *hugs*

makeupbaby said...

wow congratz ms thia! you're so lucky lucky. Im loving the top and You look great with your hair up!looking fab as always.

locke said...

hurray! congrats too :) love your pics and swirly hearts nails :D happy weekend! ^-^

♥ mia said...

congratzzulationzzz! (channeling congratulations on wowowee hahaha)

Y said...

nice! and btw, are the comments supposed to look really squished together as if everyone posted a oneliner?

laneige couture said...

wow! u totally deserve it!!! congratulations!

twinsouls888 said...

Wow Congratz girl for winning the most expensive cream, oh my ^_^. It looks really expensive hehe.

You look so cute with your new earrings and the princess crown hehe.

Thanks so much girl for joining the Skin MD Giveaway and for the sweet comments about my eyes prob, I appreciate it a lot ^_^

Have a happy weekend to you, I'm sure you are, with La Prairie in your hand ;)

Golden said...

Wow! Congratulations for winning the OK mag contest. Didn't know that La Prairie somethin' (haha!) is the most expensive cream. You're so lucky! I love how you style your hair. You really know what styles suit you. I'm also loving those earrings. And the freebies! Waa! Enjoy your goodies dearie.

BTW, thanks for recommending those Korean food. Will try them next time.

Lots of love,

GirL With GLasSes... said...

you look very pretty on your julu photo!

congratulations on winning that expensive cream. ano yan? ngayon ko lang narinig yan mare.

Crystal said...

wow congrats sis! la prairie!

Anna said...

wow congrats. :P

Stephanie said...

you know i'll stealing these pics right? hehe. so gorgeous! I loved the borders and comments, haha. Glad you liked the makeup too :)

congrats on winning the prize! I've never heard of that brand before.

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