Thursday, February 18, 2010

~rants & rambling:are you qualified to beauty blog?~

This is going to be a boring, emotional & heart-pouring type of rant, so i'd totally understand if you wouldn't want to read this.

I have never been as bothered as i was before when i read the article pertaining to beauty blogging. I am a very positive person as what you should have all known. I tried to look at the 2 sides in everything, but this the one time that really riled me up.

You can go over HERE to take a look at the article.

This is my very own opinion as a beauty blogger & as a consumer. Hence, im saying sorry i offended anybody with this post, but im not singling out anybody.

A question that i want to ask all of you is:
"Why do you read beauty blogs?"

I can ask a lot more follow-up questions with that, but i'll just leave you with that question for the meantime while i go on rambling.

I'm pretty sure that most of you have already read the article about the "relationship" (does it have any?) between beauty blogging & professional journalism. Do we classify 'blogs' as part of the media? What do you think?

I started blogging because i want to keep a journal about my beauty adventures. I write anything that i want because i am my own boss. Nobody tells me what to write or to not write. I share what works with me. I am not a professional & is not aiming to be one. Now, does that make me unqualified to voice out my opinion. Maybe so since i did not study to be a pro, but that won't stop me from sharing my thoughts.

I don't really read magazines that much, i recently started reading OK! magazine (which is not exactly a beauty magazine), mainly because of Frances. She is the editor-in-chief of OK! & does a fab job! I browse magazines, but not really the type who collects it to fed my beauty addiction. I'd rather read those that came straight from ordinary girls like me.

What really made an impact is my watching make-up videos on Youtube. I find that i can connect with them because they are mostly ordinary people who doesn't give a fig about having a license in mixing colors & foundations. I can relate with the simple words they are using, not some jargons out there on some beauty magazines that makes it seem so professional that ordinary people can't even relate to.

I respect their passion because they give their time & effort no matter how busy they are.They have an effect, not just on me, but on most beauty afficionados as well because they can connect with us. (I know that i'm going in circles, but i want to stress that out)

I also have respect for those make-up artists who had spent lots of years learning the ropes of the field. They invested time, money & a lot of effort.

What i don't have respect for are those who looks at people down just because they think that the other is not professional enough to 'mingle' on their level. Professional or not, you can't deny the fact that times are changing & ordinary people can now voice out their opinions through the internet. This is not just about beauty blogging but is applicable to everything that we common people blog about.

I get to know different brands because of that. How will i get to know that there are certain brands like Jemma Kid, Fyrinnae, Orglamix, Lacura, Skin79 & the likes if not for beauty bloggers or vloggers? I can go & buy magazines to keep me updated with the latest products out there, but do they actually feature those brands? Don't they always just stick with the major brands out there?

How will we know what are the other tools that people use (aside from the usual hot irons & common stuff) if not for beauty blogs? Do beauty magazines actually allot pages for girls to tell their first hand experiences? Will they be truthful about it & not edit it for fear that the brand would get back at them?

As a consumer, im very much offended with the implication of the said article.

I consider a lot of options when i buy product...i consider the price, ingredients, quantity, availability & of course review. I wanted to know what are the chances of a certain product working on someone. I take extra careful looking at the swatches & how it looks like before i go spending my hard-earned money.

*This is when i get really emotional, bear with me*

I can be fickle in my blog if i want to, this is my blog for heaven's sake!

I don't need some professional MUA talking down at me because my eye-make-up looks baloney. I'll appreciate the advice if i asked for it, but if not then butt out. This is my face & i can do whatever i want with it. I'm an ordinary woman, who have ordinary needs, that looks for ordinary people who uses ordinary products & gives ordinary reviews or makes ordinary looks using ordinary words... get my drift?

If you don't like my blog, then fine. Don't read it....I won't die if you won't. I won't die if you even said my blog sucks. I do this for fun & i am having fun with beauty blogging. I get to know a lot of products & made a lot of friends. I talk to my readers as if they are next to me because i want to reach out to them. I want them to feel what i feel, see what i see & think about my thoughts.


I did not even bother to put a Disclaimer on my blog since i use words "ME, MY, MINE, I & the likes" which implicates that this is my own opinion. I'll put a disclaimer or warning if not but most of the time i blog about products that i bought using my very own money.

This is because i am a consumer first & foremost.

What the heck, a lot of girls have started from voicing their opinions/recommending products to having their very own line. Lauren Luke already have her make-up line...same with Michelle Phan's IQQU, Bubzbeauty has her very own store now... How did they come up with their own line? Isn't it because they are also consumers & as a consumers, they know exactly what we want? Again, because they can connect to ordinary girls.

In fairness to Sam (the one who wrote the article), she gave some valid points, but how the way she made it sound is very one-sided. What do we call bloggers who are actually MUA since the article is meant for the "general bloggers"? They are the only exclusions, is that so? Because they have used one product to tens of people out there?

Because of the said article, lots of girls are giving out their thoughts & its overwhelming to be able to read what each & everybody thinks about the topic.

I don't know....but it really ruffled my feathers the wrong way. I should look at it in an objective manner, but i can't seem to since she also didn't.

I know that i should not really be affected with such articles, but i was...actually i am. I won't even be able to go to IMATS ever but I'm just 1 of the hundreds...or thousand bloggers out there. I'm not out to make war, my blogger sisters, what im after is just to give my opinion about this.

Since i began rambling, i just have to say that i did not even notice that my blog anniversary had already passed. I wrote my first post February 12 (here) & because i was having so much fun it slipped my mind.

I want to say thank you to everybody who continually supports my blog & doesn't give a damn about how fickle i am & how i talk to my readers & not write professionally. I will continue to do so because im a beauty blogger & is proud to be one!

With that said, i have said all i want to say about this topic.
Sorry if it's so long. I wouldn't call it a rant if it isn't, ne?

I sound like a meanie, but i would just want people to know what i really feel.

How about you?
Are you fickle too?
Do you have a license or qualifications to start blogging?
What are your thoughts?

Tell me...

This time i wouldn't put my usual closing since i'm not really feeling as friendly as i should be. but this one really made me feel better because i have already made my tiny voice be heard all over the internet.

I should just go back to watching Bewitched. Im sure that i'll forget all about this after a couple of good laughs.

Regular blogging will be back right after this.


Y said...

Honestly, there are some bloggers who just do stuff like "this mascara sucks... because the packaging was red". I mean, obviously everyone has thier own opinion. It's just up to consumers to make sure to check multiple blogs instea of just only checking one when getting opinions on a product. And ultimately, you need to make a gamble on whether or not you want to buy it. FOr me, it doesn't matter who's doing the review, some naive 13 year old or some 50 year old makeup artist. I just want an opinion of it and maybe a swatch or two.

Ashwini said...

Great post sweetie. Don't let this narrow-minded author ruin your day and your blog-o-versary! My post on this topic echoes your sentiments too. Bloggers are here to stay, and that's that. :)

e.motion in motion said...

I completely agree with you. Reading that article really got me riled up. Just because we are not professionals, our opinion shouldn't be considered? I'd much rather have 10 opinions from beauty bloggers than 1 opinion from a MUA. Because although they might all be trashing a product or praising it, I'd take it to be more honest and unbiased than that of a professional who might just want to endorse the product. Either way, if I'm still curious about the product, I will try it regardless of other opinions. If it sucks, it sucks. If it works, it works. It's not JUST because it had a good/bad review and I'm trying to force myself to agree with the reviewer.

And of course we all know there are some beauty blogs better than others who are more honest, thorough, etc. but still. It is our opinion and we have the right to voice it. Anyone who doesn't agree, doesn't have to keep reading!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Whew, that was a lot to read on your blog and that "professional make-up artist" blog.

Let them look what they want to look. Every consumer should be well aware who are make-up artists and who are just ordinary ladies/gentemen who want others to know what their thoughts are. There's review on websites, even for clothes... just to express what they think about certain products. Blog is just another way out of it.

Personally, I don't consider myself a beauty blogger, just an ordinary lady who writes random things IN MY OPINION. It does frustrate me that they look down on other bloggers who aren't professional. I don't think they know everything about all the chemicals in the product they use, now do they? They only see things in their point of view. How would they know if a product last over 9 hours on someone else? Everyone is different and beauty blogging is just getting it out there.

I, too, try to see things on two different points but the way the girl wrote her blog post, makes it seem like she's ranting out onto other beauty bloggers who doesn't have the "license" to be a professional beauty blogger. I can see her frustration but it's just not fair.

I don't take one review, I go on a search for it. Just because their make-up artists, they can be quite bias. I rather see different sides of a product to know if it's good or not.... and SOMETIMES, I try them out myself.

Parisky said...

:) I agree with you. I started a beauty blog just to share my thougts with other people (what works, what doesn't) and since than I learned a lot about makeup and makeup application! :) So yay for beauty blogs! :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nobody has the right to look at someone down!!! Those who don't interesting in this just can go! Free! That crazy girl just very mean! Don't pay attention! If "she" has own domain it's not rush of happiness lol:

Forget about it!

Shen said...

just let her be, sis. like us she has an opinion to share. cyberworld is very big, we all can take our place in it. :) happy anniversary!! :)

locke said...

MUA's and beauty bloggers are just equal.they give reviews and share experiences and thoughts, but "real people" can relate to "real beauty bloggers" because of their own realistic approach

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i havent seen it yet right after this comment ill read it,it seems like there is something wrong with this article,anyway belated happy aNNIVERSARY!!!!! mwuah

GirL With GLasSes... said...


Ans. Be a Beauty Blogger


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

ive seen it na thia,is she the sam from youtube?anyway i dont like her statement,i mean i almost scanned and read all the comments,and most of them were bloggers,talking about professionalism she shouldve thought not to talk in general,diba?she shouldve indicated there about the 2 bloggers nalang and not most of the blogsphere.hehe.argh..

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! I am not a "beauty blogger" but I read beauty blogs everday and youtube reviews. I see the effort of a beauty blogger giving their time and review weekly. That is hard work. Bravo to beauty bloggers!

I have read both side of the story.I am not taking either sides because both are accountable. This is a critical issue.
As a reader, Personally, Beauty bloggers should be a RESPONSIBLE BLOGGER. I totally agree that this is like a web diary which is open and that bloggers are aware that anyone can read on this.
I mean anyone...
SO therefore having, 300 followers means you are more than just a blogger but you a LEADER - that means, your influence is strong and that whatever you say affects your follower and thus a leader must be responsible of what he/she reviews. Your one review saying "i hate this" would affect entirely the opinion of the followers. Hence, I believe beauty bloggers should be more responsible and empirical in giving judgements and not soley rely on "emotion" towards a particular brand or beauty product. I guess this is what the opposing article wants to say.. Professionalism and credibility. Ex. one beauty blogger talks about talc in a mineral foundation, but she is not even a chemist. Ex. moisturizer is mized with bb cream, we are not even sure how these chemicals react to each other.
Thus, things like these must be considered. WHY? because you have 300 followers. Who is resposible for this 300 followers? Disclaimers are always safe.. but its more than that. Followers are following because they BELIEVE and TRUST their LEADER.
Bloggers are actually Leaders that's why you have Followers. The more followers, the greater the responsibility.

However, beauty blogs are useful to get opinions before buying any make up product.

For the MUA, they studied make up technically, the basics and foundation. We all know how important basics are. Without the basics, all else would fall.

I do believe since the blogosphere is Freedom of Speech, but just like any freedom, minor regulations should be implemented. This is not to repress human rights but rather to maintain a degree of boundary on what should be broadcasted.

I do hope I am not offending anyone. :) Shall I put a disclaimer? ^^
Have nice day! Continue blogging responsibly!

Crystal Gale said...

Very well said, sis.
I so agree with you..if without these ordinary people blogging about their REAL own experience with products they tried, we won't be able to decide the best option to take. Honestly, I don't really believe in magazine reviews coz these brands paid for that review as a form of I'll believe any review of a regular girl over a professional any day...

keep on blogging..don't mind close-minded people..they're just probably jealous because we can voice our own opinion without fear ^_^

Anna said...

Great Post, thiamere. I don't want to say much anymore because it seems everybody has a lot to say. But I'm really grateful to have met you, guys. You make make-up fun and easy. You make it enjoyable and crazy(in a good way)!And I'm so excited to learn more from beauty bloggers like you. Thanks for uplifting the spirits of beauty bloggers! :)

Shilka said...

You go girl! That article is plain BS! No one should tell others what they can write or cannot write on their blogs! And if the girls love bright makeup, it's just like you said - I can do what I want with my face :D

I think that the article is very one-sided - the girl meet few bloggers and she makes assumption on all bloggers based on that. yes,t here are girls out there who get all judgmental about a product after trying it once - but it's their readers will and wits to trust that opinion or not.


Shilka said...

You go girl! I love they way you put it "It's my face and I can do whatever I want with it". This defines us bloggers - we can write, do and trust whoever we want.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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