Monday, February 22, 2010

big thanks to everyone + haul

A big thanks to everybody who greeted me on my blogoversary.
I wuv everybody!
*big hugs to everyone*
soooo sweet!

Thank you, thank you!

Sorry for the lack of posts,hunnies. It's not because i don't have anything to post at all, but it's more of a lack of inspiration. I have tons of drafts waiting but i can't seem to work on them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'll be able to feel inspired sooner or later.

Anyway, today i went to the post office to pick up a parcel from StrawberryNet. I bought perfume weeks ago & i was supposed to get it last friday, but the Customer Officer is there & it seems like he is "milking" everyone again.

I mean, all packages are being scrutinized bit by bit & i saw him took his calculator out & wrote a lot of things then showed it to the people that he talk to & they will go out frowning (not bringing their package along), which indicates that they are being asked for an outrageous 'tax' amount.

I love my country, but this is 1 of the reason why i think our country sucks.

Anyway, I was able to pick up 2 parcels today, but i won't show you the other since i'll be putting some of it on my upcoming giveaway.

As always, the lilac ribbon is the give away that it's from StrawberryNET.

I bought something for me & for bf too. This is a supposed Valentines gift, but since it's so late, i'll just give it to him for our anniversary, which is next month. 7 years of pure bliss with him!

Going back..see the big box?
It got a big spot where it seems like it's made by liquid...
Not a good sign!!!!

Plus the fact that it's damp when i touched it.

Just as i suspected, when i tore the wrapping, the cap is a bit loose.

I wasn't even able to see how the box looks like because it is so damp. Dang it! >:(
It made me sad to see the sorry state of the box.

I bought the Britney Spears Curious all because im

Seriously, i love the atomizer.

It's so cute....very vintage-like with the puff & everything. I originally planned to buy it at the mall because i wanted to smell it first but it's not available anymore. I went to Rustan's & SM malls asking for this, but it's nowhere to be found. So i took a risk & bought it.

I said to myself that even if it doesn't smell good, i can just keep the bottle because it looks divine. Good thing that it smells good. although i'mnot sure how it would smell like once i sprayed this on.

I now wanted to buy the Britney Spears In Control, which has the same type of bottle but different color. I think it looks better because it's black & pink, 2 of my most favorite color! I just can't find it in any online stores. Anybody know where i can buy it?

I'm trying to really finish some of my drafts which have some reviews & stuff for you. Here's to hoping that this would actually get me started.

Hope y'all have a great week ahead!

Jaa ne~!

Just a little update on my Project Pan.

I finish (yes, finish! not just hit pan) 2 products & will be posting an update sometime later. Sooo happy! I was even able to hit pan on ome stuff aside from the products on my project pan.

w00t w00t!


Jasmin said...

Cute!!! I got this as a gift a while ago, so I can't remember how it smells.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You finally got it -__- Goshies, that took a long time. lol.

e.motion in motion said...

I want to order from sometime :D Ohh, I hate when stuff gets shipped and leaks >__< Sorry to hear about that! And customs!! I hate that! I never know what to set the value for because I don't want them to get charged :(

LADY JOAN said...

you should try her fantasy line.. fantasy is my uber faaave!!

Y said...

nice! I love the look of the blue pump thingie.

Anonymous said...

ay ang cute naman nyan sis!
congrats for finishing 2 products on your project pan=) magawa ko din kaya yun? ahaha,belated happy first blogversarry nga pla sis, , ,*wink*

CHARRY said...

I also have the britney spears curious-it comes with a free bag and a lip gloss :) I love it, because I got it as a gift.

Hope you like the scent too :)

Jing said...

that britney spears perfume looks cute!

Khymm said...

ang cute ng perfume!

Golden said...

Sis, why not report that bastard officer (pardon my french)? Kakainis ha. Mukhang pinagpatungan pa ata nya ng baso yung parcel mo. In fairness, the perfume's bottle looks so sophisticated. Reminds me of old English movies. Wow sis! 7 years na kayo ni boyfie? :)

Lots of love,

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