Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 1 Giveaway Winners~

Thanks to everyone who joined the week 1 giveaway. If you missed week 1, you can still join the ongoing week 2 giveaway.

Here are the winning answers:

Winner 1:
great looking hair for me is a frizz free and manageable hair, it must also be strong yet soft and shiny.
My most unforgettable hair nightmare was just a couple of year ago, when i had to attend a wedding of my bf's sister. My improvise overnight curler didn't work so well on my hair overnight leaving it with unruly curls all over, to add to my misfortune, i didn't have time to go to the nearest salon and have it styled. 
So, to make the best out of it, while we're on our way to the church, (good thing it was traffic) I spent the whole time fixing my hair by using only a facial moisturizer as an improvise hair cream, a rubber bands (praying it won't break) and bobby pins (good thing i always have these on my purse) viola! the result, a messy sexy updo hollywood style :) and ready to party.
My mom actually told me before that even body lotions can be used for hair. I haven't really tried it yet but clearly, our winner, Roan Danica Manuel, just put it into a testimony that even stuff that are addressed for our body could even be used to a different part, in this case, her hair.

That is just ingenious, don't you think so?

Winner 2:
 Great looking hair is one that is soft, bouncy and natural. Overworked hair, for me, doesn't do it. It does not matter what hair type you have as long as it is clean, soft and free of dry and split ends. 
My unforgettable hair nightmare: we've all had the misfortune of running late and not being able to completely dry our hair. I am no exception. When this happens, my hair looks frizzy and poofy.
How I made the best out of it: Aside from my mom telling me that leaving the house with wet hair is unacceptable, it also leaves my hair looking like a tousled mess. In situations like these, I like to loose-braid my hair sideways. This makes for a stylish do and saves you from having a horrible hair day.
I can never leave the house without my hair wet. I don't know but i sweat more when i leave the house with my hair all dry & nice. It's like i find it cooler when it's wet. Just like what Kate Vergara said, it would result to it being frizzy & unmanageable. I'm guilty! My hair is always frizzy! haha

I also put my hair in a fishtail braid just so my hair won't be flying all around especially if i am in a jeepney. Yes, ladies, i do ride jeepneys! In fact, i love commuting! Seriously! I don't know how to drive, i guess one reason why i'm not really interested in learning how to drive is the fact that i commuting is enjoyable for me even with the traffic jam & jam packed trains!hahaha

Anyway, i think braid is a classic do that will never go out of style! Sleeping with your hair braided will give you a sassy-looking curls once you've removed it the next day.

Congratulations to Roan Danica & Kate!
HBC will be contacting you most probably at the end of this week.

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Julie Lan said...

nice answers, I sometimes sleep with my hair in a bun because I like the way it looks when I let the bun out haha

photoescape said...

congratulations to the winners!

MereMakeupManiac said...

congrats to the winners!

wow never thought using moisturizer or lotion can be used in hair emergencies?? cool idea hehe.

saccharine0158 said...

congrats to the winners! :D

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