Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm a fan of FAN brush!

Is this true?

I can hardly believe it myself. I can't believe im making this post either. I'm not a beauty snob, & i think i will never be. I love taking a look at the inexpensive products out there & see for myself if it is good.

I have had this fan brush for like forever! I bought it because it's small & it's better to tote along with..never did i know that i got more than what i paid for. This has been sitting on my brush drawer, neglected for quite sometime up til my blush brush is very dirty & i have no other brush left. I rediscovered it's potential from that time on.

I'm sure that you have seen or even used fan brushes. I'm just letting you know the other possibilities of this brush. So i'll just let my pics do more of the talking from here on... Sorry because i did not bother to conceal my blemishes at all so you'll see acne marks & large open pores. I just put a light dusting of powder. I'm trying to not put make-up as much as possible. Just try your best to ignore it,ok? LOL!

This one works for me, i'm not in anyway advertising that you go & ditch your brushes,ok? I'm also not a pro so use at your own discretion. Now that we have that out of the way, let's start.


What the fudge?!
Is this even possible?

We know that we use an angled brush for contouring purposes & what else. if you want a really well-defined cheekbones, then this it's best to use this. However, if you just want a soft definition, then a fan brush is a good candidate. I'm using the word "good candidate", ok?

I have this contour brush but i very rarely reach for it it. I have only used it 5x max. I prefer just a soft contour since my everyday look is mostly just simple ulzzang. So i mostly reach for my fan brush.

This is my pic with just a light dusting of powder. Once again, sorry for the acne marks. (-__-")
Pic of my full, almost-naked face, no definition at all & is rather round.

Since i'm feeling lazy, i just reached for my 10 pc. blush palette to do the job. This is merely for picture purpose.

Then i dip my fan brush on the 'contour' powder.

Then i just swipe some on the lower part of my cheek...then blend it out..

Again, i just do light applications, but you can see the difference with what a contouring can do to your face. It made my round face a tad bit sharper & lifted my cheek.

Just think if i actually opted for a more precise, well-defined cheekbones. I can totally change the shape of my face.

That's the power of make-up!
So there, i used a fan brush for this...now let's move on to the other use of fan brush...


As what i said a while ago, i originally purchased this as a blush brush & it does the job. If you watched my video, you'll see how nice my fan brush fits my cheek.

One thing that i forgot to add is that when you contour, make sure you bring the color up to your temples....

& of course your jawline...

You can also use it to 'hide' away your double chin...I do this because i have it!
On to the last part..


Why not?!

Since this is wide enough to be used, then you can definitely use this to take off all the excess powders left on your face...like so..

Brush it away with just a simple swipe.....

& you're ready to go!

See how fast & easy it takes to do a full face make-up using just a single brush? Not only in this brush, brushes have a lot of use. I have even seen a blog post swearing by that MAC 168 can be used to apply foundations. We all just have to be creative enough to find other uses for our tools.

  • multi-purpose
  • cheap
  • can last you a long time too
  • handle is short so you won't have a choice for control/applying pressure

I bought this fan brush years ago & i'm not even sure if it's still available. Just look for a regular fan brush out there.

Now, if you would ask me, what brushes i can't live without, i would have to answer a fan brush & a kabuki brush. That's all i need to my full face make-up.


Again, things that work for me, might not work for you. This post is just for you to explore the possibilities of a regular fan brush & all the other brushes that you must have been neglecting.

Hope y'all have a great day!

Jaa ne~!


e.motion in motion said...

Great post! I have a few of these lying around and never though to use them! Now I know how to make better use of them :D

Sarah said...

Ohhh I loved this post! I have stacks of these little brushes from palettes and things tooo i will def. give this a go!!! :)

locke said...

galing mo ms. thia! the way you applied the make up using the fan brush is definitely superb! =D it also proves na pwedeng i-aaply ang make up using simple brushes like the fan brush.thumbs up!

shaynaJo said...

the small little fan brush is so cute! reminds me of mine too but i gave up in using it coz it will always slipped from my hand and dropped on the floor while using it. hahah...

maki said...

inneresting..i have fan brushes lying around, been ignoring them

Simply Effortless said...

Nice explanation, I also have a fan brush but it's just the brush that comes with my foundation compact and it's not soft. Can you suggest a brand? Soft but not so expensive ones.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

That is so nice tutorial you did! I have a few of this fan brushes but I totally can't using them, just don't know how. So and after your update I am gonna try it again!

And thanQ so much for the nice comment to me! I am really appreciate it!

Jing said...

thats a very versatile brush!

san mo nabili yan mare?

Golden said...

This is an interesting post. Ang galing! You're so resourceful.

On the side note sis, I see that your face is starting to clear up. Yay! Sis, I hope you don't mind me asking what regimen you are using. I want to try it too.

Lots of love,

Khymm said...

wow! that's a multi-purpose brush! sis, do you have a tut on how to contour and to hide a double chin? ito rin prob ko coz I have a round face eh..

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