Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 2 Giveaway Winners~

Just a quick post...im not at my pc. It crashed... what the eff?!

Here are the winners...
Best Answer - winner 1: Charlene Bianes
I would dye my hair purple with gray and black layers and streaks all over. I think it'd really be cool hair color and hair style. It could even be a statement since purple is said to signify and induce peace of mind. And if it's true, I'll surely savor that peace of mind whenever I look in the mirror with that wonderful hair color. And oh, did I mention that it's one of my favorite colors? ;)

Purple with gray & black...wow!
you would really have a very unique hair then...definitely one of a kind!

Randomly drawn - winner 2: Gessa Marie Condino
I would dye my hair with slight dark brown because this can help me get attractive from my friends. :)

It's safe to stick with browns,right?

Just wait for the email of HBC on how to claim your prizes.
I personally love the Color Hair Spa, i hope that you would like it too.

If you didn't win,make sure that you join week 3.
Click HERE to join.

Jaa ne~!


Gessa Marie C said...

yay! ty :)

Charlene B. said...

gee! thanks for choosing my answer! :)

saccharine0158 said...

congrats to the winners! :)

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