Monday, November 21, 2011

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring Review

I said before that i have jet-black hair & ordinary DIY hair colors just doesn't work on me. I find it really troublesome because now i have some white hairs already & of course i want to hide them. I'm not ashamed to say that i am already 27 but i don't want to be walking on the street with people knowing my age juset because of my hair.

I know that i can easily just go to the salon to remedy that & have my hair colored... but as what you already know i am the type who prefers to do things on her own as much as possible. Remember my bout with acne? I can easily just go to the dermatologist but i chose not to... heck, you like my blog just because of my adventures & misadventures,right?

Let's categorize this recent hair coloring incident to my list of misadventure.

I had read raves after raves of this product so i became really curious. I was thinking that this would really work on me because it's like 90% of the blog reviews that i read is saying how awesome this is... but you know that everyone has different reaction to different products. This is not an exception... Kix Kikay said that it didn't work on her so that just added a little disappointment on my part.... just a little though because i still bought one...

Actually i didn't bought it... my 'pare' bought it for me when we dropped by at Etude House before. The shade that i got is Wine Red because i have been telling him over & over that i wanted to be a red head. I haven't tried bleaching my black hair yet so coloring it is pretty tricky. The color just doesn't show at all. So somehow i don't blame why this didn't work on me...

These are the contents upon opening...

1 is the coloring solution. There is already a solution inside the bottle.

Just pour the coloring solution to the bottle & tilt the bottle a couple of times to mix it.

This is how my hair looked like before...

Told you that i have jet black hair...

Now, before you start coloring your hair make sure you apply cold cream on the area around your hair so if ever you get the color on it, you can easily remove it & it won't stain. Sorry for the red cheeks.. ugghhhh... i hate it when my skin gets red like's so uneven. It's not the healthy kind of blush,mind you.. *sigh*

It also includes a plastic wrap, together with the plastic gloves, to protect you from any mishap...

This is how the it looks like when you pump it out of the bottle... a purple foam!

Apply it on your hair... starting from the roots to the tips. It was hard to apply it since my hair is long & i have to take pictures to start with but i suggest that you flip your hair downwards. With your bowed head, it would be easier for those that got long hair like mine to apply the foam.

Use all of it!
the solution would be useless after a couple of hours so apply it liberally!
Make sure you cover all the hair that doesn't have any foam at all... Then pile it on top of your head like so...

& wait for 20-45 minutes depending on your hair. I waited for 45 minutes.

Now, one thing why i don't like hair coloring is the scent. When i read reviews of this, it only mentioned how 'awesome' the after was & i can't remember if i remember reading something about it, but let me tell you, it has that odor of ammonia!

I can't handle strong odors & this one smells disgusting. What makes it worse was it was really hot the time that i colored my hair & it makes the odor unbearable!

Ugghhh!!! I shudder just remembering the scent!
I think i was pinching my my nose half the time that i had it on.. Can you imagine it?! 45 minutes of having an odor of ammonia on top of your head... not good!

I could bear it if the after result is amazing, but no!
I was so disappointed with the after result! Why?
Take a look...

The only difference from the before pic is that the after pic's hair is wet!

By the way, after rinsing the foam out of your hair, you have to use the silky perfume hair treatment. It would restore your hair. It smells good, but it wasn't able to get rid of the ammonia. Before you go telling me that maybe i didn't shampoo enough to completely remove it, I DID!

I even shampooed thrice!
I didn't care if my hair will dry out, the need to remove the ammonia scent is a matter of life & death for me because i can't really stand it. Unfortunately, 2 shampooing, 1 conditioning, another shampoo & finally the hair treatment after... i can still smell the ammonia!

God save me from the odor of ammonia!

When i said that my olfactory sense is sensitive it IS really sensitive! I can still smell the ammonia even after 2 days! For those who have tried this & wasn't bothered by the scent, my hats off to you! You can just imagine how sensitive i am, huh?

I wouldn't mind the scent at all if it would give me at least half of the color on the packaging, but of course it didn't.
Well, at least i see a hint of red on my hair when im under the piercing rays of the sun...

See the reddish hint?
Where?... uhhh...look closely!

Another thing... it didn't even cover my grays!
What the eff?!
See that single white strand of hair at the top? It didn't even turn that single white hair to orange-ish. This sucks! I can tolerate the scent if it could at least cover my white hair, but it didn't!

What a total waste of money!
Good thing i didn't bought it! haha!

Anyway, i said that i have a really dark hair to start with so i guess it's understandable why this one just didn't do a fig on me... but i'm still ticked off that it didn't even colored my white hair.

Is it just me?!
Why is it that i feel like im the only one that products doesn't seem to be working on?! Majority would be amazed by this product but i guess i just belong in the minority.

Anyway, i'm not saying that this is not good because in a way it is.
Let me enumerate the pros for you

  • a fun way to color your hair (hey,who doesn't love bubbles?)
  • locally available
  • not that expensive (Php 375, i think)
  • different shades available
  • complete kit


  • the scent is DISTURBING!
  • didn't color my hair
  • didn't cover my grays

I am seriously thinking of pros to make up for the cons in this review but for some reason i just can't! Just search other people's review...i'm sure you'll find lots of pros..haha

Sorry if this post seems like a disappointment from all the positive things that you read about it. Let's just say i'm evening the reviews. hehe!

Will i buy it?!
No freakin' way!
Again, I could put up with the scent if it could cover my white hairs but it didn't!

I guess this time, i'll go to the salon to have my hair professionally colored,huh?
But as a blogger, the need for finding a product that would work is overwhelming! hahaha!

I'll choose the HBC Color Hair Spa over this!
Speaking of which, have you joined that giveaway? You still got a couple of hours before the giveaway ends so make sure you get your entries in,ok? Click HERE to join.

I'll be making an update post once my schedule has gotten a bit lighter. I just have a very hectic schedule now so i don't the time to spare for blogging but i have news for everyone! Want a clue?
Just wait until my update post,ok?

Hope you all will have a great week,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Aya said...

Aww I tried this and it kinda worked. I've never had my hair colored before kaya yung effect sa akin ng "natural brown" ay naging "dark brown" lang. haha. And you must be really sensitive sa amoy ah :) I didn't even notice the smell. Haha well, I kinda did but I wasn't bothered by it very much. I wanna try the HBC Hair Spa, too! Is that as easy to use as this one? :)

saccharine0158 said...

awww i've used this twice and it did color my hair. :( i heard it's really hard to cover jet black hair. mine has always been on the lighter side so it's very easy to get any kind of hair color to work on it.

Valerie Deoferio said...

Awww, yeah, it really is difficult to make the color appear if you have jet black hair like one of the sales lady of Etude House. It also depends on how thick your hair is but what I recommend is dyeing your hair with lighter shades :D Recommend Prettia Hair Foam Dyes because they don't really damage your hair as much as other conventional hair dyes ^^ I know it because I've tried both conventional and foam type and I sell it for quite some time na and my customers love it ^_^

Btw, have you tried Hi-Bleach which is like bleaching your hair so you get a lighter hair color? :D It's like what Eki did :D

donnarence masilungan said...

ay naku jem.. good thing i read your post.. bibili sana ako.. mwaaaaaaaahhhh ako dati hbc hair color gamit ko in blonde something dun lang umepekto ang color sa akin kasi super black hair din ako.. i miss you girl

Marge said...

i'm sorry it didn't work out for you, i've stopped coloring my hair since i noticed the strands of my hair started to go fine and thin.
i never really had issues with the dyes working on me, mapa clairol pa yan or revlon LMAO :P

aiMee Bunbun said...

i really want to color my hair but im going to apply for office work ><
too bad it did not work on you :( maybe u should try to color a light blond then the color desired after few days or a week

Jennifer Huang said...

I'm sorry.. i think I'm blind T^T i can't see the red. Dw, i feel your pain. My hair (was) jet black.. it's like half brown/orange/blonde/black - with regrowth now. Eww.

Tbh, it is REALLY hard to get jet black hair any other colour without bleach (i've only bleach bits of my hair like twice in my life - totally fried now) but I would recommend you try the Liese bubble hair dye? You might need to redye your hair several times before anything shows but yeh, worth a shot? Oh and red hair fades REALLY fast into like a brown-ey colour~

I'm so sorry to hear that the dye didnt work & reeked of ammonia.. trial & error right? :) Hopefully you'll find one that does work ^____^

kikaysikat said...

I like the one by Liese! I used it on my hubby and it worked well. I find bubble dyes a tad messy though

Annie2476 said...

Usually when you dye your hair, you shouldn't wash it with shampoo for 24 hrs. I know you said you're very sensitive to chemical scents so maybe dying your hair isn't a good idea.

But if you do dye your hair again, try to only rinse out the coloring solution with cool water and then deep condition afterwards. Then wait 24 hrs before shampooing with cool water.

Thiamere Brea said...

lucky you!
i would be really recommending it if it does work but sadly it doesn't & i guess the picture speaks for itself

Thiamere Brea said...

yay! another happy camper!
sana lang talaga nagwork sakin because i think this is such a fun way to color the hair e..

yes, it's really a hair spa with just the added color..
i'll do a review on it once my mom decided to use it kasi nga hnd obvious sa buhok ko ang kulay..haha

Thiamere Brea said...

i just followed the instructions kasi & it said that you remove the foam by shampooing it off

yeah, reason why i rarely dye my hair is the scent really turns me off of it. most DIY hair color kits say that it doesn't contain ammonia but it smells like ammonia.

Thiamere Brea said...

i think naging massacre site ang bathroom namin dahil sa kulay na pinili ko

Thiamere Brea said...

i try to really imagine that my hair is reddish somehow because i don't want to think that it's just a waste...haha!

i heard that liese also have strong ammonia odor so i'm not sure about it..

i hope that i can find a friendly hair color too

Thiamere Brea said...

that's why i have thought of bleaching my hair e para lumitaw ng konti ung color but i'm not sure if i can take the odor of ammonia...

i guess going for a color that suits your tone won't be a drawback naman when you apply for work. i just depends on the color & how it suits your tone,diba?

Thiamere Brea said...

i just really want to get rid of the white hairs e...i don't care naman kung black or brown as long as people won't know my age dahil lang sa herr ko..haha

Marge said...

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Thiamere Brea said...

a talaga?
you didn't have to resort to bleaching?
that's great!
i have to try the HBC hair color na talaga kung ganun!

mishu din!
im glad you're almost back & congrats on getting a domain,girl!

Thiamere Brea said...

Yeah...i remember reading Eki's post about it it available here?
but im a bit worried kasi lately dry na ang hair ko, i have to do deep conditioning like everyday just to restore my hair.

would bleaching my hair with it makes my dry hair really really dry?

Valerie Deoferio said...

With my experience with Prettia naman, hindi :D Doesn't really damage my hair kahit mga 4-5 times na ako nagcolor :D I think I have that in stock :D

Well it really depends if you really wanna color your hair permanently, I guess you really need to get a light shade to make it show up ^^

Ida said...

Hi sis, bad trip, walang effect. :( From what I've read, for dark Asian hair to become a vibrant red, mas ok talaga gumamit muna ng bleach. I used the Natural Brown shade of this recently and was happy with the results naman. Yung scent I barely noticed...compared sa Kolours which I used regularly dati, the scent of this is much, much milder.

MereMakeupManiac said...

i'm not a hair expert of any kind but i thought there was a kind of bleach (am just guessing here haha) that needs to be applied on dark/very black hair before applying the actual color for it to adhere or reflect properly? maybe your hair is not like those that are easily colored with these DIY hair colors. i am scared to dye my hair on my own haha so i only go to the expect salon stylists. maybe next time you could go there first then inquire some from the stylist then try again on this DIY hair coloring thingy? ;)

about the smell, i've never had a hair color which smelled like roses haha i think they all do smell artifical or whatever that yucky smell smells like lol.

i think "bad" reviews are necessary to share too because at least people will realize that although there are raves about a product, there could be rants about it too and it will make them discern better if they really want to try it or not so don't fret about posting this lol.

james william said...

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Hedleychua said...

aww sayang nmn hnd nagwork for you.. this was the first hair coloring product i've used myself too and same color din, but it worked for me. The color was vibrant, and I remembered the first day of class almost lahat ng classmate ko napansin nila yung hair color ko and mind you more than 100 plus kami sa class and tinatanong nila saan ako ngpakulay or ano ginamit ko si I guessed it worked on me.. And wala akong naamoy na ammonia infact nabanguhan nga ako e kasi medyo fruity yung scent hnd tulad ng ibang dyi hair color like loreal or revlon na ginagamit ng mama na grabe yung amoy! Baka you got a dud product... sis maybe you can try it ulit and leave it for a few minutes more kasi you have very dark hair.. that's what i did

Bomi said...

You must've known first bubble hair dyes really aren't suitable for covering your gray strands, since it's only in the bubble form which apparently is mild enough.

Thiamere Brea said...

I didn't really know.
i fairly remember reading a blog before saying that it did cover their grays so i thought that this would be a pretty neat product to try.

but i'm just so disappointed that it didn't even do a thing on my hair, not talking about the grays though. it just didn't have any effect at all...i think the after picture says it all,doesn't it?

Thiamere Brea said...

i guess it's really hard to look for a hair color that doesn't have a strong scent,huh?
maybe they're non-existent!

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah... i'll just go to the salon to have it professionally done,ne?
it's better to leave it to the pros after all...

yeah, i guess it would seem that a blogger would be biased if it's only about the good things,huh?

Thiamere Brea said...

it's great that it worked on you!
hmmm...maybe i could try it after i got my hair done professionally by the salon just to be sure that i would have an even color to start with.
i guess my hair is just to dark to start with that it just didn't work

bee stow said...

hi. you're not alone. it didn't worked on me too :( my first pump does look like color purple. and majority..nakikita ko, white foam. siguro the natural brown color really works. i had sweet orange eh :(

Thiamere Brea said...

the only way for this to work on me is if i'm gonna bleach my hair

Gia Soriano said...

I know this is old news already but when I first dyed my hair, I had to buy a dye that was 2 shades lighter than the color I wanted for it to work, since I had black hair. So yeah, I almost became a blondie, but it worked and it wasn't really as light as the color I bought. I think you should have waited for more than an hour for the color to really stay. And yeah, I think all hair coloring products have a strong ammonia smell. :))

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah...too bad
that's one of the reason why i rarely color my hair even if i have white hairs already...

but that's a great tip!
i'll try getting something that would result to blonde then!

Prexuz18 said...

ive already used it thrice .. at first it really didnt color my hair so i repeated it prolonging the time .. ive used natural brown for almost 2 hours and my hair got sort of blonde lol hahaha now ive tried dark brown and hmm i think its ok :3

Thiamere Brea said...

2 hours?!
well,it pays off naman in the end,diba?
good for you!

iAmMyonnie said...

WINE RED color is not effective if you have Jet Black Hair.. Both are dark colors, right? I suggest you should try LIGHT BROWN since you have fair skin, it will lighten your skin color too.

Almost all of the nurses/employees of Philippine Childrens Medical Center who had their hair colored in a cheaper way used Etude House Hot Style Bubble Coloring Shampoo.. but if you want a not so expensive and you want to try it with the professionals, go to CUTS..

poring said...

etude claims bubble coloring is ammonia-free, but i know every hair coloring treatments have strong smell. you shouldn't have shampooed your hair after the treatment and two days after since it will wash away all the dye you had applied. use conditioner instead

Thiamere Brea said...

but i really can't abide the was really awful
as what i said i have a really sensitive sense of smell i develop sore throat when i smell cigarette-smoke.

i did use conditioner.
i even used my camellia conditioner

Alyzzag_db said...

I think it didnt work on you because you have such long hair. the entire bottle is suitable for hair of medium thickness and just below the shoulders. next time, try 2 bottles instead of 1

hair extensions said...

Home-color kits have come a long way in the past few years. They are perfect for busy people and those who want cut the cost of professional colorings.

Lily said...

Okay. I feel really bad for you, so I'm just going to tell you my secret to getting from jet-black to freaking red hair. Seriously, all you need is Revlon Colorsilk Luminista hair colour in Red. Trust me, I've done it twice. Works everytime, doesn't stink, and your hair is in better condition than before you coloured *true quote from the box* :) Hope it helps!

Riza Ponciano said...

may be its because of the length?

Allyson Esguerra ♕ said...

It doesn't really cover jet black hair well.. But I have light brown hair, from previous hair color and it did pretty well.. :) In my experience, trying the brown shades first before the red on your black hair works best.. At least for me. :)

Sociologist said...

I think aside from having long, thick and jet black hair I see 2 problems. 1st you only use 1 set instead of 2 or 3 sets of bubble hair coloring since you do have long and thick hair. I myself use 2 sets of hair coloring for my hair to achieve the desire color that I really want for my hair because it's long and thick like your hair. . And second you did shampoo your hair THRICE. A friend of mine who is a beautician told me not to put too much shampoo on my hair especially if bagong color yung hair ko lalo na kung ordinary shampoo lang ang gagamitin mo dahil talagang mawawala yung color. . One shampoo is enough but if you're really sensitive with the smell should you consider looking for another product na lang na babagay sayo. I hope it helps. . :) Have a nice day. . ;)

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